If there is an ideal gift for Mother's Day, it's flowers. They are beautiful and smell great; everyone likes them, and they are simply the perfect gift. To send a present that pleasantly surprises your mother, choose from the best flowers for Mother's day:

The second Sunday of May is an important date. It is the day when we all remember and give thanks to our mothers. And you are probably already thinking about what to present to your mother, whom you love madly. There are thousands of possible gifts, but without a doubt, flowers are always a good choice. Flowers for mom are full of meaning. So this can be a perfect gift idea to show her the love she always gives you. If you choose this precious gift, read on. In this article, we will discuss how to give flowers on Mother's Day and select the ones you like best.


How did Mother’s Day Start?

People celebrate Mother's Day on the second Sunday of May. The origins of this celebration are in the spring holidays, which the inhabitants of ancient Greece dedicated to Rhea, the mother of the gods. Beginning in 1600, a tradition of celebrating Mother's Day appeared in England. At that time, many poor English people worked as servants for the rich. Since they often worked far from their families, they had to live in the houses of their employers.

In the 1600s, they were given a day off on Mother's Day to go home and spend the day with their mothers. From this time, certain traditions about spending time with their mothers appeared. At first, the symbol of the holiday was a special mother's cake. They presented it to the mother as a sign of her respect. And then, when this holiday gained official recognition, giving flowers to mom became another tradition. Children, husbands, grandmothers, and others provide flower arrangements for their moms and tell them pleasant things on this day. And so it has happened every year from 1600 until now.


How did Mother’s Day Start in the United States?

The American Anna Jervis proposed to establish American Mother's Day in 1908. The untimely death of her mother became a real tragedy for this woman. She believed she could not thank her mother and express her love fully. In her memory, Anna tried to convince state officials to introduce a holiday for all mothers. She wrote letters to all congress members, senators, and public figures. Many women supported her in this. And she was lucky. In 1910, the state of Virginia was the first to celebrate Mother's Day in the United States officially. 


Flower Arrangements for Mom on Mother’s Day

Mother's Day will come soon. It is a crucial opportunity to prepare flowers for mother as a sign of gratitude to her. Some people think the only thing that matters in flowers is their beauty. But in reality, color also conveys particular emotions and feelings. For Mother's Day, we recommend light and bright shades. It can be something soft white, exotic blue, or bright red. You can also choose multicolor bouquets if your mother is cheerful and energetic. These compositions are ideal for enlivening any room. Multicolored roses fill with good vibrations and can put a smile on mom's face. But you should choose a flower carefully according to your mother's preferences. If you don't know which bloom might be her favorite, let yourself use the language of flowers. Each has a specific meaning, or you can create it yourself. How to do it? Choose the best flowers for mother's day:


pink roses

1. Roses

Roses are the star of any bouquet. In addition to various colors, roses emit a sweet fragrance. It can refresh the aroma of any environment and make your mother remember it even better. Thus, they are one of the best flowers for mother's day.

The rose is a universal symbol of love. So they are also perfect for saying love to mom on this day. To express profound gratitude and admiration for your mom, a bouquet of long-stemmed roses would be an ideal choice. If a bouquet of single roses is boring for you, choose a mixed composition. Combine roses with sunflowers or alstroemeria. Then mom will definitely be surprised.



2. Lilies

Lily is an outstanding flower with a bright aroma. It is a symbol of purity and stands out for its long duration. Sending lilies is the best way to tell mom, "I think you're a sophisticated and charismatic person." 

Their elegant form makes a bouquet of lilies the perfect flowers for mom. It's great for any corner of the house. In addition, lilies look good as the central flowers of a whole bouquet.



3. Alstroemeria

These flowers for mom are characterized by their exotic origin. It is because they come from the mountainous regions of South America. These flowers are cheerful and optimistic. And while their petals may seem delicate, they are also very resilient. 

Besides, alstroemerias have a great wealth of shades that you can use to contrast or enhance any composition. And the most exciting thing is that their colors are all bright. Is your mother outstanding? Then alstroemeria is for her.



4. Orchids

Orchids are one of the most popular flower plants you can give to a loved one. And it is not surprising. Their thin stems and elegant petals make them irresistible decor elements that suit any style. They also have a wide range of colors to choose from. So, finding the perfect orchid for Mother's Day is very easy. 

Although they seem like delicate plants, you can enjoy their flowers for a long time with some basic care. This way, such flower arrangements for mom can become a lasting gift she will admire for a long time.



5. Peonies

These delicate flowers symbolize motherly love like few others. Its color range varies from white to purple, passing through different shades of pink. And it's not just pink or purple. It's a magical shade that fascinates others. Its tenderness and elegance speak of respect and adoration for your mother.

Peonies bloom only in May. So, they are among the best flowers for mother's day. And the fascinating thing about these flowers is their aroma. They are one of the few flowers that have a rich smell and can pleasantly surprise you.



6. Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums are another classic Mother's Day flower. They can look great on their own in a bouquet. But in combination with other beautiful blooms, they are even more pronounced. They are available in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Thus, you will definitely find the perfect option for you.

If you want to convey tenderness, choose light shades and vice versa. A large assortment of its shades allows you to create any flower arrangement for mom.



7. Carnations

When finding beautiful flowers for mom, carnations are a popular choice. These resilient flowers will look great in any space. And with a stunning selection of colors, you really can't go wrong. Pick a softer pastel shade for an elegant composition. Or prefer bold and bright hues for something more vibrant. 

If your mother loves all things classic, she will definitely love this. In any combination, these flowers symbolize tenderness, lightness, and care.


Order Flowers from Rosaholics Flower Shop 

No holiday is complete without our flowers, and Mother's Day is no exception. When Rosaholics create incredible compositions for their customers, we carefully consider all the details. We think of the combination of colors, the flowers' length, and the bouquets' size. All this can take a lot of time. But since our florists have a lot of experience, they can do it quickly and efficiently. Thanks to their extensive knowledge, they can create a harmonious look of buds.

Rosaholics created a unique selection of flower arrangements for moms for this important day. We have combined those flowers that are a significant symbol for your mother. We have also selected harmonious shades for you, so everything looks aesthetically pleasing. And the big advantage is that you don't have to think about the combination of flowers on your own. You just need to look at our compositions and select the one you like. So choose the best flowers for mother's day:


Dolce Amore bouquet

#1. Dolce Amore

The name of this bouquet speaks for itself. Their combination of white and red gives a symbol of love and tenderness. And these flowers are suitable not only for their significance. Besides, they have a stunning appearance which your mom will like. The contrast between gentle and bright attracts the eye and admires its appearance. And small green leaves of roses between the petals add even more uniqueness to this bouquet. 


Forever bouquet

#2. Forever

The following flower arrangements for mom consist entirely of a pink shade. It may sound simple, but it looks magical. It has this effect because of the unique detail on these petals. These pink roses have white stripes on all buds. Thus, putting many such flowers in a bouquet creates a magical effect. White strips on pink look like poured caramel on chocolate. So, this uniqueness of the arrangement will be a long pleasant memory for your mother.


Candlelight bouquet

#3. Candlelight

Looking at this bouquet, finding the words to describe it is impossible. Its beauty is so mesmerizing that words are even redundant here. At first glance, they have the usual yellow and pink color. But the effect of overflowing from light to even lighter shade creates an unreal look. This bouquet will create pleasant emotions for your mother thanks to such uniqueness. And the meaning of tenderness and beauty will delight her even more.


Circus bouquet

#4. Circus

How about the exoticism and magical tints? It is precisely what this bouquet is. Its buds have all shades of purple. It can't help but attract the gaze. After all, among all other colors of flowers, this one has something unsurpassed. So, with the help of such flowers for mom, you can compliment her in a special way. These flowers convey the meaning of uniqueness, beauty, and devotion.


Jet Setter Fresh bouquet

#5. Jet Setter Fresh

Giving something colorful and unusual on Mother's Day is also appropriate. It is especially true for American Mother's Day. Thus, picking such an attractive bouquet of alstroemeria and roses is a win-win option. After all, the mixture of unusual red and yellow symbolizes optimism and love. It is exactly what everyone wants to wish their mother on this day. So do it with this arrangement.


Classic Red bouquet

#6. Classic Red

A red rose is a queen of flowers. So, it is one of the best flowers for mother's day. And the most crucial thing is that it symbolizes sincere love, which is so important for your mother. Thus, choosing such a floral composition is not just an ordinary gift. This bouquet is endowed with a great meaning of boundless love and respect for your mother.


Send Fresh Flowers for Your Mom with Rosaholics Mother’s Day Delivery

Flowers are always an enjoyable gift. It is why they are the main gift for Mother's Day. It doesn't matter what number of them you choose. The meaning you put into flowers for mom is crucial. And, of course, it needs to have a beautiful, memorable look. Rosaholics will help you with this. We will quickly select a bouquet for you according to all your criteria. After that, we will arrange a fast delivery for you. Thanks to our immediate work, you will receive your order on time. All you need for mother's day delivery is:

  • Choose a bouquet;
  • Enter an address;
  • Track the shipment;
  • Get flowers.

If you hesitate because of your choice, it is not a problem. You can consult with us and be sure of your choice. If you wish, you can assemble your own bouquet. The main thing is to do it on time so that the delivery of flowers falls before Mother's Day. 



What day is Mother's day?

The second Sunday of May is Mother's day. It's when everyone says words of love to their mothers and gives them flowers.

Are tulips good for Mother's day?

Of course. These are spring flowers that give warmth thanks to their tenderness. So, it's a pleasure to receive such a gift on Mother's day.

What is the most common flower given on Mother's day?

It is a rose. It is a traditional symbol of love, so it is very popular as a gift for Mother's day.

What color flower for Mother's day?

There is no specific color. It can be pink, red, and many others. The main thing is to choose the one that your mother likes.


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