Just like people, every rose has a personality of its own. Some give off sweet and simple vibes, while others are bold and breathtaking. To be honest, we find them ALL beautiful -- but that's because we're Rosaholics!

Which rose are you? Discover the rose that represents you best by taking the personality quiz below.

It’s Saturday night! What are your plans?

A – Dinner and a movie
B – Volunteer in the community
C – It’s Saturday?! I thought today was Thursday!
D – Bubble bath and a good book


If you could have any pet, what would it be?

A – Dog and/or Cat
B – Fish
C – Iguana
D – Horse


Time for a trip. What’s in your carry-on luggage?

A – Neck pillow and a vanilla latte
B – Sunglasses and a deck of cards
C – Lipstick and bug spray – I’m up for anything!
D – My journal and/or sketchbook


What do you have most of in your wardrobe?

A – Denim
B – Fun hats
C – Workout clothes
D – Silk scarves


You’re running late for a get-together with friends. What’s your excuse?

A – This would not happen. I’m never late.
B – So sorry! I was baking cookies to bring with me.
C – My friends know the party doesn’t start till I get there.
D – Honestly, I was still deciding whether to go or stay in!

If you scored mostly As, then it's clear that you’ve got a classic, sophisticated sense of style and appreciate a well-organized lifestyle. Beloved by many, people seek you out for advice and trust you whole-heartedly. Just like a red rose, you represent timeless taste and beauty!

Your Perfect Match: Classic Red Rose Bouquet

Happy-go-lucky and always optimistic, you’ve got a great sense of joy that you bring to every occasion. Approachable and open-minded, you probably have a wide circle of friends who simply can’t get enough of you! Just like a yellow rose, you share fun and positive energy with everyone around. 

Your Perfect Match: Shiny Happy Couple

A little unconventional and sometimes misunderstood, you’ve got an awesome sense of adventure! You enjoy seeing new sights, taking risks, and embracing fresh experiences. Many people may be intimidated by your behavior or in disbelief of everything you’ve accomplished, but they find you irresistibly magnetic all the same.

Your Perfect Match: Blue Lagoon Roses

More than just a romantic, you’ve got charismatic confidence in who you are and what you want. No matter what the surroundings, you always find a way to slow down, embrace beauty, and indulge in true joie de vivre. Just like a lavender rose, you’re simply lovely and full of rich, romantic character traits.

Your Perfect Match: Vintage Fresh Bouquet


What rose are you?! Post your results on social media and tag us @rosaholics so we can celebrate. Share with your friends and family, too!

June 22, 2023 — Aimee WF