A wedding is a crucial holiday in the life of every couple in love. The most popular time of year to celebrate a wedding is autumn, especially September and October. This season's temperature is not as high as in the summer and not as low as in the winter. Therefore, you can arrange an autumn wedding both outdoors and indoors. Also, autumn is full of various seasonal fruits and a large selection of flowers that can be used as decorations. Special attention is paid to roses that symbolize love and are ideal for wedding celebrations. 

Wedding ideas for fall are diversified and gaining popularity because this time of year is rich in fall wedding decorations. Yellowed autumn leaves create an atmosphere of warmth, and this season's shades make coziness. Even simple, brightly colored leaves can be a decoration. So, if you want to celebrate your wedding like in a fairy tale, read the following ideas that will inspire you even more.

Choose Your Own Color Theme for Fall Wedding

Choose Your Own Color Theme for Fall Wedding

The colors you choose for your wedding can emphasize your decorations and give your guests a specific mood. If you are in the process of organizing your holiday and choosing a color scheme, you probably already have a couple of examples that you can implement. However, you need to select one of them. Fall wedding color themes are very diverse, and each has its aesthetics. Therefore, if it is difficult for you to decide, we will help you with it.

  • Gray and white

They are classic colors that create elegance and luxury. It complements the image of the bride and creates a romantic atmosphere.

  • Deep pink

If you want to convey a sense of joy and fun to your guests, choose pink. Also, this color will add a summer note to your autumn wedding.

  • Soft green

It is suitable for late autumn. All the leaves have almost fallen during this period, and your green color scheme will look like a fairy tale. It will be charming if you combine light green with dark.

  • Bright orange

Do you know the best October wedding color ideas? It is bright orange because it is associated with pumpkins and symbolizes autumn.

  • Dark red

The color is ideal for outdoor celebrations, especially at sunset. Red matches any decorations and creates an incredibly romantic atmosphere.

  • Champagne

It is a soft pink shade with a shimmering yellow effect. It perfectly combines with autumn colors and is suitable for an October wedding when all the leaves take on bright colors.

The choice of colors is wide enough, so choose the one closest to your heart. And if you can't decide on one color, choose a couple of them. The main thing is that they are combined.

Impressive Fall Wedding Decorations Options

Impressive Fall Wedding Decorations Options

We have prepared for you a list of decorations that will emphasize your wedding theme:

  • Decorative flowers

Ask a florist to make flower decorations for you. Flower arrangements are one of the best decorations. You can put them on the holiday table for a beautiful look, decorate the chairs with them, fill your alley, or add them to the photo area (if there is one).

  • Hay

If you are celebrating your wedding in an open space, yellow hay will perfectly emphasize the colors of fall and provide warmth to your guests. Also, you can put bales as decorations, and your guests can take beautiful photos with them.

  • Pumpkin and fruit

Autumn is rich in harvest, and you can take advantage of it. Add pumpkins, pears, apples, and grapes as decorations. For example, place the pumpkins nicely next to the bales. Put baskets for other fruits and fill them beautifully. Fruits and vegetables can be used not only as food but also as fall wedding decorations.

  • Hang the light bulbs

An October wedding is popular because the temperature at this time is average, and the holiday can be celebrated outdoors. For instance, in the mountains, the vineyard, or the sea. But since it gets dark at this time quickly, you need to think about lighting. A popular way is to hang lamps above the festive table. It creates an unrealistically cozy atmosphere and looks like an expensive decoration.

  • Wooden elements

Wood always creates an aesthetic appearance. You can use different wooden boards with interesting inscriptions for photo sessions, put wooden boxes in an interesting composition and add flowers there. It can also be one of the options to put wooden barrels and pumpkins next to them.

These are far from all decoration options, but you should add some of them to your autumn wedding.

Fall Wedding Themes and Venues

Fall Wedding Themes and Venues

The theme of the wedding depends on its venue. You can make it in the style of a movie or ancient traditions. The next crucial stage in a marriage is location. A wedding ceremony in a cafe has long been out of fashion. Therefore, keep several options where you can spend your ceremony.

  • Botanical Garden

A wedding in a botanical garden in fall feels like a fairy tale. At this time, maple and oak leaves take on bright colors, and the surrounding atmosphere is simply mesmerizing.

  • Vineyard

When the grapes ripen, their branches intertwine and create a green wall that gives a beautiful appearance. A wedding in such places feels special.

  • In the mountains

It is one of the most popular ideas for fall wedding themes. Imagine your family gathering at the same table with a view of the mighty mountains in autumn colors. Such views promise you the most romantic wedding.

  • Castle

If you want to feel like a royal family, choose castles close to the forest. The view of yellowed trees and the atmosphere of the kingdom will leave you with memories for a lifetime.

  • Farm

Perhaps you will take it as nonsense. But weddings in such places are gaining popularity. An autumn wedding in the countryside has a cozy and family atmosphere. And another big plus is that you can find hay, barrels, and boxes on the farm and use them as decorations.

These are the most popular places to celebrate a wedding in the fall. If you can't decide on your venue, choose something from this list. You and your guests will remember it for the rest of your life.

Other Things to Consider 

little things for a wedding

Before the wedding celebration, you need to organize invitation cards. To do this, you first need to decide the number of people you want to invite. The postcard should contain all the detailed information about your wedding event. Therefore, indicate in the postcard information about:

  • venue
  • hour
  • words of invitation
  • dress code
  • wish for your guests
  • your photo

The postcard should also be beautiful and made in your autumn wedding style. To do this, contact a designer who will do everything according to your order. You can ask him to print autumn elements such as maple leaves, pumpkins, or grapes on the card. It will make your invitation aesthetic and attractive. 

And the last thing you have to do is to decide in what form you will distribute the invitations. They are of many types. It can be:

  • an envelope
  • a wooden board with an invitation 
  • an invitation in the form of a puzzle or a simple postcard in a certain style. 

Maybe you will create your own idea for invitations, which is also good. The main thing is that you like it and get across it clearly to the guests.


How can I decorate my wedding in October?

October weddings look attractive with fall wedding decorations that symbolize and create a vibe of romance. This can include pumpkins, grapes, wine barrels, maple leaves, and various decorations.

What are autumn wedding colors?

The bride and groom may sew your clothes to order, but if you dress according to your choice, the best colors are red, orange, blue, champagne, green, and warm colors. You need to choose a color that matches the shades of autumn and can be combined with them.

What do I wear to an autumn wedding?

Every year new colors appear in fashion. But shades like light green, emerald, burgundy and pastel will always be combined with autumn colors. It will also be good if you add expressive accessories and add something in dark colors to your image.

What is a fall-themed wedding?

It is a wedding that conveys all the beauty of autumn. Fall wedding themes include various ideas and leave unforgettable emotions. Elements of an autumn wedding can include pumpkins, bright-colored leaves, corn, and more.

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