Need wedding flowers for a bridal shower? We’ve got you covered! Whether you’re a bride-to-be or a maid of honor, planning the bridal shower should be fun – not stressful. Check out our ideas for the best wedding flowers for brides-to-be.

 Wedding Roses for Delivery  

Don’t Skip the Fresh Flowers!

Wedding showers and fresh flowers – they just go together! A bridal shower is a chance for the bride to celebrate the upcoming wedding. Guests usually bring a gift and are served with refreshments and appetizers or a light lunch. Photo ops are abundant, so décor should be on point and elegant, meaning flowers are a must.

Unlike a bachelorette party – which is a time for the bride-to-be to cut loose with her besties – a bridal shower is a slightly more formal (and dare we say sophisticated!) event.

As with everything wedding related, the bride makes the final call on who’s invited. Some choose to invite distant relatives, coworkers, colleagues, and classmates, while others stick to a small guest list of close friends and family.

Either way, the bridal shower usually carries a more elegant and formal tone than a bachelorette party. And what better way to set the scene right than with fresh-cut roses?! Fresh flowers bring an instant boost to elevate the occasion and create a classy setting – not to mention scoring bonus points with your mother-in-law!

Trust us, some people are quick to point out whether party flowers are fake or real – especially when they’re posing for Instagram pics. So why take a chance? Fresh-cut flowers are the best bet for weddings and bridal showers. Period.

Best Flower Ideas for Wedding Showers

There are so many creative ways to use fresh flowers to bring beauty to a bridal shower. Sure, floral centerpieces are a classic touch, but why stop there? Take a look at our top ideas for wedding shower flowers and pick your fave – or include them all for an over-the-top affair!

1. Floral Centerpieces

Fresh flowers are always a gorgeous touch on dining tables. Create a centerpiece with real roses for guests to delight in. Working with small tables or stand-up cocktail tables? A single rose in a small glass vase can be just as striking! Be sure to pick a large rose variety with a full-bodied bloom size for the full effect.

2. Party Favors

Guests always appreciate party favors! Let’s be honest – who really needs another keyring, koozie, or drinking glass with the couple's name on it? Treat your guests to a real gift that they’ll love taking home – fresh flowers. Tip: Mini bouquets wrapped in ribbons are a great way to share the love without breaking the bank.

3. Wedding Game Prize

It’s not uncommon for partygoers to partake in some sort of wedding game for entertainment during the bridal shower. Whether it’s couples trivia, bingo, or a straightforward raffle, make the prize worth fighting over! This is your chance to go all out and have a huge, breathtaking bouquet of fresh roses ready to go.

4. Fancy Refreshment Décor

Buffet lines, dessert trays, and drink tables can all be jazzed up with a bit of fresh flower flair. Display full-bodied bouquets at different heights on the table to create depth. Or, if you’re feeling crafty, make floral ice cubes to keep the champagne chest cool. Wedding shower guests will love the VIP treatment!

5. Scattered Rose Petals

Loose rose petals are a great way to decorate large event spaces. Rather than going with silk or paper rose petals, which are not very sustainable, pick up real rose petals to add luxury and a romantic ambiance to the bridal party event space. Real rose petals are biodegradable and better for the environment – plus, they’re just more indulgent! 

6. Flower Crown for the Bride-to-Be

Certainly, the bride-to-be should get all the attention during the wedding shower. What better way to treat her than to create a flower crown using fresh-cut flowers?! Flower crowns are all the rage, and depending how you style them, you can achieve almost any vibe – boho, sophisticated, medieval/fairy, classical, island-inspired, and more.


Wedding Flowers that Stay Fresher for Longer

No matter how you choose to decorate the bridal shower, be sure to find a premium provider who specializes in delivering fresh-cut flowers. Trust us, it’s worth it! Flowers that are kept in grocery store departments or local florists may not be as fresh as you’d imagine.

Getting Rosaholics flowers delivered for the event is a great way to ensure that they will be in peak bloom performance for the wedding shower. Our flowers are cut just before delivery so they can last much longer. This means you – or the lucky guests who take home a few flowers – will be able to enjoy the bouquets for more than just the day of the bridal shower.

Our Favorite Bouquets for Bridal Showers

At Rosaholics, we put an extreme amount of effort into ensuring that your flowers arrive in breathtaking condition. Carefully cut and prepared immediately prior to shipping, our roses are ready to wow the moment you take them out of the box – and for several weeks after!

You can count on Rosaholics to provide roses with exceptional quality – perfect for wedding showers, weddings, and every important event. We’ve got plenty of colors and varieties to pick from, and there’s a flower out there for everyone!

Here are a few of our favorites for bridal showers:

Wild Spirit Roses - Classic red roses are mixed with cream, pink-tipped roses in this dynamic display that feels romantic and fun. With a blend of bold, dark colors and softer tones, Wild Spirit roses are a great way to bring a pleasant pop of color to an elegant bridal shower.
Sunset Garden Roses - These beauties strike the perfect tone of romance, cheer, and celebration. Their soft peachy color captures the light beautifully, thanks to their frilly petals, making these roses excellent for wedding showers.
Extra Long-Stemmed Roses - Available in all different colors, these roses reach up to 40 inches long and know how to make an impression! Hand out a single long-stemmed rose to each guest at the wedding shower as a party favor they'll love it!
DIY Flower Ice Cube Kit - Make your own rose-infused ice cubes to keep wine bottles chilled during the event! This is such a fun – and classy – way to spruce up the details and make your bridal shower unforgettable.

We'd love to see how you use fresh flowers for your wedding shower! Send us pics or tag @rosaholics on Instagram!


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