How To Select A Birthday Bouquet According To The Flower Horoscope?

The first flower horoscope appeared thousands of years ago among the Druids. Living in close connection with nature, the Celts noticed that blossoms, like humans, have their character and that each of us has our patronizing blossom that gets good luck and has a positive impact on various areas of life.

What type of flower can be suitable for you and how to select a bouquet for your birthday, which will become a decoration of the holiday and a gift with a special meaning? This article will tell you how to find out which flower your month of birth corresponds to, what exactly it symbolizes, and how it can affect your life.

Flower for January Carnation

A human born in the first month of the year will certainly suit noble carnations, flowers with strong energy, personifying unlimited possibilities.

These birthday flowers are a sign of lust and feminine amour. Carnations come in various colors, from white to burgundy, black, and blue, each with its shades of sense. In composition with other flowers for January carnations, look stylish and original. They are among the persistent blossoms and can last over two weeks in a bouquet.

The red color of these blossoms emblematizes warm and devoted feelings. If your loved one is distinguished by extraordinary creative thinking, then the better selection is a bouquet of carnations with double petals. Congratulations on personal and professional achievements; the flower for January white bouquet is the good fit because it promises to bring the recipient success in any life area.

Flower for February Violet


February is related primarily with roses because of Valentine's Day. In the floret horoscope, the key blossom of all people born this month is the violet. A sign of attachment and faithfulness, this gentle plant has been loved from time immemorial. The violet was Napoleon Bonaparte's favorite flower. He even declared her to be his mascot and received a corresponding nickname from the friends of Corporal Violet.

Flower for February violets is widely known for their sophisticated smell, widely used in perfumes, aromatic oils, and decorative cosmetics.

The embodiment of cleanliness, the flower for February potted violet is perfect as a gift. White violets tell of the giver's romantic intentions, and blue ones are an attribute of desire and sympathy.

Flower of March Narcissus

The hilarious, sunny narcissus is a precursor of spring and the patron flower of everyone born in March. An attribute of absolute love, daffodils are also the official blossom of the 10th marriage anniversary. They will be an excellent gift not only for March birthday people but also for beloved spouses.

Flower of March narcissus are popular worldwide, but the people of Wales are especially fond of these sunny flowers. They even chose him as their national flower.

Chamomile flower for the month of April

Chamomile flower for the month of April


Chamomile flower for the month of April and one of the most common and recognizable flowers on the planet, which can be found in any climate, except perhaps Antarctica. Chamomiles patronize people born in April, which is not surprising at all. Poets and singers have sung an infinite sign of cleanliness, and youth for centuries.

A modest, but delicate bouquet of camomiles, presented as a birthday present, will emphasize the tender loveliness, youthful spirit, and fascination of your recipient and also demonstrate your devotion and sincerity of feelings. These snow-white flowers for the month of April will help the zodiac fire sign find peace and balance.

Lily of the valley flower of May

Are you looking for a suitable compliment for the people born in May? Month flower of May Lilies of the valley will help calves and twins find a compromise in any, even the controversial situation. The personification of simplicity, fidelity, and clear love, lilies of the valley are rare but surprisingly well-known blossoms worldwide. They are favorite for their tender, sophisticated smell, which is used to create the famous aromas. And for their romantic, delicate loveliness, which is so appropriate in a bride's bouquet and wedding floristry in general. Grace Kelly, Kate Middleton, Princess Astrid of Sweden, and other royalty walked down the aisle holding a bouquet of May month flower lilies of the valley. And in Finland, these blossoms were even elevated to national status.

Flower of June Rose

Flower of June Rose


The rose is considered to be a general blossom. However, it is most suitable for people born in the summer. Flower of June is an attribute of sensual loveliness, perfection, joy, and passionate love; roses can also have many other meanings that rely on the shade.

The fragrant rose is the queen of blossoms and the queen of fragrances. It serves as an attribute of youthfulness and ardor, attracting passion. The smell of a rose relieves fatigue, soothes, and stimulates creativity and intellectual possibilities by increasing efficiency. The flower of June rose oil is undoubtedly the keynote in creating the vast majority of perfumery fragrances, and the extraction of its essential oil is a laborious process.

Flower of July Water Lily

The mascot flower of everyone born in the hot July is a water lily. An attribute of cleanliness and majesty, it emphasizes the brilliance and nobility of the July.

Flower of July Water lilies will not leave indifferent, sensitive, and original people. Great artists have had a unique love for them for centuries. These graceful blossoms were one of the beloved things of the image in the work of the famous French impressionist Claude Monet. He lovingly captured them in 250 of his oil paintings.

Birthday flowers August Gladiolus

Birthday flowers August Gladiolus


The aroma of gladiolus in August is usually related to something magical and mysterious. It symbolizes strength, pride, honesty, respect, and friendship. Gladioli are especially suitable for a birthday present for men since these blossoms are the quintessence of many features of the stronger sex. The sharp leaves of these flowers, according to legend, are also able to pierce the heart of the recipient. Therefore, gladioli’s presented bouquet to his beloved girl is a very original and symbolic way to confess his feelings.

Flower for September Aster

Aster is the main blossom of all people born in September. This birthday flower symbolizes strong affection and is also related with patience, luck, and feminine energy. Aster is a blossom of graceful and refined people. A lush and bright bouquet with terry asters will be an excellent gift for girls born in the first month of autumn.

Aster also plays a large role in Asian cultures. In the East, she personifies elegance, loveliness, and simplicity. And hence to feng shui, aster is an attribute of affection and romance.

Flowers for October Marigold

Flowers for October Marigold


Bright orange buds, remindful of the shade of changing fall foliage, terry marigolds are the main seasonal bouquets this time of year. Flowers for October marigolds symbolize the king of beasts, the lion, and in the blossoms’ language, they denote courage. They are also a sign of longevity, faithfulness and will be an excellent present for parents and elderly people.

The buds of these flowers for October are not only beautiful but also useful. Dried marigolds in some European and Latin American countries are used as a seasoning known as Imeretian saffron. It gives food a golden hue and a pleasant aroma.

Flower for November Chrysanthemum

The other most well-known blossoms in the world after chrysanthemum roses, patronizing people born in November. Chrysanthemums, or golden blossoms in Greek, represent happiness, joy, and love of life. A bright bouquet of chrysanthemums for a date of birth, like a sun, will give hope for a colorful future and illuminate the life of your recipient with warmth and light.

In China, where these sunny flowers originally spread, chrysanthemums are an attribute of autumn, and in Japan, they are the country's emblem. But in the east, their golden buds are valued not only for their beauty but also for other valuable qualities. By brewing chrysanthemum buds with hot water, tea is made from them, which has useful medicinal properties.

Flower for December Poinsettia

Flower for December Poinsettia


The main flower for December is a bright poinsettia. Within the winter holidays in the United States, the well-known blossom is called the Christmas star, as it is on Christmas days that its bright red star flowers light up over the green leaves. More precisely, it is not the blossoms that give her a decorative look, they are small and inconspicuous, but the inflorescence leaves frame them with a bright wreath.

Poinsettia can be white, pink, and even spotted. Flowers for December is a sign of prosperity, hope, and comfort. This blossom plays a particularly significant role in Mexican culture, where it is used in Christmas religious ceremonies as the main symbol of purity.

It does not matter what month you were born because roses can be gifted at any time. But if you want to stick with the flower horoscope, you can pair fresh roses with the flowers of the month for a more varied bouquet. Give gifts with meaning and let each talisman flower bring joy and benefit to the birthday people.


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