Autumn is so colorful; even simple fallen leaves are considered an amazing addition to fall bouquets. Popular fall flowers are roses, chrysanthemums, hydrangeas, and asters, which often create stunning compositions for gifts, home decorations, and even weddings.

Diverse varieties of flowers appear with the arrival of autumn. This is the best season for florists to create wonderful fall flower arrangements because the types of flowers at this time provide many ideas for making bouquets. When autumn comes, people harvest. This can also be an element of arranging an autumn bouquet. For example, various berries, herbs, and ears of wheat are added to bunches of flowers, making them even more enjoyable. 

Therefore, when summer ends, don't be in a hurry to be disappointed that the season of flowers is over because autumn will give you countless of them and fill your home with bright fall colors.

Tips on Making a Fall Bouquet of Flowers

It is not a problem if you want to create an autumn bouquet. You can learn to do this independently and always delight yourself with new posies. For this, you need only a good imagination. 

Usually, when we come up with the idea of ​​a fall flower arrangement, we imagine how we collect flowers and put everything together. However, this can be done not only with flowers. The composition can contain decorative twigs, fallen leaves, dried flowers, and even cones.

To create your autumn bouquet, you need:

  • Come up with a palette of colors. 

It does not matter whether you will have only fresh flowers or additional decorative ones. The main thing is that the color scheme matches.

  • Create the basis of the autumn bouquet

Take the flowers on which you will emphasize and put them together. You can invisibly fasten it from below to make it easier for you to assemble them.

  • Add secondary flowers.

You can create as many flowers as you like but make sure they match in color.

  • Create a contrast. 

You can add an unusual flower to the fall flower arrangement to make it stand out or add something in a bright color. It will not look monotonous and will give colorfulness.

  • Add small details. 

For example, colorful maple leaves or a sprig of berries. It will make your fall bouquet more attractive and larger.

As you can see, there is nothing complicated. All you need is imagination. But if you don't know what to make a bouquet from, read the list of popular autumn flowers.

  • Roses



They have the most significant number of shades, from purple to orange. To make an attractive fall flower arrangement, you should combine garden roses with chrysanthemums, calla lilies, and green plantsAnother version of the autumn bouquet composition can combine two rose colors and add big green leaves to them.


  • Chrysanthemum



Chrysanthemums are ideal for fall flower arrangements because they are robust, sturdy, and have large flowers. It is better not to add decorations to the fall bouquet of these flowers and make a composition only with chrysanthemums.


  • Aster



Asters are very delicate and unsuitable for large bouquets because it is possible to break their buds. Therefore, placing them at different levels when creating a fall flower arrangement is better.


  • Gerbera



If you want to create a fall bouquet of gerberas, it is better not to combine them with several types of flowers. Gerberas are very bright and the central element of a bouquet, so it is better to use them in different colors and add grape bunches for this arrangement.


  • Cosmos



This flower is both universal and beautiful. They go well with dahlias and marigolds. Thanks to their tenderness and light shades, they form an extraordinary bouquet.


    They are lush, round-shaped autumn flowers with a long and robust stem, thanks to which you can create a big bouquet.  Experiment and add roses with extra branches to them. It is one of the best combinations for a fall flower arrangement. 


    • Cymbidium Orchid

      Cymbidium Orchid


    These fall flowers are trendy for a wedding because they are combined with a fall atmosphere. Orchids are best combined with greenery and delicate flowers, for example, roses or eustomas. A good combination for fall bouquets will be burgundy and white.


    • Strawflower



    If you want to make fall flower arrangements with these flowers, you can not add anything to them. Bright colors and large flower buds form a lush bouquet. But you can add a sprig of alyssum as a decoration.


    • Sedum



    This flower grows in the form of broccoli, about 2ft in height. Therefore, you can make a large autumn composition from them by adding chrysanthemums and asters.


    • Alstroemeria



    The best combination for alstroemerias is roses. To make the bouquet even more unusual, you can add sunflowers. Thanks to alstroemerias hardiness, this arrangement of flowers falls after 2-3 weeks of standing in the vase.


