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The mystery of blue roses

Have you ever seen blue roses? They have been a subject of legends, poems, novels, movies and even scientific research for many years. Flower shops offer them more and more, trying to impress customers. Some people are excited about such an unusual gift, others don’t understand this idea, preferring traditional colors. But do these flowers really exist and what is their meaning? Let’s try to find out.

Fake or real?

If you managed to see a blue rose somewhere in the field, you’re a lucky one, because they don’t exist in nature. There is no special pigment delphinidin in their petals that gives them such color. Though scientists tried to produce this kind of flowers artificially, using gene engineering, they didn’t get a pure blue tint.

How do flower sellers get them then? The answer is dyeing white roses. There are two ways to do it. The first one is spraying with special paint. Though it takes some time, you can use two or more colors and even create some patterns. The second method is less labor-intensive: stems are put into water with blue dye. It gets into their veins, giving them this shade.

Rosaholics offers you a variety of blue roses. You can choose any: from the darkest shades to the lightest, from deep colors to delicate. For those who want something special and unusual, we have flowers with mixed tints! You can also create a bouquet yourself, picking the tones you like and combining them with other shades or colors. Make your gift unique and unforgettable!

What blue roses symbolize

Since these flowers do not exist in nature they create a sense of mystery, ambiguity and secrecy. They also reflect the wish to achieve something impossible. There are a lot of roses growing in the world, but none of them is blue. People tried to find them or create artificially, but it’s far from the reality due to the absence of a necessary gene. That’s why these flowers became a symbol of trying to get unattainable or the things that will always be only dreams. 

If it’s about feelings and relations, they mean hope for love, which is secret, impossible or unanswered. The lighter tint may be a sign of falling in love at first sight. Since this color represents peace and reliability blue roses can show the wish to build stable relationships based on trust and commitment.

Another meaning is a new beginning. To get such a shade means to do something unusual. These flowers express the excitement people have when start an adventure and their hope for the good end. In some countries, receiving this kind of roses gives hope for a chance to make dreams come true.

For a long time, it was thought that people of royal families had blue blood. That’s why flowers of this color are associated with kings’ majesty and regal magnificence in some cultures. Another meaning is showing that a person who is given such a gift is hard to understand or interpret. Since blue roses are not real but fabricated, they can symbolize being manipulative. Anyway, they are related to something mysterious, unusual and not easy to decipher.

blue roses bouquet

When to present

These flowers look extraordinarily and that’s why can be gifted to impress or surprise someone. There is no special occasion for them, such roses will be good for any celebration or just a gesture of courtesy. They will especially be appreciated by a creative person. 

Giving this kind of flowers to a woman means wishing her dreams come true, as well as adoration of her mysteriousness and even being unapproachable. You can present a bouquet of blue roses either to your beloved one as a recognition of her uniqueness and elegance, or to a person you respect and are grateful to, or to significant others as a sign of their importance in your life. But before doing this, make sure that the recipient is aware of their meaning. Especially if it’s only the beginning of your relationships.

Given that these flowers are a symbol of a fresh start, they will be a good present for opening a new cafe, restaurant, store, gallery, presenting a gadget or a fashion line. Blue roses also represent the idea of change for the better. You can wish good luck, sending such a bouquet to a person who has started a new job, got promoted or decided to participate in some adventure.

In many countries, blue is considered as a traditional masculine color. That’s why you can present a bunch of such flowers to a woman who gave birth to a son. They will also be a good gift for a wedding stylized with these shades. Whatever the case, their extraordinary color makes them unusual and suitable for almost any occasion.

How to make blue roses

If you are fascinated with these charming flowers, you may want to create them yourself. Think it’s too difficult? Everything you’ll need is blue food dye, water, a vase and a napkin. Here is a sequence of actions to do it:

  1. Put water in a vase, about half of it.
  2. Depending on how deep the color should be, add a few drops of paint. The more you put, the darker the tint will be.
  3. Take white roses and make small notches with a knife in the bottom of their stems, i.e. in places of cut. This way the flowers will absorb the water quicker. 
  4. When petals get the shade that you want, take the stems out of the water and remove drops with a napkin.

It’s a simple way but it takes up to 5 or 6 hours. There is also a risk that the food dye won’t give an intense and smooth color over all petals. Rosaholics knows how to get wonderful shades and even combine them. Impress dear to you people with the most unusual blue roses they have ever seen!

These are the flowers that catch the attention of almost everyone. Their mysterious image makes them desirable and suitable for almost any celebration. Such a bouquet will add creativeness to your greetings and be kept in mind for a long time.

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