Bed Decoration With Rose Petals

When you are wondering about ideas on how you can put rose petals on a bed, a picture of a heart is the first one to appear in your mind. You can go further, and cover your bed fully, or maybe create a lovely picture of rose petals. Indeed, a heart made of flower petals on the bed sheets is probably the most classic way to impress your beloved.

You don’t have to wait for Valentine's day to impress your partner. Why not make a pleasant surprise on some ordinary day? We can approve that a rose petal heart on bed, after a long day, will add additional advantages to you as a partner, than the same trick but on Valentine’s day. The reason for that is the suprise. Not many people expect to find their bed covered in rose petals on some usual day, but everyone does it on Valentine’s day. 


5 Ideas on Decorating a Bed with Rose Petals

No doubt that a rose petal covered bed is a key to every romantic occasion or surprise. But sometimes traditional ways of doing it are banal. So, we have decided to tell you about the best 5 ideas on decorating your bedroom with rose petals:

1. Bed Covered in Rose Petals

Rose Petals Bed Covered

The color doesn’t matter but the number of rose petals does. It is up to you whether you want to leave some space between petals or to create a well-covered one.  

2. Ornament

Ornament with rose petals

If covering your bed with a lot of petals is not that interesting to you, you can try to use your imagination and make some lovely ornaments. It can be a rose petal heart pierced with an arrow on the bed, or some more abstract picture. If you are an artist or have some skills for it, you can recreate some famous paintings using rose petals.

3. Bed Sheets for Your Help

bed with rose petals

If you can’t come up with any other idea besides making a heart, okay. You can make it a little bit more original, for example, put your bed sheet in a heart shape and frame it with little rose petals. You can combine this idea with the first one. Just imagine a rose petal covered bed with a heart in the middle of it!

4. A Path to the Bed

rose petal path to the bed

Ideas for using rose petals extend a lot further than just putting them on the bed. In order to intrigue your love from the very doorstep, you can create a rose petal path to the bed. 

5. Rose Petals and Sweets

Rose Petals and Sweets

If your sweetheart has a sweet tooth, you can use it to your advantage. Just cover the bed with rose petals and sweets! BUT, in any case, don’t remove the candy wrappers. The chocolate will certainly melt and dirty the bedsheets. Thereby, you will spend your romantic evening washing the sheets.


Additional Tips on Making an Excellent Rose Petal Decoration

Though the idea of a bed covered in rose petals seems quite easy to fulfil, in reality, certain troubles arise. We have decided to give you two more tips that will help to avoid these nuisances:

  • Rose color. Though red is considered the traditional color for such occasions, we advise you to let your imagination wild for more originality. No doubt that bed covered in rose petals of different colors will impress your beloved one even more. You can also consider your partner’s favorite colors. For example, pink rose petals will be no worse than red ones.
  • Bed sheet color. Rose petals on simple white bedsheets look better than on ones with flower print. You can choose any color you or your sweetheart likes. 

To sum up, we hope that your lover will be pleased and remind you that every romantic present’s heart is love. Roses are a decoration for any holiday and just add bright colors to a normal day. Go to our website to choose the most beautiful bouquet on Valentine's Day, on a date or any occasion.



Why do people put rose petals on their beds?

Because it is a pleasant and easy way to make your partner happy. Besides, it is a great choice if you want to diversify your relationship.

Do girls like rose petals on the bed?

Most girls do, because this shows that their partners care for them. Also, it just looks beautiful and romantic.

What makes a rose special?

Rose has been an unofficial symbol of love, passion and affection since the ancient ages. Besides, it's gorgeous


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January 19, 2024 — Alexandr Oleynik