    • Goldenrod



    There is nothing unusual about these flowers, but adding them to any arrangement of blooms makes it more attractive. Thanks to their golden color, they create an atmosphere of autumn and warmth.


    • Rudbeckia



    This flower resembles a sunflower, and its yellow color conveys warmth. If you need an unusual fall flower arrangement, combine them with chrysanthemums and sunflowers and add goldenrod branches.


    • Celosia



    With their warm colors, they provide aesthetics to other flowers. These fall flowers are often used for weddings because the bright colors of this plant attract attention and look beautiful against the background of a wedding dress.


    • Sunflower



    Bright yellow petals should be organically combined with other colors, so roses are suitable for sunflowers. Add light pink or yellow roses to the sunflower if you want something harmonious. If you want contrast, then add red or burgundy roses.

    Read the Sunflowers Facts You Didn't Know in our other blog article.

    • Petunia



    This garden plant grows in bright colors and has various varieties. Petunia goes well with daisies, asters, and grape branches. Also, they can be used as fall flowers for a wedding.


    • Dahlia



    In autumn bouquets, dahlias are the bouquet's basis and are beautifully combined with thin twigs, small flowers, or celosia. So that these flowers do not fall off quickly, carefully cut the stem diagonally before placing it in the vase.


    • Alyssum



    It’s an ideal autumn flower that covers the flowerbed like a carpet. Alyssum can be added to bouquets as a decoration or make an amazing fall bouquet from them without a combination with other flowers.


    • Eustoma (Lisianthus)

      Eustoma (Lisianthus)


    If you want a beautiful fall flower arrangement with eustomas, it is better not to combine them with other blossoms. Because they grow a couple of flowers on the stem and form a floral bouquet with green buds.


    • Calla Lily

      Calla Lily


    These flowers combine beautifully with ferns, petunias, alyssum, and dichondra. And such flowers as roses and hydrangeas complement the eternal elegance of calla stems. Often fall flower arrangements from calla lilies are given for formal events.


    • Pansy



    These are tiny, pretty flowers that come in all rainbow colors. The best combination for pansies are tulips, snowdrops, and daffodils. 



    • Croton



    Since it's a flowerpot, you won't add it to the fall bouquet, but you can make a herbarium. Its dried leaves will not break due to their thickness so you can create a glass board with dried croton leaves.


    • Rose Mallow

      Rose Mallow


    This flower attracts with its large flowers and tall stem. You can add daisies and ordinary roses when making a composition from them. Such a combination will create a luxurious autumn bouquet.



    • Calibrachoa



    By combining them with petunia, you will get an unreal bright combination of colors and the most delicate bouquet. However, these small flowers make compositions and vases voluminous and attractive.


    It is not for nothing that autumn is called the colorful season. Fall flowers have a unique aesthetic and are so versatile that they can be used as a simple composition for your home and a wedding. The main thing is to have imagination and do it with the soul. Also, the fall flower arrangement falls off not quickly because autumn flowers can stay in the vase three times longer than others.

    Rosaholics Team is a Reason for Your Smile

    Autumn gives us many flowers and brings joy. However, not everyone knows how to choose the right flowers this season. Do you need fall flower arrangements and no ideas? We will solve this problem. 

    Rosaholics can help you select the perfect version of bouquets and create a composition in any shades you like. We have over 20 years of experience, and our experts specialize in many types of roses and other flowers. There are a lot of ideas for fall bouquets, even one type of flower can make a magical composition. Rosaholics sincerely accepts its customers and makes unforgettable bouquets that will impress your relatives. 


    What is the October flower?

    Cosmos and marigolds are considered October flowers. These are small yellow and orange flowers. Cosmos can be purple and white. They are easy to sow and do not require serious maintenance.

    How do you arrange flowers in a fall vase?

    To begin with, you need to cut the flower's stem evenly, fold them nicely and place them in a vase with water. To make the flowers last longer, change the water regularly.

    Can you have peonies at a fall wedding?

    Of course, you can. But peonies practically do not bloom in autumn so that you can change them with roses or eustomas.

    What flowers are in season in September in the US?

    Popular September flowers include anemones, chrysanthemums, celosias, and hydrangeas. They are trendy because of their beauty and often are used for creating fall flower arrangements.

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