A birthday is one of the most important and joyous holidays for many. On this day, the birthday person is the center of attention, receiving many congratulations and gifts from relatives, friends, and acquaintances. And when the birthday is with your family members, you want everything to be perfect on this day.

A sister is your nearest and dearest person. And of course, you want to make the best birthday present for your sister

Still haven't thought of the perfect gift for your sister's birthday? Don't worry, we have prepared for you a collection of the best gift ideas for your sister's birthday. You will be able to find a good choice for a gift, and places to celebrate this day.


best ideas for sister's birthday

Top 7 Best Gift Ideas for a Sister’s Birthday

We agree that sometimes it is quite difficult to choose gifts to buy for your sister's birthday. So many choices and you do not understand what would be better. You think about whether she'll like the gifts or not. But this is a list of presents that you should pay attention to:


rose bouquet

1. Rose Bouquet

Pay attention to the timeless classic - a bouquet of roses. Rosaholics offers a large selection of birthday bouquets. Roses are available year-round, and we will make sure your bouquet is fresh and of the best quality (read about our story here). This is the perfect gift for your sister's birthday.



Get a full list of the best flower bouquet ideas to give your sister!



2. Jewelry

What lady does not like jewelry? There are practically none! Pay attention to the stud earrings, which will look feminine on your sister. Or pick up some original bead necklace. This is one of the best birthdays presents for your sister. She will wear it and remember you.




3. Electronics

We all live in the modern world of technology. So the option of a gift in the form of electronics will be quite appropriate. You can think about a Fitbit, which will count steps and monitor her heart rate. Or, maybe, it would be better to give a gift of wireless headphones? No one likes tangled wires.





4. Cosmetics

Thinking about what to gift your elder sister on her birthday, pay attention to good cosmetics. Every lady sometimes wants to wear makeup and feel like a queen. By the way, younger sisters also want to be princesses, think about buying children's cosmetics.





5. Perfume

If you are 100% sure what perfume your sister likes, or she has previously told you about her favorite perfume, this would be a good option for a gift. A few drops of perfume applied to the temples and wrists instantly make the image expressive, sensual, and memorable. Give your sister this wonderful sensation, and she'll be sure to thank you. 



informative books


6. Informative books

Being smart and educated is always in fashion. So why shouldn't your sister follow the trends? Present her with a couple of books that she would love to read. Does she have a favorite author? Give her a new book by that author. Is she interested in modern classics? Pick up some of these.





7. Clothing

Are you close enough to your sister? We offer you one of the best birthdays presents for your sister - funny clothes. Why is it funny? Because this one is sure memorable! Just imagine you and your sister in a funny Dinosaur Kigurumi going to the market. It will be remembered not only by you and your sister but also by the people around you.



Special Dates Gift Ideas

Everyone has special birthday dates. They are 16, 18, and 21 years old. And the gifts to buy for your sister's special birthday should be unique too. So what could it be?


What to buy sister for sweet 16?

It is the age where you are still young and tender but, at the same time, you are at the very beginning of adulthood. Let your sister start this new stage of life with a pleasant surprise like a new smartphone and a colorful bouquet. She is sure to be delighted with such a gift.


colorful roses


What to buy my sister for her 18th birthday?

When asking what to buy for your sister for her 18th birthday, focus on the fact that she is already an adult. Give her a gorgeous bouquet of roses to make her feel like an adult. A great addition would be a certificate for something (foreign language, fitness, spa, courses, travel etc.).


bunch of roses


What to buy my sister for her 21st birthday?

At the age of 21, a person is quite mature and formed. Therefore, as a gift, we recommend you choose an original bouquet, which you will be able to surprise her. And in addition, you can give her, for example, a good, high-quality, and versatile bag, which will fit well in her closet.


DIY Gifts for Sister’s Birthday 

Sometimes it's quite nice to get a gift made with your hands. So here is a small list of DIY gift ideas for your sister's birthday. You will be able to surprise her!


a cake

1. Make the cake

Does your sister like sweets? If the answer is yes, make her a sweet surprise. Bake a chocolate or biscuit cake with your hands. This is a pretty good idea, with this, you can make the taste and decor of the cake according to the birthday girl's wishes. And who else besides you knows your sister's desires?




make a garment


2. Creative garment

How about making unique clothes for your sister? Have you heard anything about tie-dye? It's a way of dyeing clothes (of any kind) in completely different colors. This way, you can make a unique t-shirt, sweatshirt, or even a pillowcase for your sister. She will appreciate it!




photo collage

3. Photo collage

Another amazing DIY idea for your sister's birthday is to make a unique photo collage of your photos together. Collect the best moment of her life. This way, you will not only give an exciting gift filled with a mix of emotions but also remind your sister of the pleasant moments together. Don't forget to pick cute and funny photos.




homemade bath bomb

4. Homemade Bath Bomb

Any lady loves to soak in the bathtub. So why not compliment this pleasant moment with homemade bath bombs. It is not difficult to make, and the variations in colors, smells, and shapes are enormous. Prepare a few of them, beautifully packaged, and give a gift to your sister.




jenga game

5. Jenga Game

Probably, this is a variant you did not expect to see here. Jenga is quite a popular game, but you can make it more enjoyable by making it yourself. You just need a large block of wood and cut it into 54 equal rectangles. You can paint them in any color, and write pleasantries to your sister on each rectangle.




