Flowers aren’t just for showing romantic love. In fact, fresh-cut flowers make an awesome gift for friends, too! There are many unique flower qualities that are perfect for showing friends how much you care. Color, flower type, and other distinct elements are important aspects that can specifically symbolize friendship, and many cultures have their own favorite flower that’s best for sending to friends. Take a look!

Floriography – the Language of Flowers

During the Victorian era, societies across Europe enjoyed a fascination with flowers. A renewed interest in scientific study propelled the desire for classification of plants and animals. In other words, people were beginning to draw distinct links between plant varieties and their deeper meanings.

Based on natural studies, appearances, plant characteristics, and settings, each flower variety began to represent something specific, and people were eager to decipher and play with this new language of plants. Broad ideologies about floriography spread throughout England, Belgium, Germany, France and across the pond in the United States, with slight distinctions and new interpretations popping up everywhere.

While some of these associations stemmed from scientific observation, many were creative interpretations that embodied basic emotions and desires linked with the human experience. People became thrilled with the idea that flowers could be used as symbols to share meaningful messages with loved ones or enemies. Passion, lust, romance, friendship, loyalty, honor, wealth – people found ways to communicate these ideas with flowers.

The symbolism of different flower types and colors has had a profound influence on which blooms are appropriate for sending as a gift, depending on your relationship and the occasion. Some flower bouquets are interpreted as more romantic than others, so it's incredibly important to know what message you're sending when you decide to give flowers as a present! Plus, with different cultures embracing unique associations to color and flower type, the impression that a flower bouquet makes truly depends on setting and society.

Yellow Roses Symbolize Friendship in the West

While many principles of floriography came from abstract associations, some of the meanings stuck, most likely because they were already present in literature and art. One of the most well-known associations between flowers and friendship remains strong today: yellow roses. Throughout the western world, including the United States, yellow roses are recognized as a profound symbol of friendship. Sending yellow roses is a fantastic way to show admiration, joy, loyalty, and platonic affection, which is why it remains an incredibly popular gift idea for birthdays, graduations, National Friendship Day, and any other occasion fit for honoring friends.

While yellow roses are wildly popular for representing friendship in the United States and some western European countries, these flowers don’t always carry the same symbolism in other parts of the globe. Take a look at some of the beautiful flowers that represent friendship in other cultures.


Alstroemeria and Carnations

Both alstroemeria (Peruvian Lilies) and carnations are sometimes considered ‘filler’ flowers for rose bouquets, but these smaller flower varieties are every bit gorgeous in their own right. In fact, alstroemeria and carnations symbolize friendship in Mexico, making them awesome selections for classmates, friends, colleagues, and family members.


Water Lilies and Classic Lilies

In France, almost all lilies are recognized as classic symbols of friendship, including the water lily and alstroemeria. Lilies are often associated with calm, tranquility, and serenity – the same type of comfort that great friendships can bring.

Flowering Jade Plants

Have you ever seen a flowering jade plant covered in delicate white star blooms? If you have, you’re one of the lucky few! Native to South Africa and Mozambique, jade plants are quite hardy on their own, but they only flower in ideal growing conditions, which often requires exceptional care and attention. Because of this devotion to growth and care, flowering jade plants have come to symbolize friendship in many cultures around the world.


White Chrysanthemums

In many parts of Japan and China, another white bloom is recognized as a symbol of friendship: the white chrysanthemum. Sent to friends and family as a sign of happiness, friendship, and well wishes, white chrysanthemums are an excellent flower variety to present as a gift in these cultures. It is important to note, however, that there are different regional interpretations of white flowers throughout Asia, and some communities consider white flowers more appropriate for funerals. Keep this in mind when sending white chrysanthemums to friends on happy occasions.

Lilac-Colored Flowers

Flower color plays a big role in distinguishing a bouquet as a symbol of romantic love or platonic love. In Italian culture, the flower variety is not quite as important in sending a message as the flower color. Lilac-colored flowers are the best choice for capturing the joy of friendship in Italy, and there’s no need for the variety to be limited to lilacs alone! Lilac-colored roses, daisies and alstroemeria are all perfect for sending as friendship flowers.

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What flower represents loyalty and friendship?

Alstroemerias are flowers of incredible beauty, which, among other things, are a symbol of friendship and fidelity. A bouquet of such flowers can be given to true friends for any occasion.

What color flowers are for friendship?

Yellow is a sign of a long and bright friendship. Yellow roses symbolize comradeship, happiness, joy, and respect. It is not customary to give them to loved ones, as there is a belief that they portend separation. But this is a great gift for friends, colleagues, and employees.

What flowers should I give my best friend?

1 rose can be given to a friend, sister, colleague, or any of the beautiful representatives of the family. Give preference to a flower in restrained colors - yellow, light pink, beige, white, lilac rose.

How many flowers should I give on the birthday of my friend?

Most often, on a birthday, it is customary to give a bouquet of 9-15 flowers, except for special celebrations, such as anniversaries. A small bouquet of 3 or 5 buds will be a good addition to the main gift.

How are friendships like flowers?

The connection between flower and friendship is based on sensuality and trust, and both take time to grow. It means that friendship is based on these 3 things, just like a flower.


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