A thank you note is easy and quick to write because you only need to show your sincere feelings on a scrap of paper. There are many thank you note samples to give you a better understanding of the writing process.

Examples could be a thank you card for your professionalism, an excellent education, an invitation to different events, or generally anything else. You can even make a thank you card to your mom because she loves you and always supports you.

But often when people wish to write a thank you letter, they get stumped and don't understand exactly how to start. But don't worry. Read on and you’ll find out how to write a thank you note.  


What to Write in Thank You Card with a Flower Bouquet?

Thank You Card with a Flower Bouquet

In the thank you card, write about your feelings first and foremost. We think you will agree that one of the best gifts is a bouquet. No one can resist seeing a magnificent bouquet of roses. But it will be much nicer to receive a thank you card with it. It is a perfect way to express your gratitude for all the invaluable help and care that you have received from another person.  

If you're not a great poet, just write the words from your heart. Besides, it's often much easier to express words on paper than to say them to a person. It can be a short phrase or prose, so we offer some examples of thank you notes:

  • I never could have reached the heights without your help, thanks for your care!


  • I can eternally thank you for what you did for me.


  • Thank you for not leaving me in an anxious and difficult moment.


  • There are few people like you left in the world. Thank you for your responsiveness and kindness.


  • Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your understanding, for your goodness, responsiveness, sincerity, and support! It is nice to know that there are such people around. I wish you prosperity, kindness, well-being, harmony, and happiness!

If you want to express your feelings, you can choose Rosaholics flower bouquet delivery adding your desired thank you note to it. And Rosaholics will take care that the recipient will get a lot of impressions from the bouquet with a thank you note.


Thank You Card for Birthday

Birthday Thank You Card

Almost always on your birthday people send you greetings. It happens that you have distantly relatives or friends who cannot congratulate you in person on this day. And believe us, it would be nice for them to receive thank you card messages from you in return.

But thank you card messages can be sent not only in response to a greeting but also as a thank you for attending the holiday. For example, you are going to organize your birthday party at a restaurant and you have invited all your friends. At the end of the event, you can hand out small thank you card messages to everyone, which will show your friends that you were sincerely happy to see them. Here are some ideas for creating thank you cards:

  • you can buy custom cards, which are often distinguished by their creative and interesting design;
  • or you can make these cards yourself in advance. Handmade is highly appreciated. 

Options of what to write in the notes:

  • Thank you for remembering me on my day.


  • I can't wait to hug you and thank you in person for the gift.


  • This day wouldn't be special without you, thank you!


  • Thank you for being a part of this day.


  • Thank you for sharing this day with me.


Thank you Card Ideas for a Special Gift

Thank you Card Ideas

We're sure you have people whose gift would be special to you. And in response to every special gift, of course, you want to give them a special thank you card that will be different from any others.

  • I am so grateful for this gift, I will never forget your generosity and kindness!


  • You are unbelievable! Only you could surprise me so much, thank you very much!


  • Every time I look at your gift, I am reminded of our happy moments together.


  • I haven’t expected that there are people who know me so well.


  • I really want to thank you for the time you took in choosing this wonderful gift. 

Did you know that a thank you can be expressed with more than just notes, letters, or cards? Here are some ideas for thank you not just in cards:

  • A thank-you jar. How about a thank you, but a custom one? It can be one jar containing a bunch of little thank you notes. You can take one out each day and read it.
  • Poster with sweets. Many people like sweets, and if they also say words of gratitude, it's twice as nice. Create a thank-you poster by yourself that is filled with sweets.


Thank you card to a Hospital Staff

Thank you card to a Hospital Staff

Quite often, patients who spend a lot of time in the hospital express their gratitude to their doctors in the form of various gifts. Someone gives a thank you card, others write an official thank you letter, and another one doesn't bother and gives all kinds of gifts that show real appreciation to the hospital or a particular doctor. What would be the best words of gratitude for doctors?

  • Thank you for your professionalism and efforts.


  • Thank you very much for your knowledge and successful work.


  • Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to live a healthy life.


  • You are a wonderful doctor and a professional that is hard to find!


  • I want to thank you for your professionalism and successful treatment.

What can you give besides a thank you card?

  • Bouquet. A good thank you would be a bouquet of fresh flowers that will make anyone smile. It's a timeless classic, almost everyone likes flowers. And it will be much nicer if you add a thank you card to it. Our choice is a Breathless Fresh bouquet by Rosaholics. It is bright, colorful, and definitely cheers up.
  • Sweets. Almost everyone likes sweets, so you can give them as a sign of gratitude. In addition, nowadays a lot of healthy sweets are made, which will not harm our health. And to make your thank you even more unforgettable, you can consider ordering themed sweets, such as cookies or even a cake.


Thank You Card for a Teacher

Thank You Card for a Teacher

Every teacher leaves a mark in the life of every person. But, of course, most often it is a pleasant mark, in the form of knowledge. Teachers are people who have great patience, diligence, and work. Of course, we always want and need to thank such people. But how best to express words to say thank you and appreciation to teachers? The most common way to thank a teacher is a speech that is read out by students or their parents. Short examples would be:

  • Dear Teacher! You are doing an important job, giving much effort and energy to your work. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


  • Thank you for your invaluable contribution to the education and upbringing of the younger generation!


