National Best Friends Day is a cherished occasion to honor the bonds of fellowship. As we approach this day, it's time to start thinking about how to show appreciation for those special individuals who make our lives brighter.

One delightful way to express gratitude and affection is through the blooms. They have long been symbolic of fellowship. They convey sentiments of love, appreciation, and admiration.

There are endless possibilities to choose from. Whether it's a classic bouquet of roses or a unique mix of seasonal blooms, doesn't matter. The gesture of gifting blooms is sure to warm the hearts of your closest companions. Join us in commemorating the joy of fellowship. And consider brightening your day with a thoughtful floral arrangement.


Is National Best Friend Day a REAL Holiday?

Two best friends hugging and smiling outdoors

Did you know that National Best Friend Day has roots dating back to 1935 in the United States? Despite experiencing a lull in recognition for several decades, this special day regained popularity in the early 2000s alongside the rise of 'national holiday' calendars.

It's not likely to grant you a day off work. However, this day remains a delightful occasion to spread joy and laughter. After all, who would pass up an opportunity to commemorate with their closest companion?

So, mark your calendars. And get ready to show appreciation for those irreplaceable fellowships that bring warmth. BFF day is more than just a date on the calendar. It's a reminder to cherish the bonds that make life truly special.

Get the Deets: 

Event: National Best Friend Day

Date: June 8, 2024

Location: Everywhere across the nation

Purpose: Let's commemorate the incredible power and beauty of unconditional fellowship! Pals play a vital role in our lives. They offer unwavering support and joy. It makes it essential to honor and appreciate them.

Action: Show your gratitude by sending fresh flowers this day! Rosaholics offers nationwide delivery of exquisite bloom bouquets. It makes it effortless to surprise and delight your pals, no matter the distance. Say 'thank you' with the gesture of fresh-cut blooms delivered straight to doorsteps.


Best Flowers for National Best Friends Day 2024

Commemorate in style. Do it by expressing your gratitude with a breathtaking fresh-bloom arrangement. It embodies the essence of your unique fellowship.

This occasion offers the flexibility to embrace the seriousness or light-heartedness that resonates with your bond, and the choice of blooms should reflect the dynamics of your relationship. Seeking inspiration? Explore our curated selection of fresh bloom gifts. They're tailored to suit every kind of pal. Discover the top floral arrangements. They are ideal for honoring your cherished fellowships on day X.


Colorful pastel roses bouquet top view

It’s a frenzy of fun tie-dye petals for National Best Friends Day 2024. Perfect for the bestie who knows how to get you giggling!




Vibrant red roses arrangement on wooden background
Wild Spirit

They are pretty pinks and reds with bicolor roses. Best for the classy friend with timeless style!





Colorful roses bouquet on a wooden surface
Breathless Fresh

It's a mix of vibrant roses in joyful hues. Great for the upbeat friend who shows encouragement and support!




Best Friend Day Ideas: How to Celebrate

Joyful friends celebrating with confetti and champagne

They are:

  • Outdoor Adventure. Spend the day hiking, biking, or exploring a nearby nature reserve. Pack a picnic and enjoy the scenery while catching up on each other's lives.
  • DIY Spa Day. Treat yourselves to a day of relaxation. Opt for homemade face masks, manicures, and pedicures. Create a soothing atmosphere with candles and soft music to unwind together.
  • Movie Marathon. Pick a theme or genre and binge-watch your favorite movies or TV shows. Don't forget the popcorn and snacks for the ultimate cozy movie day at home.
  • Cooking Challenge. For BFF day, have a friendly cooking competition. There, you prepare a dish and then enjoy a delicious homemade meal together. Get creative with ingredients and try out new recipes.
  • Volunteer Together. Give back to your community by volunteering at a local charity or organization. Whether it's helping at a soup kitchen or cleaning up a park, spending the day making a difference can strengthen your bond.
  • Game Night. Dust off the board games or break out the video game consoles for a fun-filled game night. Choose from classic board games like Monopoly to multiplayer video games.
  • Road Trip. Hit the road and embark on a spontaneous road trip to a nearby town or attraction. As the best friend day idea, explore new places, stop at roadside attractions, and make memories along the way.
  • Photo Scavenger Hunt. Create a list of fun and quirky items to find around your neighborhood or city. And spend the day snapping photos together. Get creative with the challenges and document your adventures.
  • Craft Day. Unleash your creativity with a craft day where you can make DIY projects or try out new hobbies together. Whether it's painting, pottery, or knitting, crafting together is a fun way to bond.
  • Memory Lane. Look through photo albums or watch home videos from your childhood. Share stories, laughs, and nostalgic moments.


