Weddings are a fancy holiday with vivid floral decorations and bunches symbolizing love, mutual understanding, reliability, and long, happy family life. Experienced floral experts offer a variety of tender and fragrant flowers which hide a particular meaning to wish long-term mutual life for the just-married couple. Therefore, flower sellers and event managers should pick fresh must-have attributes for the bride’s look and wedding reception arrangements to create an atmosphere of happiness, love, and gratitude.

In this guide, you will find the best floral options to design the celebration of romantic relationships and make them special in every girl’s life. Many flowers presented are available at Rosaholic’s shop and delivered beforehand.


1. Roses - Passion and Love 

Roses - Passion And Love

No wedding is possible without magnificent and gorgeous flowers like roses which have a particular meaning

  • Their mysterious symbolism concentrated in various colors and shapes of rosebuds sends a special message to just-married couples.
  • It wishes them many years of prosperity, love, and passionate relationships.

The last catalogs of the wedding magazines and recommendations from event managers show the trendy colors and topics to organize a wedding of dreams. In this case, roses are flexible and fit any background design. Intense velvet reddish color proves the deep love affairs, and pastel ivory or light pink tints demonstrate the pure feelings of the young couple.

Rosaholic offers different bunches of organic farm roses like Say Yes, Casablanca, or Cheshyre, and many more to manifest the holiday of the heart-leading feeling.


2. Sunflowers - Loyalty and Longevity

Sunflowers - Loyalty and Longevity

The wedding bouquets with sunflowers bring many positive emotions.

  • Stunning yellowish tints seem to present joy and light-heartedness. Indeed, these farm cultivated sophisticated flowers combined with confident and elegant roses imply loyal relationships for the rest of the couple’s life.

Charming pair of golden sunflowers and ashy purple roses will become the right choice for brides who wish to decorate wedding attributes in a mix of classic styles. Slight gratefulness with vivid straightforward elements will highlight the bride’s look and fit traditional wedding dresses.


3. Alstroemerias - Companionship and Purity

Alstroemerias - Companionship and Purity

Alstroemeria tender petals are sources of limitless fantasy to decorate a ceremonial arch, design a banquet hall, and collect a beautiful bouquet for a bride. 

  • Whatever color you prefer for floral arrangements, the couple will be blessed by these flowers meaning pure and sensitive feelings based on companionship and support.

The marriage-denoted celebration highlighted with alstroemerias and roses discovers a unique symbolism referring to a union of soulmates. You may experiment with color options to create ideal floristic diversities.


4. Hydrangeas - Gratitude and Beauty

Hydrangeas - Gratitude and Beauty

You might be wondering what wedding flowers could emphasize gratitude and beauty of the future wife and the other love-related meanings? The obvious answer is hydrangeas. Luxurious flower buds with neutral tints could improve any bunch.

  • A rose-and-hydrangea bridal bouquet is proof of beautiful affairs existing between two loving spouses. Romantic roses with hydrangeas radiate harmonic married life because of their gorgeous round shape and withholding coloring.

You may pay attention to mono- or multicolored variations which symbolize a lavish bunch of positive glorious wishes.


5. Peonies - Honor and Romance

Peonies - Honor and Romance

The peony is a classic flower for spring wedding decorations with a specific meaning

  • The ancient Greeks admired these flowers due to their tender round shapes with numerous petals. They believed the symbolic meaning of the peony, including plants and trees, recognized deep respect for romantic solid vibrations between partners.

Many brides like to add peonies to their bunches; however, a great symphony of heart-beating moments will be enhanced if they pick up some tender types of roses. The Orange Explosion option with extraordinary rosebuds is an excellent example of the future arrangements of two floral counterparts to promote the ceremony of eternal love.


6. Tulips - Wisdom and Royalty

Tulips - Wisdom and Royalty

Reserved flowers keep colorful sensitive feelings symbolizing optimistic visions for the future married life. 

  • Like popular wedding flowers, tulips proclaim a perfect love that many girls have dreamed of since their early childhood.

You can combine warm tints of romantic tulips with elegant roses of classic rainbow colors. It will become an interesting idea for the bride’s bunch to highlight royal tastes for the wedding organization and a conscious decision both partners have made.


7. Daisies - Innocence and Chastity

Daisies - Innocence and Chastity

Perhaps, God created daisies to help girls predict their destiny and find a path for passionate love. 

  • Innocent and charming daisies with lovely roses are sources of romantic atmospheres perfect for celebrating two soulmates.

Therefore, this flower is essential in the wedding happiness formula associated with a bridal bouquet. Sophisticated daisies will never catch the attention of other floral accessories. This feature makes the daisy a flexible flower for wedding decorations and arrangements.

For maximum heart-melting effects, try to choose bouquets, consisting of pastel or neutral tints with a final emphasis on the bride’s look.


8. Lilacs - Youthfulness and Spirituality

Lilacs - Youthfulness and Spirituality

If you want to receive a God blessing touch for your happy marriage, do not hesitate to arrange a bridal brunch with lilacs.

  • Lilacs will encourage couples in love to strengthen their feelings and go forward on the challenging and exciting path of family life.  

Lilacs in combination with roses will look terrific and proclaim a comprehensive love and gratitude to the Universe for spiritually enriched relationships.


9. Lilies - Purity and Family Welfare

Lilies - Purity and Family Welfare

The list of wedding flowers is hardly complete if you neglect lilies and their genuine meaning. Florists love lilies due to their color variations and strong stems. Such qualities allow combining lilies with thorn-contained plants.

