Black Dragon Rose Bouquet - Rosaholics
Black Dragon Rose Bouquet - Rosaholics
Black Dragon Rose Bouquet - Rosaholics

Black Dragon Rose Bouquet

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This is an exclusive from Rosaholics! Are you looking to make a statement? Then black roses are all you need.

We grow healthy and natural black dragon roses for our esteemed clients from all around the world. These flowers are grown and engineered directly from our farms in the colorful heartland of Ecuador, where our family has developed the best roses for generations. We are immersed in the community and are continually working with other forward-thinking farms to provide as many unique species of roses as we can to the rest of the world.  

The best black roses in the world

It is our custom at Rosaholics to try and understand every single order as soon as we receive them to satisfy you much better, which is why we ask you if your black dragon bouquet order is a gift or not. If it is a gift, then we will need you to write down a message for the recipient. 

You can receive your black dragon bouquet delivery in three ways; CUTE which is a dozen black dragon roses and costs just $58.00, PERFECT which is two dozen black dragon roses and costs only $91.00 and ABUNDANT which is four dozen black dragon roses and costs $119.00

We would also require you to fill in the preferred delivery date for your black dragon bouquet which comes in three different wrap types; they are; Standard Wrap which is free, Luxury Wrap which costs just $4.99 and the Organic Wrap which also costs $4.99. We have a long-standing culture of excellence at Rosaholics, and we make it our duty to uphold this culture by making sure that we treat each order like it is our last. We ensure that every detail of the order is received and followed to the letter and our job remains uncompleted until our flowers bring immense smiles and joy to your faces.    

dozen black roses delivery

Fast black roses delivery

Our specially engineered black dragon rose bouquet is the best in the industry, growing similarly to our black mamba rose bouquet, it is the perfect choice to use in your event when you’re looking to leave a lasting effect on the audience. At Rosaholics, our team of research personnel has developed a unique way to engineer our roses by changing the color without any adverse impact on the other features of the flower. We provide you with a unique shade of black, which makes your flower shiny as ever and connects with people around you, although is it perfect as a gift, it is also frequently ordered for personal deliveries.  

At Rosaholics, our specially crafted black roses are the only answers you need to make a statement at whatever engagement you desire. They are grown on our award-winning farm in the heartland of beautiful Ecuador, which is known to deliver the best quality black roses in the industry. When you lay your eyes upon our beautiful roses and get a breath of their scintillating fragrance, we desire that you get ensnared in feelings of happiness and joy. Our mission is never deemed as accomplished until we the effect we want is plastered all over you.