The best choices for the autumn wedding bouquets are:

  • Narcissus;
  • Hydrangea;
  • Orchid;
  • Freesia;
  • Gerberas;
  • Snapdragon.;
  • Lily;
  • Zinnia;
  • Roses.

Many brides think that the seasons of beautiful wedding bouquets are summer and spring. However, in the fall, the choice of colors is no less rich.

The color palette of autumn is vibrant, so there will be no problems with choosing the color that suits you. All shades of yellow, red, orange will perfectly fit into a fall wedding.

Don't forget about the more original options. In autumn, a deep purple hue, bright blue, fuchsia, cozy chocolate, and gothic black look great. We also recommend paying attention to the now very fashionable powdery shade, which will make your autumn ceremony especially elegant.

Which flowers should be for the fall wedding bouquets

An autumn-themed bridal bouquet can look like ikebana. You can add, for example, small round berries to the composition: cranberries, mountain ash, viburnum, wild rose, hawthorn.

Florists recommend giving preference to not too complex plants with a rounded shape when choosing flowers for an autumn wedding bouquet.

Saturated shades visually reduce the size of the bud, so it is better to choose large flowers. Small, tiny buds can simply get lost, merge. In this case, the bouquet will look blurry or too colorful.

The best wedding flowers

Narcissus. The daffodil flower consists of 6 white, orange, or yellow leaves, in the middle of which there is a bright "crown". Daffodils are winter-hardy and are perfect for an autumn bride's bouquet.

Hydrangea. Fluffy bouquets of hydrangea will add lightness and airiness to a fall wedding. Ball-shaped inflorescences are ideal for shabby chic style. The hydrangea does not tolerate heat well, but in the fall, it retains freshness for a long time and will become a delicate decoration for wedding flowers.

Orchid. The colorful and luscious palette of orchid petals is endless - from neutral to vibrant magenta, so it will be perfect wedding flowers in a rich color palette.

Freesia. Coming to us from South Africa, freesia is considered one of the most fragrant flowers. It is red, pink, yellow, orange, but the most common is white. Due to its strong aroma, freesia should not be used in central compositions, as its scent can seem intrusive.

Gerberas. Gerberas are versatile flowers, but no less beautiful for that. They are easy to get hold of, they are quite unpretentious and are not very expensive. A bouquet of them easily withstands the autumn breeze and retains freshness throughout the holiday.

Snapdragon. The snapdragon flowers are large, irregular in shape, two-lipped, resembling a gaping lion's mouth. There are varieties with simple and double flowers - all of them are ideal for filling any floral arrangement.

Lily. Lily is another representative of a recognizable scent, so if you decide to include it in your bouquet, the enchanting scent will accompany you throughout the day. Lilies are spectacular - their bright, fleshy petals with delicate edges are perfect as glamorous wedding flowers.

Zinnia. It is one of the most unpretentious flowers. The charm of zinnia allows you to dilute the wedding bouquets with bright colors. In addition to its beautiful appearance, this flower is endowed with an important meaning - it symbolizes strong affection.

Roses. Roses are a classic of a bridal bouquet. Largely because they can be obtained practically at any time of the year, as well as its rich color palette that allows you to choose a flower that will be the perfect complement to your wedding.

If you choose roses as your wedding bouquet, you can go to the website of our online rose store. There are roses for absolutely every taste. You can pick up the bouquet you need from roses of any color you need. Pay attention to such sections of the site as weddings and roses for the wife.

The meaning of selected flowers for wedding bouquets

Chrysanthemum. This flower does not have a flowering season, as it blooms all year round, but it reaches its peak in the fall. Chrysanthemums are versatile flowers and are suitable for almost any wedding bouquets. They personify joy, health, and optimism.

Cornflower. This delicate flower comes in a variety of shades, from white and purple to blue-gray. Due to its unusual shape, it will complement any bouquet. Wonderful cornflower flowers fill autumn bouquets with coolness and the fabulous scent of meadows.

Magnolia. Undeservedly rarely used in wedding bouquets, and yet it is so beautiful! Magnolia is fragrant, effective, and has an unusual shape. These flowers symbolize purity of thoughts and perfection of relationships, so they are perfect as flowers for a fall  wedding.

Alstroemeria. The genus of Alstroemeria has at least 75 wild species of various colors. The main advantage of these flowers is the long-term preservation of an attractive appearance in the cut, as well as the absence of odor. Thanks to this, the plant is used mainly for filling bouquets. It is symbolic that they represent loyalty and devotion.

Sunflower. Although often referred to as a summer flower, the sunflower is great for a fall wedding as well. Its rich yellow color will add warmth to any cold fall day.

Delphinium. Delphinium flowers are blue, white, purple, always bewitching, and uniquely beautiful, collected in a pyramidal inflorescence on a long peduncle. Some varieties have several small, contrasting petals inside the flowers. Delphinium symbolizes well-being and is suitable for Provence weddings.

Phlox. Phloxes are popular with brides of all countries, perhaps because they symbolize the "unity of souls". Small flowers - a mixture of lilac and meadow carnation - are combined into large lush inflorescences of white, orange, pink, red, purple, and even blue and have a pleasant smell.


What are the best fall wedding flowers?

  • Asiatic Lily.
  • Celosia.
  • Dahlia.
  • Orange Gerbera.
  • Purple Alstroemeria.
  • Calla Lily.
  • Chrysanthemum, disbud.
  • Leucadendron.

What is the most expensive wedding flower?

Peonies. These are some of the most favorite and most desirable flowers for a fall wedding, but peonies are one of the most expensive wedding flowers, so consider this fact when drawing up your wedding budgets.

Is Lavender expensive for a wedding?

Lavender season is soon approaching, which lasts from spring to autumn. Lavender is an inexpensive wedding flower, you can get a nice bouquet for $ 10.

Can silk flowers be used for weddings?

Silk flowers are a good choice for seasonal flowers used for wedding bouquets. To make silk flowers look great at a wedding, choose the same color scheme for all flowers at your celebration.


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