Black, blue, or silver roses seem to be unbelievable flowers with untypical colors. 

The modern floral market could offer more than 30 thousand varieties of roses. Several of them deserve attention because of their uniqueness - unusual color or size. Some believe that roses can be of all colors and tints except black and blue. This is caused by the fact that they do not have the corresponding pigments. And perhaps, plant breeders considered this a challenge and created rare blue, black, and even silver roses.

Hence, the most exotic rose colors can satisfy the tastes of extravagant customers who have their style and own the original frame of mind. Moreover, true judges of floral compositions know that the palette of plants is not limited to standard of white, red, pink, and yellow colors.

In this guide we have prepared a catalog of vivid, and colorful roses grown in the natural places. Exotic flower bouquet delivery is available with Rosaholics!

So, you are free to choose:

1. Black Roses as a Symbol of Mystery and Mystique

Black Roses

You might give black roses as a symbol of unity and support. You can give these magnificent flowers as a token of gratitude for the recipient's bravery and endurance. 

  • According to the beliefs prevailing in the Land of the Rising Sun, you can give a bouquet of black roses as a sign of admiration for the steadfastness of a person's spirit and willpower. For example, during the occupation processes, the Irish warriors used this flower to show that the strength and power of their army are indestructible.
  • The metaphysical followers associate the deep dark rosebuds colors with the eclectic powers inspiring the giftee to direct the inner energy towards the required needs and goals. The explanation is clear: these dark black plants keep the solid spiritual sense full of mystery and supernatural effects.

Black Mamba or Black Dragon roses increase the spiritually light energy of the deep human feelings and invisible magnetism for intense attraction to launch the sincere loving attitudes demonstrated to someone special.



2. Dark Blue Roses as a Way to Say Appreciation Words 

dark blue roses

It is customary to give blue roses on a birthday, a wedding, an anniversary, or another equally important event. These fantastic flowers excite the imagination, make you amazed and enchant with their uniqueness and unearthly beauty. The question about the meaning of the dark blue rose is of great concern to many flower fans. To understand the answer, you first need to know how these beauties were created because blue is unconventional for this plant. In nature, there is not even a rosehip with petals of a similar color.

The primary purpose of these flowers is to surprise and delight the recipient of the gift. They symbolize mystery, inviolability, and inaccessibility. You can give them to:

  • your beloved one as a recognition of her originality and elegance emphasizing the special meaning that she has in your life;
  • a person for whom you have deep feelings of respect and appreciation.

Suppose a man thinks about what the true dark blue rose meaning is and, as a result, chooses a floral present of precisely this color; he must have good reasons for this. This means that he wants to please a dear person with something unusual and surprisingly attractive. There is no need to look for a mystical meaning in this flower, and it is one - to bring joy and wish fulfillment of hopes and aspirations.

Blue Lagoon bouquet is an excellent choice to highlight the purity and depth of your feelings.


3. Silver Roses as Gorgeous Royal Attributes

silver roses

This color embodies nobility, wisdom, frankness, sincerity, truthfulness, and unanimity. The new and rare silver roses only start to expand their popularity because these flowers have something true and pure. 

  • They symbolize long-term love relations with components of friendship and partnership. Spouses who overcame all troubles and threats of mutual living must know the true value of stong marriage ties. And they could highlight their family holidays with the silver tones of romance, appreciation, and ardor.
  • Silver inclusions are always met in the royal jewelry attributes. They create the illusion of power, honor, and appreciation. The silver roses keep the same meaning covering the harmony of the extended married life or forever-and-ever friendship. 
  • And also, you can give this charming bunch for your female colleagues. Indeed, you make the wow effects when you present such extraordinarily exotic rose coloring. When you decide to impress someone with the bunch gathered with silver roses, you may qualify yourself as a person with gourmet taste and style.  

So, it does not matter what occasion motivates you to present the lovely bouquet if the appropriate flowers have such exotic colors. They are accessible to the birthday cake, the engagement ring, the wedding reception decoration, and the company party attributes. 

Silver Fresh bouquet of unique roses inflames your attitudes to the loved one with passion. And the reserved look of these flowers emphasizes the sustainability of your feelings.


4. Exotic Multicolored Roses

multicolored roses

Can’t you decide the color of roses or want red, yellow, and green roses at the same time? Why not choose multicolored roses and fulfill your wish. A bouquet of multicolored roses undoubtedly surprises the giftee and makes them smile.  

  • Obviously, multicolored buds do not occur in nature and are usually created by florists putting white rose stems in the colored water. By absorbing water, the rose paints its petals in different colors. Now, florists are experimenting not only with white roses but also with flowers of other shades. In this case, the end result is difficult to predict.

The great benefit of rainbow roses is that you can give them on any occasion and to any person. This enjoyable bouquet can surprise anyone with its originality. 


5. Enigmatic Purple Roses for Regal Romance

Purple Roses

These rare types of roses evoke a sense of unparalleled elegance with their deep, velvety petals. They are perfect for you:

  • Share feelings. Unraveling the enigma of their unusual rose hue, these blooms captivate the heart and soul. Thus, they leave a lasting impression on anyone fortunate enough to receive them.
  • Special meaning. This high exotic rose, with its mystical shades of purple, embodies a unique charm. That goes beyond conventional expressions of love. These unconventional blooms represent a love that is as rare and extraordinary as the roses themselves. This makes them a truly exceptional gift for someone special. 
  • Gift for any occasion. Whether presented as a token of admiration or an expression of passionate love, these enigmatic purple roses create an atmosphere of regal romance, promising a love story as unique and remarkable as the rare roses that inspire it.

