A wedding bouquet is something that every girl or bride-to-be can worry about for so long. And what about sunflower bouquets of the brightest and sunniest flowers - sunflowers? Wedding bridal bouquet of sunflowers: You are the lady of the sun!

Many brides have chosen popular bouquets of noble roses, exquisite callas, or delicate hydrangeas for their wedding ceremonies. But you don't have to be like them. Bridal wedding bouquets are created from decorative sunflowers (Helianthus). They are smaller than those that we are used to seeing on a country vacation and more varied in color and shape. Mini-sunflowers are also used - no more than an average gerbera. You can buy such mini wedding sunflowers by purchasing our “Love you forever” bouquet, which is ideal for a bride for a wedding. But if you want to make a bouquet yourself at home, then making it from sunflowers is also quite possible.

You can hold the bright, hot, living suns in your palms. Just buy bridal bouquet sunflowers - an original, unusual, stylish piece of modern wedding floristry! Such a composition will be appropriate for any ceremony, but especially well suited for a "folk" wedding. Out-of-town wedding registration is another ideal "habitat" for such flowers!

Useful Tips on Choosing the Bridal Bouquet of Sunflowers 

Choosing a bridal bouquet with sunflowers can add a bright touch to your wedding. We have prepared some useful tips for you. They help you choose fresh sunflower wedding bouquets that will delight you:

  • Take the time of year into consideration. Sunflowers are usually associated with summer and early fall. Therefore, they are perfect for weddings held during these seasons.
  • Bouquet size. Decide on the size of the bouquet based on your personal preference. Keep in mind the overall aesthetic you want to achieve. Sunflowers can be large and impressive. Therefore, mix them with smaller flowers or foliage to create a balanced look. For example, it could be roses and sunflowers wedding bouquets.
  • Color palette. Sunflowers come in various shades of yellow and can also have hints of orange or brown. Choose a color that complements your wedding theme and attire.
  • Personal style. Think about your personal style and the overall theme of your wedding. Sunflowers can suit rustic, bohemian, or country weddings. But they can also add a cheerful touch of color to more traditional or contemporary styles.
  • Consult a florist. Ask a professional florist for advice. They will tell you the availability of flowers and the design of the bouquet. And they will tell you how to keep the bouquet fresh throughout the day.

Remember that your bridal bouquet with sunflowers should reflect your personality. It should emphasize the overall atmosphere of your special day. With sunflowers, you are sure to create a bright and memorable wedding atmosphere.


Meaning of Sunflower in Wedding Bouquet

Sunflowers in a wedding bouquet have symbolic importance. Sunflowers represent love, loyalty, and happiness. They signify the sun's warmth and joy, making them an ideal choice for weddings. Sunflowers also represent longevity and prosperity, indicating a robust and long-lasting marriage. Their bright and cheerful appearance evokes a sense of optimism and positivity. So fresh sunflower wedding bouquets create a bright and festive atmosphere. Including sunflowers in a wedding can symbolize the love and devotion of the couple. But they can also desire a bright and joyful future together. It adds a touch of radiance and beauty to the bride's ensemble. In doing so, they create a visually stunning and meaningful accessory.


Choose Bridal Bouquet with Sunflowers by Rosaholics

Are you looking for a wedding bouquet with sunflowers? Then take a look at our Rosaholics store. We are a reliable supplier of floral products. Our florists carefully select our stunning sunflower bouquets. So we can create an exciting and beautiful arrangement for your special day.

Rosaholics offers many options, including roses and sunflowers wedding bouquets. And you can even choose a bouquet combined with greenery for a more natural look. Our attention to detail and commitment to quality ensures you get a breathtaking bouquet that perfectly captures the essence of your wedding. Choose Rosaholics for your sunflower bouquet. It will add a touch of joy and elegance to your wedding ensemble. And to make sure you have no doubts, we recommend you check out our best bridal bouquets with sunflowers:


Wedding bouquet of sunflowers


The classic sunflower bouquet is a stunning arrangement. This ordinary yet beautiful bouquet showcases vibrant yellow petals and dark centers. They create a breathtaking and eye-catching sight. The simplicity of the sunflowers allows them to take center stage, exuding a sense of joy and warmth.



Golden Sun

Golden Sun

Golden Sun bouquet is a delightful combination of yellow tones. It is the perfect combination of roses and sunflowers wedding bouquet. This charming bouquet combines the tenderness and romance of roses with the bold and cheerful presence of sunflowers. Roses create a harmonious and visually captivating composition.



Bottom Line

Rosaholics presents a collection of fresh sunflower wedding bouquets. They will convey the essence of joy, warmth, and elegance. Whether they are ordinary but beautiful decorative sunflowers, a charming combination of roses and sunflowers, or a vibrant symphony of flowers, Rosaholics offers sophisticated, modern bouquets and perfect for creating lasting memories.



How to make a sunflower bouquet for a wedding?

Gather sunflowers, greenery, and other flowers to make a bouquet of sunflowers for a wedding. Then cut the stems and arrange them in the desired shape. And then secure them with floral tape or ribbon.

What month is best to get married with sunflowers?

The best month for a sunflower wedding is summer or early fall. It is when sunflowers are in full swing.

How many sunflowers make a bouquet?

The number of sunflowers in a bouquet depends on personal preference. But the general range is 5-10 sunflowers.

What flower is the symbol of a happy marriage?

The flower that symbolizes a happy marriage is the rose, especially the red rose. For the best effect, combine a sunflower and a rose.


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