A thousand words will not replace what the flowers say for us. An example of this is long roses. These roses are real queens of their kind! Why are these beauties so unique? Perhaps they have some special functions, and maybe there are any signs or superstitions associated with them? Let's discuss it together.Β 


The History of Long Stem Roses

Roses do not bloom hurriedly; for beauty, like any masterpiece, takes time to blossom. ― Matshona Dhliwayo

Our nature is arranged so that every organism on our planet has its history, biography, and evolution of development. Our article's heroine is a long stem of roses, which means let's talk about the appearance of this eye-pleasing look.

The very first rose in the world was discovered by William Kerr in 1807. He was a simple gardener from Scotland who was sent by Joseph Banks on an expedition to China. In 1884, the first rose bush will be brought to Scotland, which will be named - Lady Banks.


The Secret to Gorgeous Long Stem Rose

We must pay tribute. Roses on a long stem know how to present themselves from the right side! And this is not at all difficult for them, because they are magnificent by nature!


Unusual Varieties of Long Stem Rose

  1. Loaches, with small buds, bloom only once a year;
  2. Climbing plants with large buds bloom two times a year.

The secret of these flowers lies in their cultivation because this requires many conditions, especially climatic ones. Excessive cold or moisture can be detrimental to the delicate, sensitive plant. Most favorable for such tall plants is the sultry climate of the tropics.

Note that a tall rose is considered to be from a meter to two meters high; you can sometimes find roses with a long stem even 2.2 meters high and even higher!


What Do the Given Roses with Long Stems Mean?

meaning of long stem roses

Would like to slightly open this mystery's veil and talk about the superstitions and signs associated with these flowers.

Everyone knows a sign that says that the longer a bouquet of roses is in a vase, the stronger and more sincere the feelings of the donor, if suddenly by morning they completely wilted, then, most likely, as the superstition says:

  1. They were not presented wholeheartedly;
  2. The giver's feelings fade away.

If the flowers were preserved in the same form in which they were presented, this indicates the donor's strong sympathy.

If the bouquet remains fresh after a week, then the giver has a real passion for the recipient. Of course, these are not all superstitions and omens, and there are many of them.


There are even varieties of omens that have affected roses with long stems. There are, for example, family omens about roses. Thus, if a husband gives his wife a bouquet of pink roses, this personifies the guardian of their hearth. If long stem roses are always present in a home vase, love and fortune will never leave households alone! Newlyweds are given white roses as the personification of a long and carefree union.

There are also love signs associated with these delightful flowers. If you are pricked with thorns of roses with long stems given by someone, this may indicate disappointment in the donor or a quarrel with him. There are even tips on avoiding this, for example, to tear off this thorn and lower it into the water, wash off the acquired negative.

Long-stemmed roses are always good. Give them from the heart!

In homes, these roses look great. They attract attention, enchant, and create an atmosphere of warmth, comfort, and happiness in the room.

September 06, 2023 — Alexandr Oleynik