Sweet 16 flowers are an integral and often the most beautiful part of a surprise. Be sure to please your beloved, girlfriend, sister, classmate, or daughter with a wonderful bouquet. Don't neglect her.

Young ladies from an early age should get used to the fact that the girl should be presented with flowers for the holidays, but not only. After all, flowers are a sign of love and attention, as well as a desire to emphasize the beauty of a girl. Flowers are the beauty of the surrounding world and all girls love to admire what is beautiful. The best way to please a girl on her birthday is to present a sweet 16 bouquet.

Birthday is the third reason after March 8 and Valentine's Day to give flowers to a girl. Someone buys a bouquet for congratulations on the way to the holiday, but most of them think in advance which composition to choose. Read the article to find a present in accordance with the age of the birthday girl.

In this guide, you will learn:

  • what flowers are best for a girl of 16 years old?
  • basic rules for choosing colors
  • general recommendations for choosing a bouquet for a girl
  • gift ideas for a sweet 16

What flowers to choose for a girl on a sweet 16 birthday?

The best surprise is the one that meets the tastes of the hero of the occasion. But if you don't know about her preferences, use our tips:

  • If the girl is only sweet 16, present lush bush daisies, snow-white gerberas, or tulips. They symbolize purity and girlish innocence. You can also give a bouquet of white roses "Casablanca" which would symbolize the purity and innocence of the girl. You can buy such a bouquet in our store.
  • For a spectacular congratulation - choose multi-colored sweet 16 roses, for example, our bouquet “Viva La Vida” looks gorgeous for congratulations. These roses look really gorgeous. Give preference to bright shades or, conversely, pastel mixes, two-tone varieties, or bouquets with a gradient, you can buy such a multicolored rainbow mix “Rainbow Roses” in our store.
  • In the spring-summer period, girls' favorites are light shades of flowers. Take this opportunity to wish the birthday girl longevity, prosperity, good luck, and great happiness with the help of the present.
  • If you are looking for a bouquet for the birthday of your beloved, choose red roses in combination with white ones, for example, it can be our bouquet “Dolce Amore Roses” that will express your love for the birthday girl. Such a bouquet means not only love, but also sensuality, sexuality, and eroticism.
  • When choosing a bouquet, be guided by the rule: the younger the birthday girl, the lighter the shades of the buds in the sweet 16 bouquet should be. Creamy, soft pink, and lilac petals look delicate and sophisticated in our “Cielito Lindo” bouquet.

Flowers for a sweet 16 birthday 

Flowers for a sweet 16 birthday


A bouquet of flowers is an integral part of any gift that will brighten up your holiday. Unfortunately, many people do not know how to choose the right and beautiful bouquet that would please the person. Florists will share tips:

  • The composition should be small so that the girl can see it and take a picture with a gift. Even if you surprise a 16-year-old teenager, a hundred buds will look ridiculous in fragile girlish hands.
  • A 16-year-old girl can buy bright colorful compositions: orange, purple, red. Let it mixes. Variegated colors attract attention. The bouquet "Pinky Promise Roses" of blue and pink sweet 16 roses will really please the girl.
  • Avoid plants with a strong scent, such as lilies. But do not buy odorless flora either. Flowers should exude a light, unobtrusive scent. These flowers are beautiful roses from our store.
  • Sweet 16 roses are appropriate in high school. Choose varieties with unusual flower buds, for example, the “Tulum Fresh Roses” bouquet from our online store combines a combination of yellow, white, burgundy, and red roses.
  • In elementary school, a girl will be delighted with a bouquet of beautiful rose flowers with candies or soft toys. It is also a practical gift. You can drink tea with sweets after class, and use toys as holiday talismans.

Rules for choosing flowers for a sweet 16 birthday

A birthday is a special event, so we will tell you about the congratulation bouquet in detail. When buying a flower presentation, there are some rules to keep in mind ..

  • On a memorable date, it is customary to give a gift that will be remembered for a long time. It can be beautiful sweet 16 roses in our “Isadora Fresh” bouquet, in which we combined orange and white roses.
  • Start with the symbolism of the flower. The way to adulthood opens before the birthday girl. Wish her well in the floral language. This can be done with sunflowers or yellow roses.
  • We recommend choosing the size of the composition according to the number of years performed. The main thing is that the number is odd. If the girl turns 16, add one bud to the present. This is a wish for wealth and profit.

But a bouquet of flowers is just an addition to the main gift. You can see Sweet 16 birthday gift ideas  below.

Other gift ideas on the sweet 16 birthday

Other gift ideas on the sweet 16 birthday


It is not easy to calculate the innermost desires at this age: the tastes of young ladies change faster than fashion trends.

  • Electronic devices. The girls follow the novelties in the world of technology, they are well versed in them.
  • Clothes and footwear. For a sixteen-year-old lady, there is not much clothing.
  • Bag, clutch bag, backpack. Before choosing, study fashion trends, look through the offers of virtual markets.
  • Cosmetics. All girls love to do make-up.
  • Thermal bottle. Such a gift will come in handy for a walk, at the gym, at the cinema, at a concert, and at a skating rink.
  • Original items for room design, pleasant leisure, and good mood - frameless furniture, 3D bed linen, space night light, fluffy blanket, large soft toy.


Probably there is no such person who would not want to receive a gift for his birthday that the birthday man dreamed of for a long time, but sometimes we do not know what a person wants to receive on his birthday. Choosing a birthday present is not an easy task, but after reading our article you now know what gift and sweet 16 bouquet you can give for a birthday of 16 years.

FAQ on the topic gift ideas for a sweet 16:

What to give for a girl’s birthday who has everything?

  • Delicious tea. 
  • Bio fireplace.
  • Porcelain milk jug or gravy boat.
  • Pocket mirror decorated with Swarovski stones or crystals.
  • Jewelry keychain.
  • Volumetric 3D night light.
  • Tabletop illuminated makeup mirror.
  • Unusual serving board.

What flowers to give a daughter for 16 years?

On the 16th birthday, delicate pink roses with half-open buds will be very welcome - they will become the personification of purity and tenderness.

What flowers are given for 16 years?

For a birthday or anniversary (16, 18, 20 years old) they give a voluminous beautiful bouquet. It is best to use several types of flowers, such as roses and carnations in delicate shades of pink or purple.

How to choose flowers for a girl?

When choosing a bouquet for a darling, it is important to take into account absolutely everything, including the number of flowers. Traditionally, the number should be odd. The more magnificent the bouquet is, the more delight it will cause. Girls like bright, variegated, colorful flowers and all kinds of combinations.


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