Creative National Best Friends Day Gifts

Handing over a gift with a single rose on top

Some of the great ideas are:

  • Customized Bracelets. Get creative by making personalized fellowship bracelets with unique designs. Or make messages that hold sentimental value. You can incorporate birthstones, initials, or inside jokes to make them extra special.
  • DIY Memory Jar. Create a memory jar filled with handwritten notes recalling your favorite moments together. Decorate the jar with colorful ribbons or paint. Encourage your pal to pick a note whenever they need a pick-me-up.
  • Scrapbook. Compile a scrapbook filled with photos, ticket stubs, and mementos from your adventures. Add captions and doodles to each page. This National Best Friends Day gift captures the essence of your fellowship. And it cherishes the memories forever.
  • Customized Mug Set. Design a set of matching mugs with quirky illustrations, inside jokes, or messages. Pair them with their favorite tea, coffee, or hot chocolate. It's for a thoughtful and practical gift.
  • Plant. Gift a low-maintenance plant like a succulent or a small indoor tree as a symbol of your fellowship. Add a personalized pot or planter. It's to make it extra special and remind your pals of your bond every time they see it.
  • DIY Coupons. Create a booklet of handmade coupons redeemable for activities or favors like a movie night, a homemade meal, or a day of pampering. Customize each coupon to suit your friend's interests and preferences.
  • Personalized Puzzle. As a National Best Friends Day gift, turn a favorite photo of you and your pal into a customized puzzle. Choose a meaningful image. And add a special message to the back of the puzzle for an extra touch of sentimentality.
  • Book Club. Start a book club where you both select and exchange books that hold significance. Discuss your thoughts and reflections on each book as you bond over your shared love of reading.
  • Customized Playlist. Curate a playlist of songs that remind you of your pal. Include songs from meaningful moments in your lives that evoke shared memories.
  • Artwork. Commission a local artist. Or create your own piece of artwork that represents your fellowship. Whether it's a painting, a sculpture, or a digital illustration, it doesn't matter. Choose a style and theme that resonates with your friend's personality.


Don't Miss These Other June Holidays

If you missed out on National Best Friends Day 2024 or simply want more reasons to commemorate in June, fear not! There are other significant holidays and occasions you can partake in:

  • Father's Day: June 20th
  • Juneteenth: June 19th
  • Pride Month: The entire month of June, commemorating LGBTQ+ communities and love.
  • Summer Solstice: June 20th, marking the longest day of the year.

Embrace these June festivities by spreading positivity with sustainably-grown, fresh-cut blooms. Whether it's roses of every hue or vibrant bouquets, doesn't matter. We have the perfect floral arrangements for any occasion. Explore our selection of fresh blooms today!



Bottom Line

Now you know how to celebrate Best Friends Day. That day offers an opportunity to commemorate the cherished bonds of fellowship. Whether it's a vibrant bouquet of their favorite blooms or a potted plant symbolizing the growth of your fellowship, blooms convey heartfelt sentiments. Beyond mere gifts, they serve as tangible expressions of appreciation, love, and support. From classic roses to exotic orchids, the variety of blooms allows for personalization. They reflect the uniqueness of your fellowship. BFF Day approaches. So, consider the language of flowers for your friends



What is the best flower to give on National Best Friends Day?

The best flower to give on National Best Friends Day could be a yellow rose. It symbolizes friendship and joy.

How can I make National Best Friends Day special for my best friend?

To make National Best Friends Day special for your best friend, plan a personalized activity. Or opt for a gift that reflects your shared interests and memories.

Are there any unique traditions for celebrating National Best Friends Day?

Unique traditions for celebrating National Best Friends Day may differ. They include:

  • Creating a friendship scrapbook.
  • Organizing a themed party.
  • Exchanging friendship bracelets as tokens of appreciation.


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