Looking for unique Mother’s Day gifts to send along with your flowers? We’ve got you covered! Check out this list of 21 unique Mother’s Day gifts that go well with roses. Trust us – there’s something on here for every mom!

1. Artisanal Ceramic Vase

Handmade pottery is a unique gift – and gives you chance to show off your taste! Support local artists by visiting your nearest pottery shop and pick out a pretty vase to hold those gorgeous Mother's Day roses you’re sending.

2. Wooden Flower Press

Does your mom like to get crafty? A wooden flower press allows her to transform her Mother's Day roses into a cool keepsake and enjoy them for longer. You can find a wide range of flower presses (from basic to ultra-fancy) online or at your local craft shop.

3. Butterfly-Friendly Flower Seeds

Our fresh flowers are so stunning, they tend to inspire people to get back in touch with nature and practice their own green thumb. Pick out a few easy-to-grow flower seeds that your mom can plant in her yard or in a small patio pot.

4. Personalized Stepping Stone for the Garden

Gifting a personalized stepping stone with the names of all her children on it is a classic Mother’s Day present. Bonus points if you make it yourself and decorate it with your siblings!

5. Stained Glass Artwork

Stained glass can be found in gorgeous shapes and colors. Some are crafted as mobiles to hang up, while others are simply framed pieces to place near a window to catch the light. Stained glass artwork is a beautiful Mother's Day gift to send alongside fresh roses.

6. Custom Ring Engraved with Family Names

Any gift that recognizes her role as matriarch within the family is a good idea. For moms who love jewelry, consider having a ring engraved with the names of her kids on it.

7. Framed Photograph of the Family

This Mother's Day gift idea never gets old! Family photos – whether recent snapshots or recreated versions of funny childhood photos – are always a fun present for Mother’s Day. Have the photo professionally framed to make it feel extra special.

8. Chocolate

Roses + chocolate. What more is there to say? Chocolate isn’t just for Valentine’s Day! Send a box of nice chocolates with your Mother's Day flowers, and you’ll be on mom’s "good list" all year long.

9. Bottle of Wine or Bev of Choice

Likewise, for moms who enjoy raising a glass or two (or more!), a bottle of wine or nice beverage is a great gift to send with fresh flowers. Be sure to pick your mom’s favorite drink!

10. Bubble Bath Luxuries

There’s a good chance we’ve all given our moms a bit of stress over the years. Mother’s Day is an opportunity to pamper your mom and make up for all those headaches you may have given her growing up! Bath bombs and at-home spa sets are a great Mother's Day gift to send with flowers so mom can relax, take a break from the noise, and enjoy some peaceful time to herself.

11. Personalized Spa Stones

To step up her spa game, get a nice set of hot spa stones that she can use at home. Have them personalized with names, birthdates of her kids, or special family sayings – or paint your own decorations on the stones.

12. Gift Certificate Tucked in Bouquet

Get a paper gift certificate made for you mom’s favorite boutique, restaurant, or theatre. Then, roll it up and tuck it into her Mother's Day bouquet as a fun surprise that she'll find when admiring her flowers a little closer.

13. Personalized Note Cards with Flower Artwork

Moms love to hear from their kids, no matter how grown up or far away they are! Gift her a set of personalized note cards for Mother’s Day as a promise that you’ll always make an effort to stay in touch – even via snail mail.

14. Reflections on Family

Want to get the waterworks going? Write a reflection on what your mom has meant to you over the years and detail memories with your mom from when you were a kid. Nothing strikes at the heartstrings quite like fresh flowers and sentimental thoughts.

15. Watercolor Painting Set

Inspire her inner artist on Mother’s Day with the unique gift of a watercolor painting set. When you send fresh flowers on Mother's Day, she’ll already have the perfect subject ready for her first painting!

16. Book in Her Favorite Genre

Bookworms will appreciate a good paperback in their go-to genre. Whether your mom loves murder mysteries, poetry, or autobiographies, pick up a book from her favorite author as a Mother’s Day gift. Coordinate with the flower bouquet by picking a book with roses on the cover or with the word ‘rose’ in the title.

17. Gardening Equipment

Since Mother’s Day is in spring, garden gifts are a classic choice for this family holiday. Fresh-cut roses are sure to spark her interest, so gift her some new gardening equipment to get her in the mood for planting season, too.

18. Garden Tour Tickets

And if she’s not the type to get her hands dirty, garden tour tickets are a lovely gift to embrace the beauty of spring on Mother’s Day. Find your local botanical garden and see what flower displays they have ready to explore.

19. Music Box with Special Melody

A music box is a very unique Mother’s Day gift that she’ll cherish – especially if it plays a song that’s special to your family, like a lullaby she used to sing when you were a child.

20. Her Favorite Fragrance

Fresh-cut roses already smell amazing! But gifting her a bottle of her favorite fragrance will keep the theme going.


Finally, the BEST Mother’s Day gift that goes well with roses – quality time! Make sure you spend time with your mom on Mother's Day and embrace the gift of being together. Even if you’re at a distance, setting aside time to have a long phone call or video call with your mom will make her Mother's Day that much more special.

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September 06, 2023 — Aimee WF
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