Everyone wants to have bright and fresh rose bouquets at home. But you need to select the right ones for the flowers to delight you as long as possible. Besides, the rose is a real queen of flowers. These flowers are loved for their magnificent appearance, variety of shades, and exquisite aroma. You need to know how to choose fresh roses. It depends on how long beautiful flowers will give you aesthetic pleasure.

What to look for when choosing a rose bouquet?

how to choose a rose bouquet

You will need to consider the flower to choose fresh roses yourself carefully. The best way to always get fresh bouquets is to find a good flower shop. What you should pay attention to:

  • Avoid buying ready-made compositions if you choose a rose bouquet in a store. It is better to choose the flowers yourself and let the bouquet be composed of them.
  • It is advisable to purchase bouquets in salons that have a chain of stores. Flowers are often fresh in such salons. It is better not to buy in small rose bouquets stores or choose flowers exclusively on your own.
  • Pay attention to flower petals when you are choosing them. If there are cracks, specks, or deformations on the petals, you should not choose such a flower.
  • Many buyers believe they know how to select the right roses and buy flowers in an unopened bud. But don't get excited early. It is usually the look of plants that were cut before they ripen. These flowers will never fully bloom.
  • You need to buy those plants, the flowers of which are half-open or slightly more than half for rose bouquets. It is the best option when selecting almost all colors. 
  • Touch the bud at the stem’s base: if it is firm and elastic, then the rose is good and fresh. Such a rose suits you; it will delight you longer.
  • Another option for determining the freshness of cut roses is grabbing the stem and gently shaking the flower. If the petals move very easily and are not elastic, then the bud has about a day to live. Moreover, when you bend the petals, they should come back, indicating the bud’s elasticity. Such a rose is fresh and lively, and you can buy it.
  • The petals should fit snugly against the bud, hug it, or be slightly bent and directed towards the top. There is no need to choose roses whose petals are too wide open.
  • Notice if the rose has outermost slightly deformed petals that protect the flower from damage and support the bud. Such petals can be removed when purchased in the salon. Sometimes flower shop sellers pull wilted petals so that the bud does not fall apart, tie each one with a bright ribbon or paper and sprinkle it with varnish. Sellers use even such tricks to sell not fresh rose bouquets.
  • How can you tell if a rose is fresh by the leaves? Very simple! The leaves should be dense, shiny, and rich in light green color. The leaves lowered to the bottom indicate that the flower is not fresh.
  • The stem should be thick, firm, and green right up to the cup. Take a closer look at the cut. A blackened cut with dry edges will tell you about incipient decay, that is, that the plant has been in the store for a long time and, therefore, is not fresh.
  • The durability of roses depends on their variety. Bouquets of rose varieties Grand Prix, Osiana, Rafaello, and White Rose Avalanche will delight you for a long time with their magnificent view and aroma.

How to keep rose bouquets fresh longer?

How to keep rose bouquets fresh longer

We figured out a bit about how to define a fresh rose. You need to learn how to keep your rose bouquets fresh for as long as possible now. Some simple tips will help you enjoy the beauty and scent of flowers for much longer.

  • Flowers should not be left without water for a long time. Bouquets can be found without water for no more than two hours after buying flowers.
  • The vase should be spacious for the bouquet. When there is a lot of water, the decay process will take place more slowly. Two-thirds of the length of the stems must be lowered under the water, so it is necessary to choose the right vase in height.
  • Be sure to remove the packaging, no matter how beautiful it is. The packaging is designed for neat transportation of the bouquet to your home.
  • It would be good to put the bouquet in a bath of water for 2-3 hours before putting the plants in a vase. The liquid covers the stems and leaves, and the heads are located above the water. Do not let liquid get into the bud; otherwise, it will start to rot.
  • Cut the stems obliquely. If the cut is made straight, the ends burrow into the vase’s bottom, and water will not flow well along the stem to the bud.
  • Tear off the leaves at the bottom of the stem to keep them from sinking into the liquid. If the leaves on the rose bouquet are in the water, they will start to rot.
  • Remove spoiled leaves and petals, as well as all burgundy leaves. Such leaves take a lot of nutrients, and a new flower will never grow from them anyway.
  • The water should be settled, tap, but not filtered. Chlorine contained in the water prevents stagnation and decay of flowers.
  • Activated charcoal, aspirin, a teaspoon of vinegar, or alcohol (per liter of liquid) can be thrown into the water. Moreover, you can pick up unique products for feeding and keeping flowers fresh in the flower shop.
  • The water needs to be changed daily, each time cutting and washing the rose bouquet stems again.
  • Avoid placing the vase in direct sunlight, in a draft, or near fruit. Fruits release ethylene, which causes the buds to wilt quickly.
  • Moisten the air by spraying the bouquet with a spray bottle.

You know how to choose roses now. And you can extend the life of your bouquet with simple tweaks. Unfortunately, sooner or later, the buds will start to fade. 

You can revive them in several ways:

how to keep rose fresh
  • Add a drop of ammonia to the water.
  • Place the rose bouquet in boiling water for 5 minutes and then in cold water.
  • The bouquet should be dipped in a bath of cool water every night, while the buds should not get wet. It is the most troublesome way.
  • The presented flowers can be stored as a bouquet in a vase, or fresh petals can be prepared and used, for example, to organize a romantic date.

How to keep rose petals fresh

You can keep the freshness of the petals in the refrigerator. Pull the petals off fresh buds carefully so as not to harm them. Transfer them to a cardboard box with holes in the sides for ventilation or in dry, clean plastic bags. You can use a plastic or glass container: place gauze or paper towel moistened with water on the bottom and sprinkle the petals on top. The container or the box must be covered with a lid and sent to the refrigerator.

The petals must be removed from the refrigerator and shaken every two days. Do not let them freeze. The petals stay fresh for about seven days, during which they can be used in the refrigerator. You can take a fragrant bath, make rose oil, or add romance to your dinner.

You can enjoy the beauty of rose bouquets for a long time with proper care of flowers and keeping their petals.


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