A beautiful bride deserves a beautiful backdrop! Say your I-Do’s surrounded by drop-dead gorgeous wedding décor. While all the décor details are important, the altar is – by far – one of the most important scenes to set on the big day. An exquisite wedding arch is the perfect way to frame the bride and groom as they say their vows, whether it’s a traditional chapel ceremony or a barefoot beach wedding.

From simple to stunning, this list has amazing wedding arch designs that are ready to add elegance and romance to your wedding ceremony – no matter where you plan to tie the knot!

Classic Arch with Romantic Pink Roses

Is there anything more romantic than tender pink roses woven along a white wedding arch? Real roses are definitely the way to go when it comes to making a floral wedding arch – especially if the ceremony takes place outside. Balance the light pink roses with lush greenery for a fresh look that appears natural.

Looking to make the wedding arch even dreamier? Create an asymmetrical design by loading the arch with heavy pink roses on one side, followed by a thinner arrangement that tapers off near the top. A dynamic display like this appears more natural and effortless – just like your love story.

Decorative Doorway with Flower-Lined Path

Not all wedding arches have to be fully covered in fresh flowers – though we do love flowers around here! Another wedding arch option is to switch up the scenery by setting up a decorative doorway with a flattering yet modest design. Then, use fresh flowers to outline the aisle that leads to the altar.

Wooden wedding arches made from antique doorways aren’t just easy on the eyes – these décor pieces can also be symbolic. Doorways often represent a transition into a new place or new chapter of life. Having a doorway serve as the wedding arch can be a wonderful way to symbolize this change as the bride anIOd groom start their new life together.

Bright Beach Setup with Petals and Lanterns

Fresh air, white sand, and bright décor – beach weddings are a beautiful opportunity to create an ambiance that is both elegant and easy-going.  For an unforgettable effect, let fresh flowers spill out of lanterns lining the pathway to the altar.

Because the natural setting is rich in light-colored tones (like white sand and light blue skies), include a bright pop of color on the wedding arch and in the surrounding sand for breathtaking impact. Bold pinks, yellows, and purples are all great flower colors to choose for beach weddings.

Gorgeous Greenery with White Rose Centerpiece

Green and white is a timeless color combo that is often used for weddings. Decorate a wedding arch by securing sprigs of fresh greenery, like eucalyptus or leaf vine, to an arch frame. Then, create a focal point at the top of the archway with fresh white roses.

Roses are the quintessential wedding flower. Fastening a line of white roses at the top of a green wedding arch can create color harmony with the bride’s wedding dress. Be sure to pick a white rose variety that matches closely with the bridal gown to play on the color scheme.

A Circle Represents Infinite Love

In recent years, brides have begun opting for nontraditional shapes to serve as the altar backdrop. Instead of traditional archways, circles, semi-circles, and triangles have exploded in popularity on the wedding scene.

Circular wedding arches can also be symbolic. Just like a wedding band worn on the ring finger, a circle is endless, with no start or finish. When circles are used in wedding décor, they can represent everlasting love that never ends. Talk about romantic wedding décor!

Traditional Arch Heavy with Hydrangeas

Looking for that wow-factor on your wedding day? Then you’ll definitely want to load up the wedding arch with beautiful blooms that take your breath away. If volume is a priority in your wedding décor, you’ve got to give hydrangeas a try.

Fresh-cut hydrangeas are a fantastic flower to use on wedding arches because they are big, lush, and fairly lightweight, making them easy to secure to the frame of the archway. Plus, hydrangeas come in just about every color imaginable, so you’ll get a lot of freedom to choose the precise hue that you like. Lemon, white, lavender, and pastel pink – pick the perfect hydrangea to jazz up your wedding arch, and then scatter loose petals from real roses around the base – just to be extra!

Artsy Wedding Arch with Boho Style

Boho brides love to personalize their décor so it looks and feels like them. Does that sound like you? Then you’ve got to try your hand at making a DIY wedding arch where you decide all the finishing touches. Plus, getting crafty before the big day is a great way to relieve stress!

Instead of opting for a traditional backdrop shape, like a wedding arch, get creative and frame the altar by setting up two decorative pieces on either side. For example, antique wooden shutters or decorative panels can be dressed up for the big event by displaying romantic floral bouquets. Put one on either side of the altar for a balanced look.

Fancy Frame with Twinkle Lights

Sometimes people can underestimate the beauty of indoor weddings. Just because your ceremony is taking place inside doesn’t mean the backdrop can’t be just as beautiful – or even more so! Dress up sheer drapes with a column of fresh roses and twinkle lights in the background. This creates a magical setting that only gets better when the lights are dimmed.

Plus, this setup is a great décor piece that can serve two purposes. Use it for the wedding ceremony, and then transfer the wedding arch and twinkle lights to another location that guests can use as a photo op during the wedding reception. Guests won’t be able to resist an opportunity to take a fancy photo with their date!

Soft Drapes with Heart-Shaped Altar

Another approach is to create a fairly simple wedding arch or gazebo with sheer white drapes, and then draw a romantic heart shape in the sand with fresh-cut roses. Creating a clearly defined space for the bride and groom to stand together – clearly separate from the crowd – can be extra romantic.

This is a wonderful wedding décor idea for beach ceremonies, but the same effect can be achieved indoors, too. Simply create a bold heart shape out of loose rose petals. Hint: be sure to pick a color that contrasts strongly with the floor. If the floor is dark stone or wood, go with crisp white petals. If the floor is a light beige or white color, go with ruby red petals.

Rosaholics Has the Best Flowers for Wedding Arches

Designing your own wedding arch can be a fun way to personalize your big day. Whether you need loose rose petals, full-bodied roses, hydrangeas, sunflowers, or pampas grass, Rosaholics has all the fresh flowers and greenery you need to make the perfect wedding arch for your event. We love our customers, so we take extra care to make sure your flowers are perfect for your wedding day!

Check out all our fresh flower varieties to find the best blooms for your wedding arch. Cheers!


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