Garden roses are a product of centuries-old culture. They are created due to a long and difficult process of improving some species of wild roses.  This process continues today, as more and more species are gradually involved in culture, new garden groups appear, and the range of garden roses is growing.  When starting to grow garden roses, you need to know the properties of wild roses.  Wild roses are widespread in cold and temperate zones.  Roses belong to the botanical genus Rosa, numbering over 300 species, and are part of the Rosacea family.

What about roses blooming? By the nature of flowering, roses are subdivided into single-flowering and multi-flowering.  Most rose species bloom on last year's wood, but garden roses bloom on new wood. Flower buds are laid in the year preceding flowering.

What month do roses bloom? The first to bloom are wild roses (in May), but they bloom once and for a relatively short time (15-25 days).  Old garden roses begin to bloom later than species (in May - June), and only a few have re-flowering, weaker than the first.

How often do roses bloom? For example, old roses bloom only once per season. At the end of June, the roses of fresh breeding (hybrid tea, floribunda roses, shrubs, climbing large-flowered, miniature, polyanthus) bloom twice until the cold season.

Until now, the whole world has not developed a division of roses, and sometimes you can easily get confused about this luxurious flower’s variations. Often park roses are called spray roses, although these are two separate kinds, also hybrid tea type is often referred to as spray roses. Let's take a look at some types of roses that form sprawling bushes with abundant flowering.

Types of spray roses

Types of spray roses
  • Park bush roses
  • This group includes various sorts and species of cultivated rose hips, which are often used in the gardening design. With proper care and favorable climatic and agricultural conditions, these roses form leafy spreading bushes, reaching a length of one and a half meters. The color of flowers for most representatives of this sort has white-violet, yellow and orange shades. Shrub - a group that replenishes its ranks every year.  Its representatives reach a height of up to two meters.  Sprawling shrubs have semi-double and double flowers. New varieties are slightly alike to the cultivated rose hips. However, they significantly exceed it in terms of flower size, its doubleness, different colors, intensity, and duration of blossoming.

    How long do rose bushes bloom? The flowering period is not very long - at least a month.  Park roses bloom from March to June. They last on the bush 10 to 14 days.

    How often do park bush roses bloom? Some varieties of park bush roses will delight you several times during the season with their flowering, and there are also those that bloom only once a summer.

    What season do roses bloom? The most favorable season for park bush roses is summer. At this time, the flowers bloom and delight the eye with their beauty.

  • Polyanthus roses

  • At the beginning of the twentieth century, undersized polyanthus roses with lush inflorescence and miniature double or semi-double flowers were very popular. Later, they were replaced by floribunda roses. Today they can increasingly be found in landscape gardening when creating bright floral borders or in group plantings.

    They are resistant to frost, dampness, and fungal diseases. Small shrubs reach a height of forty centimeters, a maximum of sixty.  The color of the flowers is different - red, orange, pink, or white. The only significant drawback of polyanthus roses is the lack of aroma.

    How long do rose bushes bloom? The undoubted advantage of this group is continuous and abundant flowering.

    What season do polyanthus roses bloom? In this species, roses blooming occurs throughout summer until late autumn.

  • Bush roses floribunda

  • This group appeared as a result of mixing two varieties: polyanthus and hybrid tea roses.  This new species inherited from the polyanthus varieties and abundance of inflorescence on the plant, a beautiful bush shape, continuous flowering, disease, and frost resistance. The rose has a multi- and few-flowered inflorescence, with simple, semi-double or double flowers, white, lavender, coral, orange, red, yellow, and other shades.

    What month do floribunda roses bloom? This type of rose blooms in August, and some varieties only in September.

  • Shrub roses of grandiflora

  • This kind of rose is very similar to the hybrid tea in the size and shape of the flower.  They also bloom profusely and for a long time, like the floribunda. However, in terms of resistance to frost and strength of growth, they significantly surpass both species. The flowers are collected in the small inflorescence of golden, coral, red, or other colors and have no aroma.  Grandiflora grows up to two meters in height and can also often be found in hedges or borders in garden plots.

    The garden, where the bush roses of Grandiflora are planted, reigns in comfort and charm.  Few flowers are suitable in shape and color, with the same abundant and long flowering and fragrance. Designers often use shrub roses in landscape design.

    How long do grandiflora rose bushes bloom? The buds bloom repeatedly throughout the summer. They are heat- and sun-loving. 

    Roses blooming: from July to September

    Choose your roses that will delight your eyes continually! Now that you know all about the spray roses blossom, you can confidently pick the most interesting species and enjoy the magnificent flowers at any time!


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