Doubtless, plants are vital building blocks of every living thing. Plants and, in particular, flowers have an integral role in our lives. Some provide an oxygen supply, and some can become a part of our nutrition. But today, we will talk about ones that are used as decorative objects. By the way, can you imagine a Mother's Day or an International Women's Day without flowers? 

When talking about flowers, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? It is probably roses, an essential part of any kind of celebration and during the whole year. So it can be helpful to know a lot about flowers, about their variety, using and meaning. Can you distinguish traditional roses from spray? There are different types of roses, but today will focus on the spray one, which may be tiny, but as a cut flower, they make a big impression in bouquets. 


How to Distinguish Spray Roses from Traditional?

Spray roses are just about the sweetest tiny flowers. While they have the natural beauty of a rose, the overall feel of the spray rose is softened by its delicate and intricate features.

Let’s talk about typical spray roses, which generally have the same features as traditional roses, but they are tiny and have multiple blooms in the stem. These miniature blooms are usually less about two inches wide and grow in clusters near 5-7 flowers every stem. The length of the stem varies when the usual size is 40-50 cm long. A spray rose is a smaller and miniature version of the typical rose. 

Just like traditional roses, miniature ones are available in a broad spectrum of colors and can be single, double, or semi-double blooms.  


Typical Features of Traditional Roses

Typical features of traditional roses


Roses can be different, and the characteristics of the rose flower can differ based on those varieties. All roses have soft, smooth petals that are often doubled, meaning they have multiple sets of petals. There are several sizes, from tiny tea roses to wider varieties. Their stems are typically loaded with thorns, but you can find thornless sorts. Typical characteristics:

  • A long stem with thorns with large heads
  • One bloom on every stem
  • It can be of different sizes with a vast array of colors and various shapes of a particular color.
  • It can be used in bouquets, event decorations, and a range of designs. 

    Typical Features of Spray Roses

    Typical features of spray roses


    Spray roses, as you can get, are a hybrid of traditional roses. Spray roses are also known as sweetheart roses because of their attractiveness. We want to highlight that а this type is pretty much a miniature version of a traditional rose with the same color variations but with a couple of differentiating characteristics that visually set them apart. Typical characteristics:

    • A short, slim stem, with preferring miniature head
    • Spray roses are available in a wide variety of colors and can be single, double, or semi-double blooms.
    • Miniature roses are often the basis of small bouquets and corsages. They are also ideal for small floral arrangements where traditional roses may not suit when they aren’t used to make fresh flower bouquets as these are smaller and have short stems. If you need to glamorize your floral arrangement, you cannot go wrong with spray roses

    Roses are usually in demand because of their good-looking appearance and delicious scent. Roses are not only beautiful items, they can also act as a gesture of love. When giving your closest person flowers, you are giving her your love and admiration. Is there any flower more abundant in sensory overload than a rose?


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    July 20, 2023 — Alexandr Oleynik