Meaning of black roses

Why black roses?

These flowers are unique because you can present them to any celebrations and in many cases. They are suitable both — for women and men of any ages. This color of flowers is special because it is not common in nature and it is not so easy to get it. The only way to obtain such flowers is to buy them in a particular shop. So, that's means that such a gift would be unique and special itself, even without any other presents.

Black flowers of roses are used to consider being not only dark color — they can obtain maroon, dark cherry or may have a deep purple hue.

Ancient roots of unique black roses

In ancient India, it was believed that the rose symbolizes the goddess of love and beauty named Lakshmi. She is considered the queen of flowers, and she symbolizes the strongest and unusual love. In addition, black buds are considered symbols:

  • Sorrows and sadness
  • Separations, including braking up of relations
  • Strong power, strength, and might
  • Purposefulness and unbending will
  • Anarchist movement
  • Carnal love
  • Symbols of vampires and goths
  • Eternal love, for which everyone is ready to die.

As you can see, the attitude to these unique colors is very ambiguous. Someone believes that they can be given only to witches or as a sign of carnal desires and comforts, and someone claims that a similar gift can be given to mother as a sign of the greatest respect and love. In any case, you may be sure that such gift from all your heart can become the best gift the person has ever received.

black roses meaning

Meaning of black roses gift

There were some believes that the only one flower of such color was the emblems sadness and it was undesirable to give it to a young girl or bride on their wedding day.  It was believed that the black rose presented by a man symbolized the inevitable separation, sadness, and longing from parting, the inability to be together. If a man brings a single black flower to a woman for no reason, he wants to carefully hint to her that their relationship has become obsolete. It was like a symbol of separation. Today this flower has some other meaning, and every person would be really happy to get even one unique flower, especially for some anniversary or special date.

From the one hand it is just an old-fashioned superstition, and from the other — nowadays nobody orders one black flower, because it is very rare and really hard to get. Anyway, if you are going to make such a gift — black roses meaning completely changes, especially if you are going to give 3 or more flowers.

When you should gift black roses

As we told earlier, the best way to avoid misunderstanding by giving a few dark flowers is to give more than one:

  • Three graceful roses brought to the beloved girl show not only the sophisticated taste of the young man, but also his hint that he considers his beloved special and unique, one of a kind for which he is ready for anything.
  • Five can be presented to a friend or girlfriend as a sign of benevolence.
  • Five small buds can be brought in a day of engagement or engagement, as a symbol of the promise of fidelity and devotion in marriage.
  • A gift of 7 black roses from a husband to a legitimate wife for no reason will indicate his special attitude to her, unconditional devotion and fidelity, as well as gratitude for the years that have passed.
  • Nine large flowers are presented as a sign of repentance, they are presented as a request for reconciliation and forgiveness.
  • Eleven elegant flowers can be given to each other by spouses living in a happy and harmonious marriage for many years.
  • Fifteen are given as a sign of secret love, they can be given to a woman or a man to whom you have a secret passion, admire them, secretly lust.
  • Twenty roses — a huge bouquet may be presented as a sign of unreal love.

If you decide to surprise everyone on a holiday and to bring a magnificent bouquet of dark roses, then, first of all, take an interest in how the person whom you decided to present it will react to this. If your lady is too conservative, then she may be afraid of such a gift, especially if there are 13 tight buds in the bouquet, so just try to avoid unacceptable numbers, like 2, 12, 13. Although in the language of flowers and numerology, this figure symbolizes stability in relationships, devotion, and fidelity.

The easiest way to get your flowers

So, if you want to be original, to surprise the very special person, you just should present such flowers to any reason or without. TO get your flowers soon and in time, you can order black roses delivery, which is a really comfortable option. Be sure — you will get your roses in time and will make a real holiday for your beloved people.

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