A thousand words will not replace what long stem roses will say for you. Whatever the variety of shapes and sizes, these roses are real queens of their kind.

Where do long-stem roses come from

Each, even a small organism on our planet, has its history, biography, and development evolution. The very first rose in the world was discovered by William Kerr in 1807. He was a simple gardener from Scotland who Joseph Banks sent on an expedition to China. In 1884, the first rose bush will be brought to Scotland, which will be named Lady Banks.

People have known the rose for a long time:

  • Modern Iran, formerly Persia, Gulistan from the word "gul,” otherwise "rose.” Which means Persia is the land of roses.
  • Ancient Greece. Long stem roses were gifted to beautiful Goddesses, namely the beautiful Aphrodite; people believed that only goddesses were worth this flower.
  • The Ancient Romans also did not distinguish themselves; although they were not particularly famous for romance, they were more pragmatists. They gave roses their characteristic, personified them with courage and luck in battle, so roses could often be seen on their armor.

The secret of long stem roses lies in their cultivation because this requires many conditions, especially climatic ones. Excessive cold or moisture can be detrimental to the delicate, sensitive plant. The sultry climate of the tropics is most favorable for such tall plants.

Why are long stem roses more expensive

This is due to transportation and capricious cultivation. The world leaders in the cultivation and transportation of roses are Colombia, Holland, Ethiopia, Ecuador, and Kenya. These producing countries can supply these flowers regularly and in large quantities.

Long stem roses are loved by both men and women alike; they are given on any special occasion to emphasize all the solemnity and splendor of the event.

Long stem roses symbolism

Long stem roses symbolism


The longer there is a bouquet of roses in the vase, the stronger and more sincere the feelings of the man, if suddenly by morning they completely wilted, then, most likely, as the superstition says:

  • They were not presented wholeheartedly.
  • The man’s feelings fade.

If the flowers have been preserved in the same form, they were presented, this indicates a man’s strong sympathy.

If, after standing for more than a week, the long stem red rose bouquet does not change its freshness, this means that the giver has a real passion for the woman. Of course, these are not all superstitions and omens; there are a huge number of them.

If a husband gives his wife a long stem red rose bouquet, this personifies the amulet of their hearth. If there are always roses in the home vase, the household will be always in harmony. Newlyweds are given white roses as the personification of a long and carefree union.

If you are pricked with thorns of long stem roses, this may indicate disappointment in the man or a quarrel with him.

If suddenly you were presented with black long stem roses, do not rush to be scared. This means that you are loved very much and passionately.

How to present long stem roses correctly?

A magnificent bouquet of long and fresh roses is not always an appropriate gift; however, it is a classic choice for any occasion. Among the tall roses, certain varieties are also distinguished, the most famous, with very aristocratic names, which, unambiguously, will resonate in the hearts of the gifted Cardinal 85, Queen Elizabeth, Forever Young.

How to avoid common mistakes when giving long stem roses? Remember that no qualified florist will make you a bouquet of three flowers; it is tasteless. If your chosen one is gentle and sensitive, do not rush to give her red roses.

There are clearly defined rules of etiquette in the world of flowers, which determine who and how many flowers can be given.

  • A young lady should give a bouquet with half-blossomed buds, while fully blossoming roses, on the contrary, are usually given to older ladies. 
  • For official events, it is better to choose pink roses as a present for women, while for men, on the contrary, red ones.

Long roses are not only beautiful but also a multi-speaking present. They are certainly able to help reveal the fullness of the man”s feelings and emotions, which, at times, are so difficult to convey in words.

Why are long stem roses more expensive? 

In most florist shops, they are sold to order and are several times more costly than other varieties. The high price is due to the difficulty of growing. Long stem roses break very easily, so gardeners have to keep an eye on a whimsical flower around the clock. It is also necessary to feed the plants with expensive mixtures and provide ideal climatic conditions. But the result is definitely worth the effort and the money requested.

How long do long stem roses last?

How long do long stem roses last?


How long do long stem roses last? If you properly care for a cut flower, then it will delight you for a long time for a week, two, or even a month.

  • Before immersing the bouquet in the water, tear off all the leaves located at the water level. This will help to avoid the decay process in just a few days.
  • Cut each stalk obliquely, keeping the plant underwater. This will keep the rose from getting air into the cut and ensure a long life. You can also split it slightly into two or three fibers so that the flower absorbs liquid better.
  • In no case do not put uncut flowers in a vase because their stems will burrow into the bottom of the vessel and will not be able to absorb water. Therefore, the roses will fade quickly.
  • Put the flowers in settled water at room temperature in winter and slightly cool in summer.
  • What to add to roses to last longer? For example, these should be nutrients, such as a lump of sugar (20-30 grams) or vinegar (tablespoon) per liter of liquid.
  • To prevent rotting in the vase, add an aspirin tablet, borax, alum, or vodka to the water.
  • If the flowers are grown using chemicals to help the roses last longer, you can add bleach to the water.
  • Keep the container with flowers in a cool place, where the direct rays of the daylight do not penetrate.
  • The most important rule: change the water every day, rinsing each stem under running water. Spray the plant with a spray bottle, making sure no liquid gets into the middle of the bud.


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