At all times, people loved to fold legends, telling fairy tales and myths. They did not bypass and rose - the queen among all the living colors.

Estimation of the centuries in the myths created by various peoples rose flower and rose petals occupy a special place. According to one ancient Greek myth, the rose was created by a gay, who saw Aphrodite out of the sea foam. At first, the roses were white - before adonis happened to adonis with the beloved Aphrodites. Having received news about the deadly wound of Adonis, Aphrodite rushed to his searches. Bare feet of the goddess were injured about spikes and stones. Blood drops falling on white roses made them red.

The origin of the rose is a whole story and legend, and each country has its own, we have prepared information about the most popular origin of rose versions and legends in different countries:

India: In accordance with one Indian legend, the goddess of beauty Lakshmi was created from the rosebud, so this flower is considered sacred in many nations.

Greece: respected Roses and Greeks. These flowers accompanied recognition in love and folk rituals. In ancient Greece, with the help of this plant, the winners congratulated no wedding design without it. It is known that most of the temples were crowned with flower buds, as roses were dedicated to the gods. On the coin courts even made money with the image of roses, which completely proved archaeologists.

Iran: Rosa is loved by women of various nationalities, and the homeland of this "queen of flowers" is considered to be Iran, previously called Persia. The ancient Persians raised many types of roses of various colors and shapes.

Rome: In ancient Rome, as legend of roses says, the flower served as:

  •  a symbol of celebrations. Mostly rich people could afford it, who not only crowned their heads wreaths, and also trembled guests with roses. It is known that this plant exists on our planet for over 250,000 centuries, and about 5 of them are grown as a culture. Its homeland is considered to be Persia, although singers proudly magnified Iran by the state of this flower, and the tea rose came to us from China.
  •  a symbol of strict morality. They also believed that this flower would instill courage, so they applied the image of his petal to their fighting panels. In Rome, the queen of colors had an additional meaning - it was considered a symbol of silent preservation of mystery. When feasts were held in the halls, an artificial rose was suspended to the ceiling, dedicated to the couple - that is, God of silence. Noble Roman matrons filled their pillows with rose petals, and gladiators speaking from these flowers were used in the Coliseum.

Later, the White Rose became in Christianity as a symbol of:

  • purity;
  • virginity;
  • mercy
facts about roses

Interesting facts about rose mythology

There were different legends that the Hindus told. According to him, the gods began to argue about what flower is better, lotus or rose. Of course, in this battle, "the rose won, from which an excellent goddess appeared, created from gentle buds.

At different times, the flower in the legend of roses was associated with various beauties. Among them:

The ancient Greeks urged that Cleopatra literally tamed Mark Antonia precisely thanks to roses and their aroma. The legend went from them that the rose oil appeared after the flower petals were filled. A few days later, the water in it was covered with a film, which became the basis for an amazing means.

There are legends of red rose, or rather, why it became such. 

  1. It is believed that it gained its rich shade due to the fact that it was burned from pleasure when Eva kissed it in Eden.
  2. Another legend of roses of the red color of the bud says that rose petals were colored because of the blood of the nightingale, who, first seen a white flower, could not resist and flew and pressed against him. The sharp spikes then got into the heart then, from where the blood took.

In the East, it is believed that the white shade flower was formed from the prophet's sweat when Magomet went to heaven. The red flower arose from the sweat of the person accompanying him, and yellow - from the sweat of the animal walking next to the prophet.

Rose mythology in Christianity: In religion, Christians are a white rose dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary, symbolizing the chastity of Our Lady. Virgo Maria was called "Rosa Heaven", and also "Rose without Shipov". According to the beliefs of early Christians, roses have no spikes before the commission of the fall.

Roses - the queen of the colors of which everyone admires and gives on holidays. You can purchase rose flowers in our store.


Which country has a rose as a symbol?

Rose is a symbol of what Tudor Rose, English Rose, Union Rose) - the traditional heraldic emblem of England and Hampshire (originally - in the coat of arms of the King of England Henry VII as a symbol of the union of the historic royal dynasties of Lancaster and Yorks).

What country is home to a rose?

Persia is considered to be the birthplace of roses, and the first information about this beautiful flower can be found in the epic of ancient India. "Rose" in the translation from the ancient Persian means "spirit".

How did the rose flower call in the old days?

Exhausted by unrequited love Flora decided to create a flower that would combine both sadness and joy. Seeing the fruit of her work, she wanted to say "Eros", but from excitement could not speak the first letter and turned out to "Ros". These flowers later became known as roses.

How many years ago did the rose appear?

For the first time on planet Earth, roses appeared about 50 million years ago, thereby outstripping even humans. Scientists have repeatedly discovered fossils of these flowers, after which they were able to establish their approximate age. The cultivated rose is about 5 thousand years old.

March 10, 2022 — Alexandr Oleynik