Flowers for a New Mom

There is no more important event in life than the birth of a child. On this day, all relatives and friends congratulate the new mom with flowers in this joyful celebration. This is how they show their happiness, care, and respect. And the most popular options for flowers at this event are:

  • Roses
  • Alstroemeria
  • Chrysanthemums
  • Hydrangeas
  • Lilies

Before preparing flowers for a new mother, people try to make everything as beautiful as possible. And the main question often arises, what color should the flowers be? Most people ignore this. But, there are specific tips to choose flowers more quickly and symbolically.

For example, if you are congratulating a new mother on the birth of a girl, you can make a bouquet in pink tones. Roses and tulips are ideal here. If a boy is born, choose flowers of blue, such as roses or chrysanthemums. Besides, remember that it is better to make the bouquet a manageable size. Then it will be graceful and cute.


The Most Common Types of Flowers for a New Mom

Flowers are a sign of attention, gratitude, and support. That is why it is crucial to present a bouquet to a new mother. Women, after childbirth, are susceptible and take everything to heart. So, you should choose flowers carefully. They should carry only positive messages without inappropriate hints to a new mom. Thus, it is customary to give the next flowers:


Roses for new mom

#1. Roses 

    Their symbolism and beauty are always appropriate and bring people only joy. So, roses are one of the best flowers for a new mother. If you choose roses, pay attention to their light colors. It can be lavender, pink, or other light shades. 

    They symbolize sincere love, care, and gratitude. It's why men often choose these flowers for their new moms. Yet, friends and acquaintances can also select this option.



    #2. Lilies 

      These are lovely flowers that personify the purity and tenderness of relationships. And quite often, people choose them as a gift for important events. The birth of a child is no exception. These flowers for the new mom and baby are a symbol of new life and purity. 

      Relatives, husbands or friends can give them. The main thing is to choose pastel shades to convey positive feelings.


      Alstroemerias for new mom

      #3. Alstroemerias

        Alstroemeria symbolizes friendship, optimism, and support. It is an excellent option for the holiday of a newborn child. Most often, relatives, friends, or colleagues of the new mother prefer giving such flowers. It’s because they do not have a romantic connotation.

        Alstroemerias mean only sincere wishes and a respectful attitude towards a person. And to impress a new mom with these flowers more, add roses to them. Such a bouquet will mean devotion and respect.


        Hydrangeas for new mom

        #4. Hydrangeas

          Do you want flowers for a new mother looking restrained and luxurious simultaneously? Hydrangeas are the best option. Their large flowers of delicate colors will enchant a new mom at first glance. So, such a gift will bring happiness to her. 

          They can be presented by her husband, relatives, and her friends. And if you combine them with roses, it will be even more impressive.



          #5. Chamomile

            Women are always associated with fragility and elegance. So, after such a complex process as birth, it is worth reminding the new mother of her femininity. Chamomile can cope with it. A bouquet of such flowers means mercy and sincerity. And they look gorgeous in a small composition.




            Why Do You Need to Send Flowers for a New Mom?

            They are an accompaniment to such an important holiday, so you can't do without flowers on this day:

            • When a new mom receives flowers, you respect her and thank her for providing a new life to the world. 
            • Also, flowers for a new mom and baby are a wonderful gesture of closeness to her. 
            Send Flowers for a New Mom

            The birth of a child brings great changes and joy to life. With the appearance of a newborn child, their parents feel a surge of emotions. Because this is a new experience for them. And a new mom feels special relief after the birth of a child. So, she needs to receive signs of support from loved ones. A flower arrangement is ideal for this. 

            Bouquets can be of various colors, compositions, and sizes. But it doesn't matter whether it will be a big bouquet or a small one. The main thing is to present it with love and prepare the best flowers for the new mother.

            A new mom who has given birth to a child will be highly pleased to receive a composition of delicate flowers. It gives her a better understanding that another joy has appeared in her life.


            When Should You Send Flowers for a New Mom and Baby?

            Flowers for a New Baby

            If you want to send a lovely message to a new mom in the form of flowers, do it after the new mother is discharged from the maternity hospital. Usually, when you hear that your friend, sister, or wife is expecting a baby, you start thinking about sending flowers. 

            Is it better to send them home or to the maternity hospital? Is it better to do it on the child's birthday or a week after? These are frequent questions that concern those who want to give a new mother a gift in the form of flowers:

            • Modern customs suggest waiting before sending flowers. After the birth of a child, parents experience a surge of emotions. They have a lot of worries about caring for the child and postnatal recovery. So, it is better to wait with flowers and send them two or three weeks after giving birth. During this time, the new mother will adapt more to her child and can accept your gift. 
            • Of course, if you want, you can give flowers to the new mother on the child's birthday. But it is unknown whether she will be able to react to your gift in any way. Because after childbirth, the emotional state is very difficult.


            What to Write in a New Baby Card With Flowers For A New Mom

            New Baby Card

            Have you chosen the best flowers for the new mom, but you don't have the opportunity to deliver them in person? You can write a new baby card. But if it is difficult for you to choose words for it, do not write long letters. Better write something short, for example:

            • "Sincerely glad for the appearance of a new member in your family."
            • "Best wishes."
            • "Even though I can't be there, I send my love and sincerity to you and your child."
            • "Congratulations on the new happy stage of your life."

            Write a message to a new mom briefly and from the heart. And remember to choose a beautiful bouquet for the card. Flowers for a new mom and baby give positive emotions and warm feelings.


            A Word From Rosaholics

            If you want to show how much you value a new mom for the birth of a child, present flowers for her. And if you are hesitating about their choice, Rosaholics can improve that situation. 

            Our many years of experience can create the most stunning composition for you. And if you wish, you can assemble your bouquet. So, still thinking about how to impress a new mom? Our flowers are waiting for you.



            What flower symbolizes motherhood?

            Many flowers can symbolize motherhood. But the most popular options are roses and lilies. Roses convey your appreciation and love. And lilies express gratitude, fragility, and purity to moms.

            What flower symbolizes a new baby?

            Daffodils are flowers that symbolize a new baby. It's because they mean new beginnings and new life. Also, it can be lilies that are in no way inferior to daffodils. Because they also represent the appearance of a new baby.

            Where can I congratulate the new mother?

            You can greet the new mother in the maternity hospital after the child's birth. Or you can do it at her home when she discharges from the hospital. The main thing is to choose the option that will be convenient for you and the new mother.

            What color of flowers to choose for a new mom?

            There are no specific rules for choosing the color of flowers for a new mother. You can select any shade of flowers and even mix them. Sometimes people choose colors according to the gender of the born child.


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