From rose petals, you can make wedding decorations of incredible beauty or make delicious jams. Flower petals come in handy when decorating a wedding hall and creating wedding accessories such as wedding glasses. 

It's sad to watch the bouquet lose its freshness. Especially if it was presented by a loved one or in honor of a memorable event, but do not rush to throw out the flowers. They can be used as dry roses decoration.

Rose petals are often used to create original jewelry and crafts, as well as for cosmetic purposes. Before you start creating, you need to collect and dry the petals. Any roses are suitable for crafts, but for aromatization with tea petals or to take a petal bath, you need real roses that have not been treated with chemicals, which can be grown in the country or the house’s front garden. Rose petals are laid out in a thin layer on paper in a well-ventilated area. In this case, the petals should be in the shade; they will become dry and brittle in the sun. It takes 1 to 3 weeks to dry. Another way to dry the petals in a box is to add a layer of sand or semolina, layout the petals, and pour another layer on top. The sand and grains will absorb moisture so that the drying process will go faster.

Dry roses accessories

When the flowers have barely bowed their heads, do not let them lose their freshness completely, but take advantage of their beauty.

  • Create a piece of jewelry or furnishings by filling the rose with epoxy. If there are half-open buds of bush roses, they will gracefully look like a pendant. A large transparent ball with a lush inflorescence of an Ecuadorian rose will decorate the room. There are techniques when the petals are covered with resin. It looks like a sculpture.
  • Stabilize the flower with glycerin or paraffin wax. The technology will help keep it fresh for several months.
  • Try to sprout a flower. Of course, for this, you need a plant full of strength, but you still do not lose anything.

If the bouquet has dried up and the petals have not fallen off, use plants to benefit from design solutions.

  • Decoration of photo frames from dry roses. To make the photo look unique, place dried buds in 1-2 corners of the photo. This option will work if you use a deep frame or small buds.
  • Create a miniature tree, topiary, which has inflorescences instead of foliage. If you are superstitious and do not want to keep a craft made of dried flowers at home, put it in the country house on the porch, in the gazebo, or at the gate.
  • Beautiful panel from rose petal decorations. It will not be difficult for people with artistic taste to use buds to decorate various paintings. These can be independent panels or accents in embroidery, macrame, or painting.

    Decorations from rose petals

    Decorations from rose petals


    Most often, rose petals are used in cooking and cosmetics. But for such purposes, we recommend using your grown flowers. But you can still use the petals to create rose decorations for the bedroom.

    • Bath salt. Buy regular sea salt and mix it with rose petals. Close the lid tightly and let sit for two weeks. Pour salt into the bath to add a scent to the water. Moreover, rose bath salt will be a beautiful decoration for a bedroom.
    • Soap. For a new hobby, try soap making and add petals as a natural ingredient.
    • Glycerin bottles. Create decorative interior items. Take a glass bottle and pour a 1: 2 mixture of glycerin and water into it. Close tightly. You will have bright and creative decor.
    • Sachet. Sew natural fabric bags and fill them with petals. You can add aromatic herbs, rosemary, thyme, chamomile. Place sachets in clothing or bedding drawers. You will feel a subtle sweet aroma from things. Another sachet would be great rose decorations for the bedroom.

    Rose petals can also be the centerpiece of crafts and appliqués that you can easily make with your child. There are two main technologies here: using powder from rose petals as elements of unusual mosaics or simply sticking the petals on paper, cardboard, or wooden base, giving them a fancy shape. Rose petals are suitable for making butterflies, ship sails, princess dresses, trees, and any other shapes that you plan to depict on a panel of petals and other natural materials.

    It turns out that so much can be made from ordinary roses and petals; you just need to give free rein to your imagination.



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