  • From the bottom of our hearts, we want to thank you and remind you that your profession is important and noble!


  • Dear Teacher! We bow low and thank you for your hard work, skillful approach to every person, and sincere smile on your face


  • Please accept warm words of gratitude! May each new school year be more successful professionally than the last one.

The second option, which is a thank you to the teacher and often goes together with the first option is a bouquet. Usually, after the grand speech of gratitude to the teacher, students give a beautiful bouquet to secure their words. In our opinion, Love Potion bouquet from Rosaholics will be a perfect addition to the speech, and will not leave anyone indifferent.


For Wedding and Bridal Shower

Thank You Card for a Wedding

A wedding is an important event for a bride and groom. Many guests gather on this day, and you want to express words to say thank you and appreciation to everyone who has shared this magical event with you and your husband. 

But often, before the wedding, bridesmaids arrange a bridal shower for the bride to party properly for the last time before married life. On the bridal shower day, the bride is in the spotlight and everything is done for her. She is eternally grateful to her friends for this day. Here are options of how you can thank everyone at both wedding and shower day:


First of all, we recommend that you and your husband prepare thank you cards and words for your guests in advance. Toward the end of your wedding day celebration, take time to say thank you to your guests. The text can be anything, the main thing is sincere. For example:

  • Dear guests! Without you, this celebration would not have happened. There wouldn't be this wonderful atmosphere - warm and emotional!


  • Thank you for being here today - sharing with us the happiness of creating our family. May we always have time, strength, and inspiration to gather and rejoice in new joyful events in life! 


  • Thank you for adding joy and fun to our wedding. We are glad you took the time to join us.


  • You have always been important people to us, and we thank you for being there in creating our family.


  • We still have a smile on our faces. We are truly thankful for your coming to our wedding.


  • It was the best day ever for my husband/wife and me. Thank you for being there for us! 


Bridal Shower

On the day of the bridal shower, girls are cheerful, perky, and genuinely happy. More often, the bridesmaids plan the bridal shower, but they tell the bride about it out of the blue. So you as a bride are unlikely to be able to prepare in advance any gift to thank your bridesmaids. But that's not a problem, because you can always express your gratitude in words. Thank them that you have such wonderful friends who made this day wonderful.

  • My dear friends, I want to thank everyone so much for being in my life.


  • Thank you for surprising me on this day, I will never forget it!


  • I am really happy that you were with me on my special day.


  • There is nothing more important than a friendship like ours. Thank you for the fun and support, and caring!


  • It's nice to have friends like you! You are irreplaceable, thank you that you are always with me! 


Business Thank You Note

Thank You Note for Business

When it comes to business, it's important to be as accurate as possible. This also applies to all sorts of thank yous. Usually, in business, thank you notes are written formally, through thank you letters or short notes. Examples of thank you letters and notes:

  • Dear Mr/Mrs ...

I would like to express my thanks for our meeting. Your presentation has contained innovative solutions that we are currently considering for use in our advertising campaign. With your permission, I will keep you informed of scheduled meetings. We look forward to meeting you.

Sincerely, …

  • Thank you sincerely for the opportunity to receive education at your respected company.


  • Our conversation has confirmed our great interest in promoting our company on the international market. Thank you for this opportunity!


  • Thank you for taking the time to negotiate with our company. We hope for long-term cooperation!


  • I cannot thank you enough for helping me gain invaluable experience working in your company.

Of course, additional attributes of gratitude can be sent, such as office diaries, corporate pens, and many other things related to business meetings. 


Graduation Thank You Note

Thank You Note for Graduation

Graduation is a time for many different people to say thank you. And, as is customary at this event, thanks are given to all of the people who have been involved in the learning process.

  • At the graduation, a thank you speech is readout. These are nice words that are written down in the form of a letter or note, which is then pleasant to reread over and over again. 

Before saying thank you, everyone should think about what they are going to say and remember all the good things that happened. Speeches should be expressed from the heart, remembering fond memories:

  • Thank you for being present at this stage of my life!


  • I really want to say thank you to the people who have been with me and supported me throughout this time.


  • Even as my life is moving to a new chapter, I will always remember and sincerely thank those people who have helped me.


  • We are all heading into adulthood, and we want to say thank you to the people who were present in this part of our life.


  • Thank you for being there for me!


Bottom Line

As you can see, the words of gratitude can be different: it can be a thank you note, a thank you card, or some kind of gift that will say the words of gratitude for you. The main thing to remember is sincerity when you say thank you. And Rosaholics bouquets will be able to convey both appreciation and a sense of sincerity and care.



What is the importance of a thank you card?

The most important thing is to express your words sincerely and from your heart. Don't be sly writing a thank you note, no one will like it.

What is thank you card in business?

Most often it is a business letter that expresses gratitude for the work done within the business.

How do you make a thank you card?

You can make a thank you card with your own hands, or order it on special websites.

Where can you use thank you cards?

You can use thank you cards in any way you want when you want to thank someone.

How do you end a thank you card?
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