A wedding bouquet is something that every girl or bride-to-be can worry about for so long. And what about sunflower bouquets of the brightest and sunniest flowers - sunflowers? Wedding bridal bouquet of sunflowers: You are the lady of the sun!

Many brides have chosen popular bouquets of noble roses, exquisite callas, or delicate hydrangeas for their wedding ceremonies. But you don't have to be like them. Bridal wedding bouquets are created from decorative sunflowers (Helianthus). They are smaller than those that we are used to seeing on a country vacation and more varied in color and shape. Mini-sunflowers are also used - no more than an average gerbera. You can buy such mini wedding sunflowers by purchasing our “Love you forever” bouquet, which is ideal for a bride for a wedding. But if you want to make a bouquet yourself at home, then making it from sunflowers is also quite possible.

You can hold the bright, hot, living suns in your palms. Just buy bridal bouquet sunflowers - an original, unusual, stylish piece of modern wedding floristry! Such a composition will be appropriate for any ceremony, but especially well suited for a "folk" wedding. Out-of-town wedding registration is another ideal "habitat" for such flowers!

In this Guide:

  • Is a sunflower suitable for a wedding or not?
  • Why are wedding bouquets with sunflowers good?
  • 3 useful tips on choosing the bridal bouquet of sunflowers 

Is a sunflower suitable for a wedding or not?

People call the sunflower a gift from the sun, bringing peace, good health, prosperity to the house, and beauty to the owners. The gold of delicate petals will surely give you wealth. The sunflower is considered a talisman for home and family, capable of warding off evil forces from people. A sunny flower growing in the yard will bring success in your endeavors, will contribute to career growth, and improve the well-being of the owner. We recommend a wedding bouquet of sunflowers to cheerful, energetic girls, warming everyone around with the warmth of souls.

Are you confused by the idea of ​​ordering a wedding bouquet with sunflowers, because these are “like seeds, not flowers”? Then know this: a sunflower flower is not just seeds, it is a real work of art from nature. These flowers are bright suns, first of all, flowers, and only then - everything else!

Especially if, as we have already said, we are talking about decorative varieties in which there are no seeds at all.

The shape of the bridal bouquet of sunflowers: As for the shape of the bride's bouquet, round classics and cascades are preferred. In the first case, due to their large size, the sunflowers perfectly outline the shape of the wedding composition, in the second, they form a noticeable and bright "trail". You can also order a bridal bouquet of sunflowers on high stems - like calla lilies, it turns out slender and elegant. But a port bouquet holder, as a rule, does not fit: massive flowers cannot be combined with a small handle, and the stems are too thick.

Look at the variants of wedding bouquets with sunflowers that you can purchase in our shop:

Why are wedding bouquets with sunflowers good?

Sunflowers are the flowers of the sun. Bouquets with sunflowers are so beautiful and charming and you need them for your wedding.

  • They almost do not smell, which is very convenient. The bouquet will not ruin the wedding day if the bride does not like strong aromas. And if you want the composition to be enveloped in a delicate floral scent, it is enough to add, for example, yellow roses to it. 

  • These are seasonal flowers. Their time is late spring, summer, and early autumn. If you are planning your wedding just in May-September, do not miss the chance to add sunshine to your mood.

  • Sunflowers are very persistent flowers. They will look fresh and beautiful even at the end of a long day! And then, with simple care, they will be able to delight you for another 2-3 weeks.

  • Do not forget, by the way, that one of the most attractive color combinations, including for the bride's bouquet, is yellow and lilac. The decor is largely determined by the satellite colors.

You can buy these sunflowers and rose bouquets in our shop:

bridal sunflower bouquet

3 useful tips on choosing the bridal bouquet of sunflowers 

Due to its bright color and large size, the sunflower tends to dominate any bridal bouquet (except for mini-varieties). Therefore, there are three ways to go.

  1. The first way is a combination of sunflowers with equally bright and large flowers. It turns out to be a bright, noisy celebration of life, light, and color, perfect for a wedding ceremony! In this case, the decor of the bride's wedding bouquet is either practically unnecessary, or it consists in adding several large noticeable accessories.
  1. The second way is to buy a bridal bouquet of sunflowers, adding smaller inflorescences of other flowers and cold shades (especially blue, white, and pink) to them. Small roses in bouquets with peach and soft pink roses work well. Let the bright sunshine in the hands of the bride in a floral frame!
  1. The third way is a wedding mono-bouquet of sunflowers. The sun, and nothing but the sun! 

By the way, a bridal bouquet with wedding sunflowers of a similar shade creates a good and warm impression and looks a little fluffier and sleeker. The simplicity and brevity of the bride's wedding mono-bouquet open up a little more space for decor. But in general, it is not needed - sunflowers are self-sufficient and really need only discreet elegant ribbons.

We have created ​​bouquets of sunflowers that you can buy in our shop, especially for your wedding:


Wedding bouquets are a very important element of the wedding, especially for the bride. And bouquets of flowers can be different and unusual, even such an option as a beautiful wedding sunflower and rose bouquet will become a real highlight of your celebration and leave a good impression of the bride's image. 

February 04, 2022 — Alexandr Oleynik