Flowers are something more than magnificent plants presented to a special person. These charming natural creatures send your beloved a romantic message to share emotions you could hardly express in words.

Different flowers represent different symbols, demonstrating heartfelt feelings. But, you might be wondering how to find beautiful flowers for lovers and show gestures of support, loyalty, and passion. Once you come to the florist store, an experienced consultant may offer you a vast assortment of roses, tulips, alstroemerias, orchids, sunflowers, or daisies. Each sample is worth proving to your woman the depth of your romantic feelings.

In this short guide, we reveal to you the top 10 flowers of love allowed for impressing your girlfriend and telling her everything you wish to. In Rosaholics store, you may find the perfect bouquet of fabulous plants to deliver your beloved an epic love letter.




Gorgeous rosebuds with long or middle-length stems present all possible colors you may find in the flora world. These fantastic flowers are synonyms of love and romance. Red, hot pink, orange, exotic, or multicolored specimens match the first date present, an engagement ring, a bridal bouquet, or an anniversary accessory. These royal floral creatures express:

  • “I love you” on Valentine’s Day;
  • “You will be the best mother ever!” on the baby shower or baby birthday;
  • Beautiful flowers for a beautiful woman whatever holiday we celebrate!” on any formal or random occasion.

You can read about rose colors meaning in our article. 


tulips for girlfriend


    You can not imagine spring days without delicate tulips, which qualify as colorful lily-shaped types of romantic flowers. Tender tulips are perfect for a first date to highlight the beauty and charms of your girlfriend.

    Maybe, these blooming creatures seem reserved. Some florists consider classic red tulips an ideal supplement to the official feasts or delegate welcoming. However, a couple-in-love would agree that a tulip is a sign of happiness after a prolonged separation, apology, and epic love.


    peonies for girlfriend


    Wedding trends branded peonies as the bride’s choice in the 2020s. Indeed, these strong garden flowers strengthen atmospheric romance covering both hearts. Peonies with glossy petals and pastel tints are evidence of natural beauty. If you wish to compliment a woman you love, send her a bouquet of peonies. Add a few crimped roses to show heart-filling warmness and joy when looking at someone special.


    iris for girlfriend


    This traditional Iris floral emblem symbolizes sympathy and innocence. Lavender, purple, or yellow flowers with unique bud shapes mean eye-to-eye contacts demonstrating the start of a pure love relationship. You present irises to your girlfriend if you want to represent your hopes for a better life together with a person whose personal qualities comply with your attitudes and principles.


    Alstroemerias for girlfriend


    The princess’s flowers symbolize grace, purity, and honesty for the appreciation of girls’ best qualities. They accompany any multicolored arrangement of a welcoming, greeting, or celebrating bouquet. These mini lily copies are delicate and magnificent. The charming combination is a rose-alstroemeria bouquet for soulmates due to its romantic vibes and pure love inspirations.


    Lilac for girlfriend


    Perhaps, floral symbolism experts define lilacs as gorgeous accessories for dramatic events. However, this definition  makes no sense due to the genuine meaning of these wooden flowers. To find six petal flowers in one blossoming bouquet is a sign of luck. Once you pick these beautiful purple or white flowers for lovers, you could say, “I am a lucky man to find the girl of my dreams!” without any doubt.


    sunflowers for girlfriend


    These shiny flowers with sweet summer tones would be appreciated by any girl who receives a fantastic fresh floral bouquet. Like sources of unlimited positive emotions, you would be lucky to present these flowers to your red-haired girlfriend because of their profound love and happiness meaning. Bouquets arranged with sunflowers show your lady that you admire her. Sending sunflowers to someone special could be interpreted as “You are the Sun which highlights the best qualities of my complicated character.”


    orchids for girlfriend


    These Adorable flowers resemble an Asian version of lilies, callas, and irises. Luxury shapes of orchid buds presented as fresh flowers or plants in a lovely pot highlight love, beauty, refinement, thoughtfulness, mature charm, and other acts of romance.


    daisies for girlfriend


    Daisies, sophisticated and sincerely attractive, bring maternity and child-related feelings. You may present these flowers to your girlfriend if her traits are purely innocent and loyal. Also, men choose daisies to take a further step and say to their women, “You are the person who will become a mother of my children.”


    Chrysanthemum for girlfriend


    Chrysanthemums are an excellent option to make date evenings more romantic even if the fall weather comes with only sadness or melancholy. It seems nature created these flowers to declare a slogan for all couples-in-love. Any challenge could enhance intense amorant vibes speeding up beats of two hearts. 




    Arrange Your Own Bouquet Of Flowers For Your Lover 

    You may assemble different floral messages for a woman or girl you love and want to change your relationship status. Trust our team of florists and recommendations regarding charming bouquets that ideally complement everything you wish to say, act, or prove. Choose Rosaholics products, and you will capture a romantic evening in the memory of both hearts.



    What flower means lover?

    Flowers are unique natural creatures that cupids use to increase twin flame magnetism. A red rose is the most potent flower that enhances love vibrations between partners. Classic specimens of royal floristic spices put a logical conclusion to each milestone of the relationship development.

    What flower means eternal love?

    Rose is literally love's nickname. In addition, each tint demonstrates a special attitude to your partner. For instance, the date period is associated with tender dyes like pink or peach. The marriage reception is a light and heartfelt moment with ivory and creamy colors. Long-term married life full of profound love and respect is rough like good reddish wine.

    What are the most romantic flowers?

    Identifying the most romantic flower is complicated because each delicate fragrant sample is worth receiving this respectful title. However, nobody could refuse to grant a rose as a queen of romantic feelings.

    What is a woman's favorite flower?

    Every woman has a preferable flower. Due to emotional or spiritual similarities, alstroemerias, sunflowers, lilacs, daisies, or peonies could find their owners. However, a rose is an unchangeable choice for each female at any time.


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