Previously, people turned to large encyclopedias for the necessary information, but today everything is in Google to answer any question. The answers are not always true; one piece of information is often picked up by hundreds of sites and spread throughout the Internet. This is how myths and misconceptions are born, such as, for example, how to select cute roses and what to look for?

Here you can read about the most popular misconceptions when selecting a bouquet.

A fresh cute rose has a firm bud

You can check buds for firmness as much as you want, but this does not mean that you will select the freshest flower. Firstly, there are many rose varieties; each has its own color, the shape of buds, lifespan, and several petals. Some types can remain firm for several weeks in the refrigerator, there are varieties that soften the next day, but this does not mean that the flower is not fresh. A rose is considered fresh if it was cut no more than 4-5 days ago. Moreover, you can make a solid bud yourself by removing the extreme rose petals.

The opened buds of the prettiest rose are a sign of wilting. Just opened buds may indicate the opposite, that the flower will stand for a long time. And we must not forget about varietal features; for example, for a fresh rose of the High Magic variety, a more open bud is characteristic, but at the same time, the petals and stem will be dense.

You need to look at the cut to select the prettiest rose

look at the cut to select the prettiest rose


Another misconception. Florists cut the flower more than once when they receive it. You need to change the water in the vases every day and update the cut for cute roses to retain their appearance. Therefore, the cut can only say that it was made recently. Although, a fresh cut still suggests that the flower is properly looked after.

Besides, if you want the bouquet to keep its fresh look longer, then you should also renew the cut and change the water every day.

Roses with large buds are not fresh

If you have ever been to flower shops, you have seen how different roses are. After all, that is why it is so difficult to select them. Some roses have large buds, which opens the next day literally ( this is not its final opening, but just a half-release stage). These are just the variety’s characteristics; there are roses with an elongated bud-glass, which open much longer.

Moreover, the most beautiful roses in the world can have completely different features, and you should pay attention to this when choosing a bouquet.

Better to give one long cute rose

Better to give one long cute rose


A long rose is not an indicator of the status and high cost of a rose. Small bouquets have long been appreciated, which look neat, but do not lose their beauty. It is convenient to hold such a bouquet in your hands; there will always be a suitable vase for it, it will not interfere on the table in a restaurant and obscure the interlocutor's face. At home, such a bouquet will show off on a night stand or table, and not stand against the wall propping it up.

Florists have shared another little secret: short pretty roses keep their fresh look much longer because they are quicker to drink with water. You will need to trim the stem of the long rose to last longer.

The more decorations, the richer the bouquet looks

The most beautiful roses in the world do not need additional decorations. Now it is generally not customary to cover bouquets in wrapping paper. More often, flower sellers want to distract the buyer’s eyes from a not fresh flower with the help of decor. Therefore, do not be fooled; try to discern the flower itself among the abundance of shiny tinsel and assess its condition. It is better to pay attention to the bouquet without any decorations at all.

Besides, if the budget for the bouquet is small, then you can decorate one rose. Ask the florist to pack the flower with you, and not take the rose from the shop window.

All women love roses

All women love roses


If women were so simple in their preferences, then why so many rose colors were bred. Each woman is unique, and some do not like roses, but she will still be pleased to receive a sign of attention. And, if her favorite flower is not roses, she will hint to you at it. Roses will be a good gift for any occasion, but your girlfriend should be given her favorite flowers.

Another myth that buyers believe in is that if the rose does not smell, it means that it is not fresh. There are varieties of roses with a rich smell; there are varieties that have a subtle aroma. It all depends only on the variety of roses; over time, nothing happens to the aroma, and it does not disappear.

A bouquet of fresh, cute roses will cheer you up for several days. You can confidently pick the best and freshest bouquet for a gift after reading this article. When properly cared for, roses can delight you and fill your home with a wonderful scent for up to two weeks.


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March 09, 2021 — Alexandr Oleynik