In the modern world, it is difficult to surprise someone with a bouquet of familiar flowers. Therefore, florists and breeders are constantly striving to develop something new to capture the imagination of even the most sophisticated person. One of these ways is exotic shades of roses.

Real black rose flower is not always easy to find on sale. Moreover, their cost is several times higher than the price of an ordinary flower. Fortunately, you can dye the rose any color you want at home. This will require a white rose and food coloring. The whole process takes up to 24 hours.

So how can you get a real black rose flower? Read here:

  1. Cut off the stem at an acute angle. The sharper the angle, the larger the area of ​​fluid intake, and the sooner the petals will be colored.
  2. We remove all the leaves. They will take away some of the dye, and the bud will become dim. In addition, the foliage will also be colored, and the dark green tone, in combination with any other, looks sloppy.
  3. In a container, mix the dye with water. We do not indicate the exact proportions. It all depends on the manufacturer, but the more paints, the brighter is the shade.
  4. Add a teaspoon of sugar to nourish the flower.
  5. We put the rose for a day in a dry, dark place.
  6. After 24 hours, we enjoy the new color of the petals.

Black rose origin

The black rose has a special place in the world of flowers. And yet, until recently, the black rose was nothing more than a myth. With the advent of the primitive technology of dyeing scarlet roses, the world saw the first "real" black roses. Unfortunately, due to the aggressiveness of the coloring compositions, such bouquets could not boast of stability, but they looked very impressive at the time of delivery.

  • Black rose origin: Breeders from all over the world do not give up their attempts to breed black roses, but the process is complicated because there are no flowers of such a shade in nature that can "borrow" their gene or pigment for interbreeding. Now modern scientists have created quite a few hybrid varieties of burgundy roses, so close to black that their color is amazing even in daylight. The most successful among them are Turkish "Halfeti" and French "Black Bakkara". Halfeti grows only in his hometown of the same name and pleases with its flowering for a very short time. At the beginning of growth, the buds are no different from ordinary red roses, but they gradually darken by the end of summer, becoming coal-black.
  • Black rose origin: it is believed that they owe such an unusual color to the local soil fed by the underground waters of the Euphrates. French "Black Baccarat" is more widespread and is unanimously recognized by experts as being as close to black as possible.

One the more way how to get real black rose flower

how to get real black rose flower


The first mentions of flower coloring were found in Arabic literature in the 12th century. Then the ultimate dream of romantics was a blue rose as a symbol of something weird. It was in this tone that Arab authors proposed to paint pink inflorescences. Today, there are roses with azure petals on the florist market, and you can also buy black, light green, and even rainbow flowers. But they are more expensive than usual. We suggest dyeing the flower at home. How to get a real black rose flower, we will tell you later on.

  1. Make the most saturated solution of food coloring in standing or purified water;
  2. Neat white roses of any variety are carefully cut at an angle of 45 °, trying to cut as large as possible. An additional cruciform cut will allow the dye to penetrate faster;
  3. Immediately put the flower in colored water so that the solution completely hides the cut;
  4. After 17-20 hours, you will get the maximum staining result.

For this staining method, any light flowers with a tubular stem are suitable: roses, chrysanthemums, carnations, and chamomile. However, it should be remembered that staining somewhat reduces the life of a living flower.

You can easily surprise a person with a real black rose flower, because flowers of ordinary flowers can already surprise few people. You can buy roses of light shades for painting in black in our store.

FAQ on the topic of how to make black roses

What do black roses look like?

A black rose has a dark red or dark scarlet color, but under certain lighting conditions, it looks black. Some varieties have dark crimson shades close to black.

How to make a blue rose at home?

Try not to injure the stem when doing this. Pour room temperature water into a container and dilute the blue paint in it. Place the rose in a container of diluted water. Trim the stem of the flower periodically so the color will absorb faster. 

Why are there no black flowers?

If you look at a rainbow, you will notice that black is not in the visible color spectrum. All other colors except black are light reflections. Black means no light. Unlike white and different colors, black can exist in nature without light at all.

Where is the black rose grown?


The most famous black roses grow in the Turkish town of Halfeti. In shape, they are no different from ordinary roses, but their color favorably sets them apart from the rest: all the flowers are coal-black as if someone specially painted them, but this is their natural color.


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September 29, 2021 — Alexandr Oleynik