Today, roses with long stems occupy an essential place in floristry. And this is quite obvious because their beauty and unusual appearance are fascinating. But have you ever wondered where do long-stem roses come from?

Roses with long stems appeared as a result of selection. It began in Europe in the 18th century. And the first to discover such a flower in the world was William Kerr in 1807. But the story does not end there.

For these flowers to become a type of roses and widely used, it was necessary to continue their selection. And one of the first people who did it was the French gardener Andrea Thomas Chevalier. Growing long-stem roses, he used them in bouquets and decorations.

Over the following decades, gardeners continued to develop this variety of roses throughout Europe. They selected and crossed plants with the best properties. Thus, today these roses are trendy among all flower shops. And they use them for creating incredible flower arrangements and decorations.


Long-Stem Roses Symbolism

The symbolism of long stem roses expresses love, affection, and appreciation. It has been used as a symbol of love for centuries in many cultures and religions. In ancient times, the long roses were often used in marriage ceremonies. But over the decades, these flowers acquired various new symbolism:

  • The long-stem rose is also a symbol of loyalty and devotion. The longer the stem, the more effort has gone into obtaining it for you by your loved one.
  • The ancient Romans believed the rose had magical powers, making it a sign of beauty and youth. So, sometimes people use these flowers, giving them precisely this meaning.
  • Besides, long roses represent the passion and desire that comes with true love. It shows how much you care about your partner's feelings. So, if you want to propose marriage to your significant other, this type of flower is a good choice.
  • A woman can give such flowers to her boyfriend to tell him that she wants to be with him forever.
  • And a man can give his wife or girlfriend long roses on their first anniversary. It is a good way of telling her he wants to spend the rest of his life with her.


Growing long-stem roses, people increasingly give them a new symbolism. After all, these roses are really multi-meaningful and can indicate something significant. Since ancient times, people have believed that the longer a bouquet of long roses stays in a vase, the stronger the person's feelings for you. The main thing is to give the symbolism of such flowers correctly.


Long-Stem Roses Color Meaning

woman with Long-Stem Roses

Long-stem roses can boast not only their long stems. Besides, they have a wide range of colors. Farmers grow hybrid varieties of these flowers at the long-stem rose farm. They cross the most suitable buds and get a unique petal color. And each shade of these flowers can have its meaning, depending on the context. So, if you buy long roses, first familiarize yourself with their meaning by color:

  • Pink rose
  • Giving a bouquet of pink flowers is a win-win if you have feelings for someone. Pink long roses convey subtle emotions such as tenderness, sophistication, and elegance. By giving them, you indicate readiness for a relationship.

  • Red rose
  • Have you wondered why red roses are often present at such holidays as weddings or Valentine's Day? All because their long stem roses meaning is sensual and earthly passion. They express deep love and affection. Thus, for lovers, these are the best flowers for expressing their feelings.

  • Orange rose
  • Orange is a very hot color. Accordingly, it has the meaning of warm feeling. Just imagine what a bouquet looks like with incredibly long orange stems. Handing it to someone symbolizes great feelings, admiration, and pride.

  • White rose
  • White roses have the meaning of innocent purity and impeccability in everything. Their pastel shade brings lightness and inspiration. So, white long-stem roses most often represent sincere, sublime, and devoted love.

  • Yellow rose
  • A long yellow bouquet of roses looks like a big sun. So it means warmth, friendship, care, and respect. Also, such flowers can mean success and prosperity in all matters. 

  • Lavender rose
  • On long stem rose farms, lavender petals are something exclusive. Their shades range from pastel to bright. And any purple shade of long roses means unexpected feelings and fascination. Their magical hue charms with its appearance and thus gives meaning to the mystery. So, if you want to convey something personal to someone, this is your color.

    Agronomists grow unusual flower shades on the ecological long-stem rose farm. With the help of their selection, florist shops are replenished with an ever-increasing range of colors. It can include dark blue, green, and even multicolored ones. The main thing is to familiarize yourself with their senses so that when choosing a variety, you are sure of what message you want to convey to the recipient with their help.


