When choosing flowers, we mostly pay attention to their appearance. And what about hidden meaning? Each flower has its symbolism, and the alstroemeria is no exception. It means:
  • Devotion;
  • Respect;
  • Luck.

Alstroemeria is a fantastic flower that is also called the Peruvian lily. It combines the charm of lilies and orchids. It makes the flower unique and attracts everyone's attention. In most cases, this flower means devotion. So it is often included in romantic and wedding bouquets. And also, flowers can be friendly gift compositions that indicate respect and value for a person. 

If someone starts a new business, a bouquet of Peruvian lilies will bring good luck and address constraints in achieving the goal. In general, you can present these flowers to anyone whom you respect. It can be both a colleague and the people closest to you. The main thing is to give the alstroemeria meaning correctly.


What is Alstroemeria?


Alstroemeria is not the only name of the plant. It is also known as the "Peruvian lily," "Inca lily," and "parrot lily." In the language of flowers, its name means cute or charming and expresses a compliment. 

Sometimes, with its name, most people ask, "what is alstroemeria?" But if you describe it as a flower that looks like a miniature lily, it becomes clearer what kind of flower it is:

  • Alstroemeria comes in different colors, from gentle cold to bright variegated tones. 
  • It also has different types of inflorescences, but most varieties are large-flowered. 
  • This flower is harmoniously combined with other flowers. 
  • It looks good with roses, orchids, gerberas, irises, and sunflowers
  • There are about 200 varieties of this plant. It makes the selection of alstroemeria more extensive.

The flower received its first official name after its recognition in Europe. Its name comes from the complex surname of a Swedish botanist. He was the first who showed interest in this flora representative.

Alstroemerias' bright palette of colors makes it possible to create stunning flower compositions. And they quickly propagate by the division of seeds and are easy to care for. They are of great importance to people who understand alstroemeria symbolism


Meaning and Symbolism of the Alstroemeria Flower

Symbolism of the Alstroemeria

Before choosing a type of flower, people always need to interpret its meaning. After all, its ignorance can lead to misunderstandings between people. Therefore, if you choose a composition of these flowers, learn what alstroemeria is. Knowledge of its meaning will help you give a certain sense to the bouquet. So, remember the following definitions of this flower: 

  • Devotion

Receiving a bouquet of alstroemeria gives the meaning of great loyalty and dedication. Alstroemerias will help you express your sincere feelings to those people without whom you can't imagine your life. They can convey this meaning.

  • Luck

Quite often, alstroemerias flowers have the meaning of good luck. You can give such flowers if you want to express confidence in someone's endeavors. Or, if you want to wish a person good luck and faith in their strength. Also alstroemeria flower gives meaning to achieving success without obstacles.

  • Respect

If you have people you respect and want to show them your concern, give them a bouquet of alstroemeria. You can choose these flowers to congratulate a friend or loved one on their job promotion or transition to a new stage in life.

  • Support

If you need to express your support for someone, then alstroemeria flowers are ideal. Their beautiful colors give a feeling of care and emotional support. So, people often give them to those who experience difficulties in life or significant worries.

Alstroemeria is an ideal gift for a friend. It indicates strong friendships and attachment to a person. Mostly, this lovely flower sends a friendly message to everyone you give it to. But, if you want to convey some romantic subtext or, on the contrary, a friendly one, then you need to choose alstroemeria by color. Each of them has its interpretation.


Most Common Alstroemeria Colors

Alstroemeria Colors

Alstroemerias flowers grow in various shades. They can be red, pink, orange, white, and others. And they all have their meaning. Their combination with other colors makes them even more expressive and adds luxury. It is because alstroemerias' colors can be both vibrant and pastel. The most common alstroemeria colors are: 

  • Yellow: symbolizes optimism, cheerfulness, and activity. It is suitable for those cases when you want to give someone happiness and positive emotions.
  • Red: symbolizes solid and intense feelings. Usually, a bouquet of red alstroemeria means secret love and passion.
  • Orange: means goals and aspirations in life. You can choose this alstroemeria color for people you want to wish success and happiness.
  • Purple: means admiration and fascination with a person. These flowers will be suitable if you want to compliment a person on their elegance. 
  • White: shows spirituality and closeness to a person. It is an excellent option for expressing affection toward a person.
  • Pink: symbolizes tender feelings, pleasure, and light passion. Pink alstroemeria will be an appropriate option if you want to give a bouquet with a hidden meaning of romance.


A Word From Rosaholics

Alstroemerias are very diverse flowers. They vary in color and type. So, there are many meanings that you can convey with their help of them. Alstroemerias are suitable as a gift for any holiday and can be combined with many other flowers. 

But if you don't know how to choose them for a bouquet, Rosaholics can help you. We create many flower arrangements for any holiday. And the charming colors of our flowers give them a unique look. Still haven't found your ideal bouquet? Rosaholics will create it for you.



Is Alstroemeria a perennial?

Yes. Alstroemeria is a perennial plant. It grows from bulb-like tubers that quickly vegetate. Alstroemeria grows new stems in the spring. And with the arrival of winter, these flowers die away.

What is the origin of alstroemeria?

This flower was discovered by the Swedish baron Alströmer in the 18th century. He presented it in Europe. But sometimes, people call alstroemeria a Peruvian lily. It is because it first spread in the regions of Peru and Chile.

How long do alstroemeria flowers last?

Alstroemeria is very long-lived. So, they can stay in the vase for about two weeks. And to make the flower last longer, choose alstroemeria with slightly open buds. Each bud will open at a different time. Thus, they can stand even for three weeks in the vase.

Do alstroemeria flowers smell?

It depends on their variety. Because some of them can have a slightly pleasant aroma, and some can be odorless. But even if this flower has a smell, it is barely noticeable. Precisely this makes alstroemeria non-allergenic.


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