In December of 2003, father and son Hernan and Juan Pablo founded a family-run rose farm in Cotopaxi, Ecuador. Sharing a true passion for this beautiful flower, they recruited a committed workforce of 200 locals and began to develop a sustainable, environmentally friendly way of farming to help them cultivate the finest roses in the world. Knowing that it was their skilled and dedicated team of workers that helped make the business a success, they introduced several benefits to put their people first, empowering each worker to become their very own micro-entrepreneur.

rose farm in Cotopaxi Ecuador


This innovative program, called "Mis Plantas," provides every field worker with plants to nurse, so that they can share the profits of what they produce. Up to 4% of the additional sales go directly to them every time they reach their harvesting goals.  

Eco friendly roses

 As a successful project, Mis Plantas became the driver for an important expansion that tripled the business in just eight years. As a result, Agrinag now has nearly 500 employees across three farms. We’re incredibly proud to work with happy and committed people who share our passion to grow the most beautiful roses in the world.

Eco friendly flowers rosaholics


Eco-friendly Flowers

In 2017 we decided to further evolve and reimagine our branding to reflect our eco-friendly and socially responsible spirit. We are therefore happy to introduce our refreshed image: a greener profile reflective of our commitment to the environment, with Kraft paper in natural shades and an intentional use of recycled materials.

Eco-friendly flowers


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June 16, 2023 — Gabriela Perez