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Rainbow Rose Bouquet

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Do you know anything more cheerful and aesthetic than a rainbow? A rainbow flower bouquet of course. 

Our stunning rainbow roses make a beautiful gift or addition to any home or party. Their dazzling colors light up any room. Whether you’re looking for a simple accent to your kitchen or a way to brighten someone’s day, Rosaholics organic farm fresh rainbow roses are your best bet.

From the beautiful heartland of Ecuador, these rainbow roses are the best quality in the industry. You’re sure to be impressed when they show up at your doorstep. Choose from cute (1 dozen), perfect (2 dozen), and abundant (4 dozen) sizes. There is simply a choice for every occasion. At Rosaholics, we’re fully entrenched in a culture of excellence, and we have tremendous interests in making sure that all your needs are met without prejudice. 

Rainbow rose bouquet delivery

When you purchase our rainbow rose bouquet, you will be getting a culmination of all the years of studies and research that we have put into making our roses the best roses cultivated in the world today.

All our rainbow rose bouquets are freshly and organically grown in our selected farms in Ecuador where the natural light and high altitudes give them sufficient conditions to become as healthy as is required. We ensure that we do not compromise the freshness or organic nature of our roses in any way from cultivation until harvest. 

One of our trade secrets is that our entire rainbow rose bouquets collection is grown on our select farms and processed immediately after harvest, which gives them more time to bloom than the average flower. 

Nice prices, fast delivery

You can buy the Rosaholic’s rainbow rose bouquet for just $91.00 and an additional shipping fee of $15.00 which sums it up to a total of $106.00. Your rainbow rose bouquet can be delivered in one, two, or four dozen. 

We would need to know some information about you, as it would help us understand the specificities of your order much better. One of such things is if your rainbow rose bouquets is a gift for someone special or personal request. If it is a gift, then it is vital for you to write down your message to the recipient. 

We would also need you to fill in the preferred delivery date for your order and choose from three different floral wraps, a standard wrap which costs $0.00 and the luxury wrap which costs $4.99.  

We will also deliver your rainbow rose bouquets with a flower vase which costs $15.00 and 150 petals of different colors, which costs $7.99.

Our sales process is very seamless and straightforward and only requires you to customize your order, add your roses to the cart and sit down while we do what we do best. In all our years of service, we have never received a complaint from any of our clients about our product and service delivery, not once. 

Purchase a rainbow rose bouquet from us today, and join our community of happy people.


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