Best Places for Sister's Birthday Celebrating

places for celebrating


After choosing a great gift, you wonder, "where should I take my sister for her birthday". Believe us, after a pandemia, you already have a huge choice. Here are our suggestions:


1. Spa

Is your sister beauty lover and loves relaxation and self-care? Then, what could be more enjoyable than taking care of your body and having fun? A birthday party at a spa is one of the best ideas for your sister's birthday. If you want to have an original celebration and have a lot of fun, choose a spa. In addition, it would be suitable for both older and younger sisters, because even the little girls would have a fun day as an adult.


2. Quest rooms

If your sister likes mystery, then this option is sure to work. Quest room can be chosen according to wishes. There are many options: from easy to difficult, on different thematic, with a different number of players, with actors or without them. You will certainly have a fun and interesting time in the quest room. And don't forget that there are fun kids' quest rooms for younger sisters, too.


3. Bowling

Bowling is already one of the more classic pastimes during a birthday party. Usually, a large group of people gathers, they compete with each other and have fun. There you can also order a snack table to eat during the game. Both older and younger sisters will enjoy it.


4. Paintball

Paintball is a version of birthday parties for active people. You won't be able to just sit and do nothing. You will have to run, and defend your territories and your allies from the opponents. If you have an active sister, she will appreciate such creativity. But this option is only recommended for older sisters. If your sister is younger than you, however, you can replace it with a fun competition between her and her friends.


5. Restaurant

A restaurant is more of a classic and probably one of the best ideas for your sister's birthday party. Here you can spend time with your sister and your mutual friends, talk to them and have a good time. In addition, you will accurately please everyone with such a pastime. And speaking of little sister, you can order a cafe with entertainment.


6. At home

If you're not a creative person, you can organize your sister's birthday party at home. Believe us, it's not boring. In some ways, it can be even better than in other places.  Besides, a birthday party at home has a big advantage in that the whole family will be with you because your grandmother or grandfather will hardly want to play paintball. Though, who knows?


Home Party Ideas for Sister’s Birthday 

home party ideas


And to make sure that the birthday at home is not boring, we offer you different options for how you can have fun and original way to celebrate the birthday of your sister at home:

1. Secret Agent

Organize a spy party in the style of Agent 007. Make a fascinating quest related to the investigation of a crime. Get creative and don't forget to place clues around the house. Dress code: black suits for the guys and dark cocktail dresses for the ladies.


2. A Night in Monte Carlo

Such a party will appeal to people who love the theme of gambling. Make tables with roulette, Texas Hold'em, blackjack, baccarat - the more games will be at the party, the more interesting time will be spent. Dress code: business suits and elegant cocktail dresses.


3. Brazilian Carnival

Such a party is sure to be remembered by your friends. Organize a Brazilian carnival at home. Most importantly, don't forget to tell your guests to wear colorful clothes. Prepare incendiary music and lambada dancing, and do not forget the appropriate bright decor.


4. Around the World Voyage

If your sister is a travel lover, this is also a cool idea. Pick about 3-5 countries, and create a themed area for each country. Each zone should reflect culture and customs, music, and attire.  You can organize a quiz where guests can learn interesting facts about these countries. You can even create a quest based on these countries. Most suitable for this party: Africa, Japan, South American countries.


5. Board games

This kind of entertainment will appeal to almost everyone. There are strategic, logical, associative board games. Even the usual games such as Monopoly or Twister can bring a lot of positive experiences.


Bottom Line 

We hope that with our help you choose the best birthday present for your sister, and she will remember it for a lifetime. Besides, we want to wish you to spend this day with your family and friends cheerfully and joyfully. And our ideas about the celebration of this day came to your liking, and you're sure to try them out in life.



Are roses OK for birthdays?

Of course, roses are one of the best and most versatile gifts not only for birthdays but also for other holidays. Just choose the best variant that will please the birthday girl.

What flowers symbolize sisters?

It is said that the ideal flower for a sister is an orchid, as it symbolizes friendship and respect. However, roses are now in trend and are given as birthday gifts much more often.

How many roses should I give?

There is no perfect number of flowers to give your sister. We recommend getting 11 roses or more. This way, you show your desire to please your sister.

What can I say to my sister on her birthday?

Say sincere words to her, remember all the good times you had together. Thank her for being your sister and for being proud to have her.

How can I express my love to my sister?

You don't have to do anything supernatural to show your love for your sister. Show her some attention. Give her a nice gift that she will remember for the rest of her life. Organize an unforgettable party by inviting people who are important to her. She will surely see your desire to make her happy, and it will show your love for her.


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