    How to Present Long-Stem Roses Correctly?

    red roses

    When giving long stem roses, it is crucial to present them correctly. Although such roses are a classic option for a gift, they may not always be appropriate in one or another case. It is important to ensure that your gift is both aesthetically pleasing and meaningful simultaneously. So, bear in mind some things before presenting these roses to someone:

    • Choose quality and fresh flowers. Look for roses with long, straight stems that are free of damage. And also, pay attention to their buds so they are not withered.
    • What roses to choose? Smaller buds can be an excellent choice for a more intimate gesture. It is good for a romantic anniversary or a thoughtful thank-you gift.
    • A big bouquet, on the other hand, can make a big impression. So it is perfect for occasions like Valentine's Day.
    • A bouquet of six or eight long-stem roses can be an attractive and affordable option for young girls.
    • Choosing long-stem roses in the recipient's favorite color is better for birthdays. Or you can opt for a colorful bouquet with different hues.
    • So, you know which long-stem roses to arrange for different occasions. Next, decide in what form you want to present these flowers. After all, everyone has other preferences for this. Someone likes to give flowers on tissue paper. And someone likes to give them in a vase. Maybe you want the classics? Then wrap the long stems of roses with a plain ribbon from below.


    Also, pay attention to your gestures and long-stem roses' meaning. Most people ignore it. But how you present your bouquet is the impression you will make on the flowers. So, hold them at the base of the stems to avoid damaging the blooms. And at the moment of handing roses, smile at the recipient. You should give flowers with warmth and sincerity.


    How Long Do Long-Stem Roses Last?

    bicolor roses

    The lifespan of long-stem roses can vary depending on several factors. It includes flowers' quality, the environment, and how well you care for them. On average, tall roses can last from 7 to 10 days. But with proper care, they can even last up to two weeks or more:

    • To begin with, you need to cut the stems to immerse flowers in the water. Use the pruning shears to make a clean cut at a 45-degree angle. It will create a larger surface area for the flower to absorb moisture.
    • In no way don't put uncut flowers in a vase. Because their stems will burrow into the bottom of the vessel and can not absorb water. This way, the roses will fade quickly.
    • Next, remove any excess leaves and thorns from the stem in the water. If you don't do that, it can create bacteria and cause the flowers to wilt quickly.
    • If you want your flowers to last longer, crush one or two aspirin tablets and add them to the vase. Aspirin contains salicylic acid. It helps the long-stem roses take up water and stay fresh.
    • The temperature at which roses are is also essential for flowers. Ideally, the water temperature in a vase should be around 1-3°C.
    • Also, avoid the sun's rays falling on the rose petals so they do not fade.
    • Change the water in the vase every two to three days. Additionally, trim the stems of the roses by about an inch each time. It keeps your roses fresh longer.


    Long-Stem Roses Delivery by Rosaholics

    Do you want to surprise loved ones with a long stem roses bouquet? Rosaholics arrange the best quality flower delivery for you.

    With us, you can be sure that your roses will be hand-picked by our expert florists. Besides, they will select the highest quality blooms for your special occasion. From classic red roses to soft pink hues, we offer a wide range of rose colors to fit any taste.

    We grow tall roses on our ecological long-stem rose farm. For this reason, we promise that your flowers will arrive fresh and in pristine condition. We will deliver them straight to your doorstep or the doorstep of your loved one. You just need to clarify the delivery details:

    • Choose a long stem roses bouquet. Specify the color, size, and quantity;
    • After that, let us know your packaging preferences. Do you want flowers wrapped or just tied with a ribbon?
    • After that, enter the shipping address and check the information twice.
    • After that, you only need the patience to wait for your incredible bouquet.



    Now, you know where long-stem roses come from. There is a great story behind these beautiful flowers. And thanks to their beauty, they are popular in floristry. Do you want to please someone or yourself with them? Contact Rosaholics for help. We will help you choose such flowers and surprise you with their pleasant appearance.



    How do they get long-stem roses?

    Long-stem roses are obtained by using techniques such as: planting them in nutrient-rich soil; spacing the plants farther apart; pruning the plant to promote the growth of fewer but longer stems; training the roses using support structures.

    Do long-stem roses come from a bush?

    Yes, long-stem roses come from a bush. These bushes can grow to be several feet tall and produce long stems that are perfect for use in bouquets and floral arrangements.

    Why are long-stem roses so expensive?

    Long-stem roses can be more expensive than other types of roses for several reasons: labor-intensive process; seasonal demand; limited availability; storage costs.

    What kind of roses have long stems?

    They are hybrid tea roses. They are known for their long, elegant stems and large, high-centered blooms. This kind of rose comes in a wide range of colors. So, it varies from classic reds and pinks to pastels and bold hues, making them a versatile choice for any occasion.

    What is the difference between long stems and regular roses?

    The main difference between these flowers is their stem length. Long-stem roses have stems that are longer than regular roses, at least 18 inches. In addition, tall roses have more comprehensive buds than regular roses.


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