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What yellow roses symbolize


What associations does this color evoke in you? Probably joy, happiness, life energy, pep and cheerfulness. If we combine them with roses, we will get the most tender, fresh, positive and sincere emotions they bring to people. These flowers are much different from the red or pink ones that reflect romantic love. They will be a good present for your friends and relatives. 


This color itself reminds us the sun, its warmth and the good mood we have in such days. That’s why yellow roses symbolize joy, good cheer and optimism. Sending them is a good way to perk up somebody’s mood. A bouquet of such flowers can also express care for dear to your heart people. They will perfectly convey your get well wishes.

It is often supposed that roses are mostly gifted to the loved ones. Yellow color doesn’t symbolize romantic feelings. That’s why presenting such flowers to friends or colleagues will send no wrong message. A gift like this is a sign of hope for long-lasting relationships that will become only stronger with time and pass through any difficulties. Yellow roses are the most vivid symbol of platonic love. They are also a good choice if you want to congratulate your family members.

Relationships don’t always bring joy and happiness. Quite often they may be interrupted by strives and misunderstandings. Sending or receiving a bouquet of this color is a sign of apologies. It means the willingness to forgive an injury or right a wrong and reconcile.

Unlike other flowers, yellow roses changed their meaning through the ages. In the nineteenth century, they reflected jealousy, faithlessness and love that is no more alive. Perhaps that’s why some people perceive this color as a sign of bad luck. It may seem strange but these flowers sometimes convey the wish to say farewell and end relationship. In some eastern cultures, they are even associated with death and funeral. So, be careful when sending them to such countries.

In western regions, in contrast, yellow flowers symbolize new beginnings. They will be a suitable present for a birthday, wedding, graduation, arrival or to a young mother. Such a bouquet is a great way to show you’re proud of somebody’s achievements and accomplishments. These flowers reflect your adoration of working hard, striving to reach the goal or a wish to help others. It’s the best way to express your encouragement to explore new horizons. 

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Are yellow roses natural?

Though some of them look so nice that seem fabricated, most of their tints are real. There are a lot of different shades from orange and amber to citrine and creamy. Some of them did not exist initially. How did they appear? Flower growers combined various kinds of flowers and got new colors and shapes.

What are the best combinations of these tints? Yellow roses look good with white, pink and lilac flowers. Such a bouquet is full of tenderness and sweetness. Mixing of various yellow shades will express life energy and optimism. Combining them with green, blue or dark purple tints will bring the feeling of excitement, motivation to actions and just bright emotions. Rosaholics also has two- or multicolored roses that look unique and unforgettable. You can choose one of them here. But if you have an idea of a bouquet and want to assemble it yourself, we’ll be glad to give you this opportunity. You’ll be able to pick the colors, stem length, wrap and even add a greeting card with your warm wishes. Follow the link to make your present special!

How many to present?

Yellow roses are more suitable for friends, relatives or colleagues. That’s why it’s better not to choose the numbers that may have romantic meaning. For example, one flower means love at first sight, two are a symbol of a happy couple, three and twelve express love while a double or triple dozen even a stronger feeling, and 108 roses are a typical companion of an engagement ring. Sending them may convey the wrong message if the recipient is aware of their meaning.

So, how many roses to present to friends? 

  • 5 - to show your care for them;
  • 8 - the best way to encourage and support when they go through challenges;
  • 9 - will represent your wish to have long-lasting relationships and promise to do your best for it;
  • 10 - the way to say someone is perfect and you adore it;
  • 13 - this number of yellow roses is a symbol of friendship, though some people think it’s a sign that you have a secret admirer;
  • 14 - will convey that you’re proud of the one who will receive them;
  • 15 - yellow flowers express apologies, and this number will sharpen them;
  • 20 - mean sincere attitude and feeling of responsibility;
  • 21 - show dedication and commitment;
  • 22 - are a wish of good luck, but also may be perceived as the intention to be together;
  • 25 - represent congratulations on any occasion;
  • 50 - the way to say that you appreciate a long-term relationship with this person, as well as to show unconditional love;
  • 77 - are a recognition that the recipient is your twin soul;
  • 88 - the gift that says more than just ‘Sorry’;
  • 99 and 1001 - express the wish to be friends forever.

These are the meanings of the most popular numbers of yellow roses. But they will matter only for those who know the language of flowers. In other cases, any bouquet of these bright beauties will make the day of a dear to your heart person. One thing to remember: in some countries, you can present only an odd number of stems, because the even ones are bought only for funerals. So, be careful about that.

What can be better than receiving a bunch of lovely flowers? They bring joy, raise spirits and just delight the eye. Yellow roses don’t mean romance and that’s why will be the best gift for your friend or relative. They represent happiness, life energy, excitement, wishing of good luck, encouragement and praising of good results or new beginnings. You can send such a bouquet on almost any festal occasion!

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