This makes them a perfect choice for expressing deep admiration and affection. 


6. Gold-Dipped Roses: A Gift of Luxury

Gold-Dipped Roses

Indulging in the allure of rare rose colors, gold-dipped roses emerge as a masterpiece. Thus blending luxury and nature's beauty seamlessly. These roses undergo a meticulous process, transforming them into timeless treasures.

Gold-dipped roses stand unparalleled, captivating hearts with their extraordinary beauty:

  • Exquisite Rare Rose Colors. Each petal retains its natural grace, showcasing the rarity of the original bloom while adorned in a shimmering coat of gold.
  • Symbolism of Eternal Love. The endurance of both gold and roses symbolizes enduring love. So, this gift is a potent representation of everlasting affection.
  • Unique Blend of Nature and Elegance. Combining the allure of unusual rose varieties with the richness of gold leafing, these roses embody nature's marvel and human artistry.

Gold-dipped roses whisper tales of rare love in every gleam of gold and every delicate curve of the petals. This makes them a truly enchanting gift of luxury. 


7. Lavender Roses: Expressing Love and Enchantment

Lavender Roses

In the world of flowers, few blossoms hold the mystery and allure of rare rose colors like the lavender rose. As one of the most captivating types of roses, lavender roses embody a sense of wonder and enchantment that is unparalleled.

Lavender roses serve as eloquent messengers of love and enchantment. What message do they convey?

  • Symbol of Enchantment. The subtle and enchanting color of lavender roses evokes a sense of fascination and charm. This makes them a symbol of enchantment and the beginning of a deep romantic connection.
  • Expressing Unique Affection. Gifting lavender roses communicates a deep and unique affection that goes beyond the ordinary. Their unusual rose hue conveys a sense of mystery, symbolizing the discovery of love’s many facets.
  • Timeless Romance. Lavender roses signify enduring love and timeless romance.

Their unique hue and profound symbolism make them a captivating choice.


8. Rainbow Roses: A Spectrum of Emotions

Rainbow Roses

In the world of floristry, rainbow roses emerge as a breathtaking phenomenon. They showcase the diversity of colors in an unparalleled manner. These roses are a fusion of art and nature.

Choosing rainbow roses goes beyond the ordinary, and here's why:

  • Expression of Multifaceted Emotions. Love is not monochromatic; it’s a symphony of feelings. Rainbow roses, with their high exotic rose hues, express the complexity of emotions within a relationship. From passion to friendship, they create a heartfelt connection.
  • Symbol of Unconventional Love. Choosing these roses signifies a love that breaks barriers and celebrates differences. This rare type of rose embodies the rarity of a love transcending societal norms.
  • Memorable Gestures. Rainbow roses transform any occasion into a memorable event. Whether it's an anniversary, a birthday, or a celebration of love, these blooms add an element of surprise. They make the moment unforgettable.

By choosing them, you offer a bouquet and a spectrum of emotions, making your gift truly exceptional and memorable.


9. Green Roses: Renewal and Growth

green roses

Among the spectrum of high exotic roses, green ones stand as a distinctive emblem of renewal and growth. These unique blooms, which are rare types of roses, are a testament to nature's artistry.

Why choose these exceptional green roses:

  • Symbolism of Renewal. Green, representing nature's vitality, epitomizes renewal and fresh beginnings. Green roses carry the promise of a rejuvenated love, making them an ideal choice for couples looking to renew their commitment.
  • Unique and Rare Appeal. As rare rose colors go, green is among the most extraordinary. Gifting these rare and unusual rose blooms showcases the depth of your feelings.
  • Harmony and Balance. Green roses represent harmony and balance in relationships. Choosing them signifies a desire for peaceful and harmonious love.

Choosing green roses is an invitation to celebrate the ever-changing, ever-growing nature of love.


Unique rose delivery is possible with Rosaholics!

Experience the extraordinary with Rosaholics, where the language of love is spoken through the rarest and most enchanting blooms. Our collection of unique rose colors includes:

  • mesmerizing lavender,
  • captivating rainbow,
  • symbolic green roses.

You can find many more high exotic roses with us! So, it redefines the art of gifting. Each bouquet tells a story of rare beauty and profound emotions, making your moments unforgettable. Choose Rosaholics for an unparalleled floral experience, where rare rose types and unusual hues come together, ensuring your gestures of love are as exceptional as the relationships they celebrate.



Where can I find rare rose colors for special occasions?

You can find rare rose colors for your special occasions at Rosaholics, where we specialize in offering a stunning variety of rare and unusual rose hues.

What are Rosaholics' rare rose colors?

Rosaholics offers an exquisite range of rare rose colors. Choose lavender, green, black, rainbow, or many more rose colors on our website.

Why are rare rose colors special?

Rare rose colors are special because they go beyond the typical red and pink roses, offering a wider spectrum of emotions and meanings. Each rare color, like lavender for enchantment and green for renewal, carries a unique symbolism.

Are rare rose types suitable for all occasions?

Yes, our rare rose varieties are perfect for various occasions. You can choose them for anniversaries, birthdays, weddings, and expressions of deep love and affection.

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