No one knows the true origins of what culturally has become Friends Day. Although some people attribute it to the television series Friends. It starred the titular group of twenty-something guys. They celebrate Thanksgiving together every year. Whether it originated with the show or not, Friendsgiving has become an increasingly popular tradition among young professionals. For many guests, the dinner is a humble alternative to a more formal Thanksgiving in their own family. For others, it's a great excuse to use the good china and decorate the table with fall foliage. Friendsgiving is what hosts and guests want. Whether it's a traditional dinner with all the condiments or a backyard barbecue. How to do Friendsgiving?

Though a gracious home is a welcoming setting, Friendsgiving can happen anywhere. It can even take place in the back room of a Mexican restaurant. Traditions are important, and space can be at a premium, but friends come first.


What is Friendsgiving?

What is Friendsgiving?

Friendsgiving is a modification of the American Thanksgiving Day, a harvest festival that is always celebrated in the States on the fourth Thursday in November. It is traditionally celebrated with family and friends around a communal table. There are a lot of delicacies served. Not surprisingly, this beautiful holiday is also becoming popular last years.


When Did it Start?

Friendsgiving is virtually the same celebration as Thanksgiving but with friends. Except for its primary friends meeting instead of family. College students who could not travel to their families for Thanksgiving started it.

In 2007, the term was mentioned for the first time. After this, it gained more popularity due to the alcohol brand Bailey's and the sitcom Friends.' In addition, many celebrities use the term 'Friendsgiving' in social media, as some people criticised the Thanksgiving celebration.


What to Do at Friendsgiving?


Traditionally, families and friends gather for up to four days to share a big meal. It often includes turkey. The atmosphere has to be just right for the evening to start well. So everyone feels comfortable. We have prepared a couple of tips for Friendsgiving:


  • Relaxing background music and warm, soft lights are very inviting. They are the key to a harmonious atmosphere. 
  • Also prepare small starters, such as olives, crusty breadsticks, or Caprese. You can serve them with a glass of wine or sparkling wine. So your guests can have a little bite before heading to the set table.
  • Candles create a cosy atmosphere. 
  • A successful Friendsgiving menu depends on recipes and table settings. Decorate the table with fall flowers or dried flowers. Also, you can use festive napkins and beautiful tableware. 
  • Create an individual card for each person sitting at the table. 
  • You can also play board games.
  • Many people start the celebration at home and continue in a more boisterous atmosphere. For example, you can go to a club. 


That way, everyone feels personally welcomed. A special rule for the feast: there should be no arguing at the table. You have to show only gratitude and harmony on Thanksgiving with friends instead of family.


What is on the Friendsgiving Menu?

Friendsgiving is celebrated in the same way as Thanksgiving. There is the traditional variant, but nowadays, there are also changes. 

Instead of bringing already-filled plates, put dishes and sauces on the table. It's more convenient, and everyone can afford as much as they want. In addition, you are right in the middle of the action and can enjoy your dinner in a relaxed atmosphere without switching between the dining room and the kitchen. 

Friendsgiving Menu

A Friendsgiving menu does not necessarily include a turkey. But it rather depends on the taste of the host and the guests. Often, the friends also host a so-called potluck dinner. It means that each person contributes a dish of their choice to the joint buffet. It results in a rich culinary offering that usually leaves nothing to be desired.

But the traditional dishes for Friendsgiving still are:


  • Mashed Potatoes. The main secret to good mashed potatoes is an abundance of butter and milk.
  • Gravy. A gravy is a thick sauce prepared directly from the food's juices during cooking. You may thicken it with flour or starch.
  • Candied sweet potatoes. Candied sweet potato casserole is usually made with brown sugar, marshmallow, and butter.
  • Rolls. It is cornbread. Which we most often eat as a pie pouring it with sweet maple syrup.
  • Turkey. It is the main dish for Thanksgiving with family and friends. The traditional Thanksgiving turkey stuffing consists of bread with onions, butter, and herbs. Sometimes sausage or ground meat is added.
  • Mac 'n' Cheese. It's an uncomplicated but always win-win combination of macaroni, cheese, and béchamel sauce.
  • Pumpkin Pie. For dessert, we bake a shortbread tart with a spicy pumpkin filling and serve it with whipped cream.
  • Cranberry Sauce. It is served cold with roast turkey.
  • Green Bean Casserole. It has been a staple on holiday tables for more than 60 years. It's made with béchamel sauce, blanched beans, and mushrooms sauteed with onions.


What is the Difference Between Thanksgiving and Friendsgiving?

The biggest difference between the two holidays is the people with whom you spend the holidays. In the first case it is your family, in the second you celebrate with your friends. Friendgiving is a more informal version of Thanksgiving with friends. That's why you can have fun with your friends before or after the holiday. Many guys do this not to have to upset their relatives and family. 


Bottom Line 

Friendsgiving is a mostly judgment-free zone. However, while Friendsgiving offers a superb opportunity to learn about a variety of family traditions and start a new one. For example, you can please your beloved ones with beautiful roses. Remember that our professional florists will be glad to help you with it.



What is the point of Friendsgiving?

The point of this holiday is to celebrate a day of thanksgiving with your friends. Because not everyone gets to go to their family for this holiday.

Is Friendsgiving a potluck?

Yes, as you get together with your friends at the same table. Although there are no special rules about the number of dishes, everyone tries to bring the best for their friends.

What happens at a Friendsgiving?

At this celebration, all the friends gather for dinner. You can discuss something interesting, watch a movie, or play board games.

How do I make Friendsgiving fun?

You can try to make an online gathering of all your friends this holiday. You can also attend a quest or karaoke. Playing a giant version of Jenga will be superfun.


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