  • Usually, pure petals wish a new family to grow and have long-term generation ties.

Experiment with slight sunset or lavender roses and purely white or pink lilies to pick up a bunch of lushness, passion, and companion-based marriage. The result will give impressive emotions between loving hearts and guests of this special event.


10. Sweet Peas - Happy and Colorful Life

Sweet Peas - Happy and Colorful Life

Sweet peas are highly appreciated by lovers of field flowers and country wedding styles. These flowers resemble tiny creatures with pleasant odors and multi colorful variations. They resist different harmful effects and enhance celebrating vibes among guests during the wedding feasts. The color range of sweet peas is duplicated by their floristic relatives - roses.  

  • The meaning of sweet peas is optimistic and refers to happiness and joy, perfect for the wedding flowers. Exclusive bouquets with romantic spices of delicate, sweet-smelling flowers demonstrate long-life love enhanced with pleasure, mutual understanding, and happiness.

11. Gardenias - Joy and Gentleness

Gardenias - Joy and Gentleness

Shy gardenias have an independent and self-confident temper, achieving the royal behavior features. 

  • However, their spiritual meaning is more profound. This bunch tells a bride her destiny and gives clues to secrets of happy family life. It can symbolize that the bride will become a loving wife, a happy mother, and a keeper of the family hearth.

Ultimately white gardenias with ivory or creamy roses are literally the popular wedding flowers, symbolizing joy, love, and gentleness.


12. Orchids - Charm and Fertility

Orchids - Charm and Fertility

Most Asian cultures choose orchids for bridal bouquets. Long stems with many buds ideally placed focus on the bride’s elegance and her unique beauty of mind, heart, and soul.

  • These flowers compliment future wives as charm and magnetism-vibrant women and predict many children in a just-married couple. 

Along with vivid and spot-arranged flowers, you may use roses for beautiful floral compositions of weddings. Merge delicate orchids with fancy queens of flowers to receive a genuine symbol of great feelings between the two.


13. Carnations - Luck and Pride

Carnations - Luck and Pride

Unqualified florists forget fluffy buds of carnations and think these flowers are unworthy of wedding rituals. Indeed, brides prefer creative and extraordinary compositions for remarkable photo sessions and glorious festive moods.

  • The couple could be proud of their soul unification and harmonization to overcome all barriers and challenges.

Roses with untypical rosebuds will become an original addition to carnations predicting the married spouses have caught a bird of luck, happiness, and wealth. 


14. Calla lilies - Faith and Gratitude

Calla lilies - Faith and Gratitude

These flowers are perfect in singular bunches and mixed ones. A whitish bouquet looks like a new page of the life book you start to write down together. 

  • The true meaning of calla lilies' wedding flowers is faith and gratitude. These titanic feelings build the foundation of love, respect, and support.

Romantic vibrations are also enhanced with snowy roses. This crystal arrangement demonstrates pure feelings and grants prosperity and financial stability. Floral variations of calla lilies and roses are acceptable. 


15. Gladiolus - Integrity, Honour, and Remembrance

Gladiolus - Integrity, Honour, and Remembrance

The pretty curious alternative for the charming wedding bouquets is the gladiolus compared to the other garden flowers because of its precious meaning. The ancient Romans named gladiolus an emblem of victory, courage, and strength. 

  • For love-induced girls, fragrant flowers carry the integrity of mind and heart. As such, the decision partners made reflects their desires and feelings. In addition, gladiolus will keep memories of the happiest day in your life.

Emotional moments will be enhanced if you accomplish a bridal gladiolus bunch with tint-related roses. Stunning gladiolus with long-stem cut double-color roses creates a curious natural color palette. 


Do Not Plan A Wedding Without Floral World Queens

The meaning of wedding flowers is essential to concentrate optimistic vibes and make a good aura for the couple. These beautiful flowers manifest all good emotions for an exciting celebration. The secret wish presented by the fresh plants will induce spouses to build their family in love, loyalty, and gratitude. To keep a romantic mood for a long-term period, you should includeroses into the wedding planning list. In Rosaholic’s shop, you may always find a desirable gift to impress any bride and make one of the most important days in life remarkable.



How do I pick wedding flowers?

Wedding flowers should not refer to accessories that satisfy aesthetic tastes. Such fresh-cut plants symbolize a special meaning for wedding receptions and parties. A message hidden in the type of flowers and their colors will become a motto of the future family and highlight particular kind wishes for strengthened marriage.

What flowers should I have at my wedding?

Many neutral or paster odor-intense flowers will become a perfect addition to the wedding dress or bouquets. These flowers have different tints; therefore, you should not be worried about coloring combinations. However, roses are universal plants that manifest passion, love, and purity.

Are roses wedding flowers?

Roses are the most popular wedding flowers. Their colors, varying from light tints to multi-colored samples, will be an excellent choice for event interior design, the bride apparel element, and a kind present which means many wishes of epic love, wealth, luck, or charm.

Why are roses used in weddings?

Florists choose roses for wedding decorations because these plants have several advantages: long-term storage period; resistant to any climate or external impact; preferable by all girls and women; color-diversified with different rosebud shapes; fresh long or short stem cut plants are suitable for table decorations, wedding arches, or the bride’s bouquet.

Why are flowers important at a wedding?

Since ancient times, people have used flowers as wishing cards to proclaim a long, happy family life full of romance, gratitude, and loyalty. This tradition has the same purpose so far. Therefore, if you want to create a special fancy mood for a just-married couple and its guests, do not forget to arrange the celebration with new accessories.

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