Sometimes, we make seemingly harmless mistakes when sending a bouquet; however, the recipient's mood can be spoiled. To avoid mistakes when gifting flowers, you need to find out the meaning of the flowers that you are going to give to a person, write a note and put it in the bouquet, and check if you made a mistake with the date of the event in honor of which you want to give the bunch, check the recipient's current address, and take care about beautiful and high-quality flower bouquet wrapping.

It is necessary to carefully take care of the choice of a bouquet and its other components, such as a note and a wrapper. In this article, we will look at the most common mistakes when sending a bouquet and how to avoid them.


Understand the Meaning Of Flowers 

Each flower has its symbolism, everyone knows about some of the meanings of flowers, but sometimes you can make a mistake when choosing a bouquet.

When you try gifting a bouquet of flowers to cheer up the person, your loved one or friend who received a bouquet from you may be swept away or even upset because of your gift. This can happen if you give flowers that are not appropriate in some cases. So, try to know a receiver's preferences or choose a bunch appropriate for any occasion.


Leave a Flower Message

Another mistake that can be made when you’re gifting flowers is the absence of a postcard in the bouquet. Not every person can correctly understand the message of your gift bunch. Write the true intentions of your flower centerpiece and what you want to say on the card. 


gift flower bouquet

Order Delivery On The Right Date Of The Event

Also, try not to make a mistake with the event date on which you try gifting a bouquet. If you mix up the date of an important event for a person, they will be very unpleasant and may think that their events or holidays are unimportant to you.

Some people find it difficult to remember dates, but try not to make this mistake. To always congratulate your acquaintances and friends on their holidays and important events in time, you can do the following things:

  • Set reminders on your phone;
  • Create an event on the calendar;
  • Write important dates on a sticker and hang them over your table.

Check Validity of Specified Address 

There are several situations where a bouquet may not be delivered to the desired address for various reasons. Consider the typical mistakes associated with specifying the address when sending a flower gift and what you have to do to avoid them:

  • You mix up the address of the recipient of the flowers. This will be a rather embarrassing situation. Do not forget to write the address of the person to whom you’re sending the bouquet because if you send flowers without the address they will be returned to you back or may be completely lost. 
  • The sender may make a mistake in a hurry when specifying the address. Try to control every step of sending your gift.
  • Sending a bouquet to the old address. Sometimes the bouquet may not be delivered to the person you sent flowers to, because they changed their place of residence and did not warn you about it. You can clarify the current address of the recipient in the flower delivery service when placing an order for a bouquet.


beautiful packaging for flowers


Choose Beautiful Packaging

Bad packaging for a bouquet of flowers, as well as for any other gift, can give reason to think that you disrespect the person to whom you send flowers and you do not care what mood they will be in after receiving your bouquet. 


Why may the design of your bouquet not be very good?

Consider the main mistakes when wrapping a bouquet and what you can do with it:

  • Poor quality work of florists. The company selling flowers can be to blame for the poor packaging of flowers if you ordered flower delivery. Flower shop workers may be too rushed or inattentive, due to which the quality of the bouquet wrapping may suffer. However, you always need to control the quality of the packaging of your bouquet. 
  • Using plastic wrapper for a bouquet. Usually, people wrap a flower bouquet in a plastic wrapper or put it in a bag. However, wrapping a flower bouquet in a plastic wrapper is not the best option, because plastic can be harmful to the environment. You can choose any type of flower wrapping paper.


Types of flower wrapping paper

There are several types of flower wrapping paper such as:

  • Heavy wrapping paper;
  • Craft paper;
  • Papyrus paper. 

Florists advise wrapping flowers with strong flowers or stem in thin paper such as papyrus.

Alternatively, you can purchase wrapping paper in the same color as the flowers, this will enhance the delightfulness of the bouquet. If you order flowers through an online store, you can ask the florists to take care of the excellent packaging of the bouquet.


red roses and peonies


Don't Give The Same Flowers More Than Once

If you try gifting your loved one a bouquet of the same flowers from time to time, she may also become unpleasant. You may think that you give flowers in a very formal way. The exception is when you know the exact preferences of your loved one.

If you don't know what kind of flowers the person likes, try not to give the same flowers all the time, choose a different bouquet each time. 


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What to write when you send flowers?

When you write a note for a bouquet, you need to include important information so that it is easier for the recipient to understand who this bouquet is from and what the sender wanted to say. The note should include the recipient's name, a few words about the event or holiday on which you congratulate the person, as well as the name of the sender.

Is it weird to give someone flowers?

Gifting flowers is one way to show respect and care for a person, congratulate them on an important event, or express your feelings. There is nothing strange about this gesture. However, when you choose flowers, ensure the bouquet looks dignified and suitable for the occasion.

What to send when you don't want to send flowers?

If you think flowers are too predictable and want to look original, you can give another gift instead of flowers. So, for example, a gift card, a certificate for purchase in a store, wine or other good alcohol drinks, a house plant, a gift basket with delicacies, chocolate treats, a soft toy, and gadgets are suitable as a gift.

What do gifting flowers symbolize?

The most common purpose of giving flowers is to evoke emotions in the recipient. Flowers symbolize care, tender feelings, and support. With the help of flowers, you can express gratitude, congratulate on the holiday, or confess your feelings.

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June 16, 2023 — Alexandr Oleynik