Each of us makes mistakes and acts badly with our close people; this can not even happen from evil. You can offend a person for nothing but it can hurt them very much. When you want to apologize beautifully, give your soul mate or friend a bouquet of beautiful flowers such as roses, sunflowers, orchids, daisies,  peonies, anemones and bluebells that will say “I’m sorry”. This will undoubtedly look like an expression of warmth, love, affection, as well as sincerity in your words and requests for forgiveness.

Of course, you can give a bouquet of any flowers that you think are suitable to apologize, but you should know what flowers in floristry mean regret and recognition of your being wrong.

In this article, we will consider what kind of flowers are suitable for the apology and what colors of flowers speak of the sincerity of your words.


The Lists of Flowers Which Are Perfect To Say Sorry

As we have already said, if you hurt your loved one or friend, you can offer your sincere apologies in the form of a bouquet of flowers. In fact, gifting a certain bouquet of flowers while asking for forgiveness is not only an excuse to cheer up the person you offended with a stunningly beautiful bouquet, but also a certain message used in the flower language.

Let’s take a closer look at flowers that say “I'm sorry” and what symbolism they have.




Florists say that long-stemmed pink roses are a delightful chance to tell your close person that despite the fact that there were mistakes in your relationship, you love them very much and ask for forgiveness.

Carefully wrap the bouquet in a beautiful wrapper, enclose a note with a sincere apology and give it to the person you want to apologize to.

By the way, on our website, you can find unique flower arrangements that combine roses with alstroemerias and hydrangeas. These stunning bouquets will awaken your close person’s feelings of admiring unusual flower combinations.  

If you want to know more detailed information about color meaning of roses you can read it in our blog.




These bright and cheerful flowers bring a smile to any person, even if you were a little guilty in front of them. Give them some bright yellow sunflowers if you are looking for flowers for an apology. In the language of the Victorians, these flowers denote adoration.

It is also necessary to say that sunflowers symbolize friendship and happiness. Giving these flowers symbolizes concern and a desire to make the person happy to whom you want to apologize.

You can read interesting  facts about sunflowers you didn't know in our article.





The pure, snowy appearance of white orchids signifies sincerity and pure motives. Giving white orchids emphasises that you remain honest and repent of your actions.

In addition to white orchids, you can also give a bouquet of blue orchids. This is a rarer type of this flower; giving a bouquet of blue orchids, you will emphasize that you are ready to work on yourself to regain the trust of the person you wronged in vain.





In Victorian times, a bouquet of peonies meant an expression of shame. If you regret the situation, peonies are delightful apology flowers for a close person or friend.

There is a legend that the nymph Paeonia paid attention to Apollo but then felt ashamed because she realized that the goddess Aphrodite was watching them. After Paeonia experienced a sense of shame, Aphrodite turned her into a flower.

Thus, by giving a bouquet of peonies, you can show that you feel guilty for what happened and sincerely ask for forgiveness.





Daisies are also a good option as an apology flower. These flowers signify love, friendship, and innocence. Daisies are great for expressing regret and sincere remorse.

If you have offended a person or friend, give a bouquet of pink, red or white daisies. This will cheer them up and make amends for your guilt.






In Japanese, anemone means sincere intentions, mainly white anemones that can be suitable as an apology bouquet. A bouquet of anemones helps express regret for what happened and emphasize that you appreciate this person.

During the Victorian era, a bouquet of red or pink during the Victorian era anemones spoke of a sense of abandonment. So, they can also be presented to a person in front of whom you are ashamed of your actions.

It must be said that there are types of anemones that bloom only in autumn, and there are those that only bloom in spring. Finding fresh seasonal anemones and sending these flowers to say sorry to your close person is an excellent idea.




If we talk again about the era of the Victorians, the bluebells meant humility and good intentions. In Japan, these flowers were regarded as a sign of gratitude. In any culture, bluebells also mean an admission of guilt; thanks to these colors, you can send these flowers to say sorry for an act of which you are ashamed.

By the way, purple bluebells are also presented as a token of appreciation, while blue types of these flowers symbolize humility. You can combine these bluebells into one bouquet and present it with a request for forgiveness.


Flowers For Apology Are The Best Way To Say Sorry

Flowers For Apology Are The Best Way To Say Sorry

Every person sometimes makes mistakes and offends another person. However, in most cases, the reason for the quarrel is not too serious, although it could spoil the mood of a loved one. As we have already said, giving a bouquet as an apology is a great idea to earn forgiveness and see a smile on the face of a loved one or friend. Do not forget to write a note with apologies and a couple of lines about why this person is very dear to you.


Is There a Difference in Sending Flowers To a Woman Or a Man?

In fact, it has traditionally been developed that men should give flowers to women. However, this may not necessarily be the case! If a woman wants to give a bouquet, for example, to say sorry to her man, friend, brother, or colleague, nothing prevents her from doing this.

  • Men can also enjoy receiving flowers from a woman. By giving flowers to your male loved one, you emphasize his importance to you. If you are guilty of something in front of your man, you can also give him a bouquet of beautiful flowers by adding a note with sincere regrets.
  • As an apology to a man, you can give him flowers such as roses, tulips, lilies, chrysanthemums, or birds of paradise.
  • These flowers are men’s favorite. By presenting a bouquet, you will emphasize that the presence of this person in your life is very important to you, and you regret the difficulties that have been between you lately.

Which Colors of Flowers Express Forgiveness

Let’s find out what the color of flowers means that you want to say “sorry”. Experts say that it is white, pink, and yellow flowers that most of all symbolize sincerity, purity of thoughts, and regret of one's mistakes.

Let's take a closer look at the topic related to apology flower colors.


Pink Flowers

Pink flowers


Pink flowers symbolize appreciation, gratitude, and love for the person to whom you give them. A bouquet of pink roses can be used if you want to apologize to someone, they are also good for this.




White Colored Flowers

White colored flowers


A bouquet of white flowers means purity of thoughts and sincerity of actions. The most beautiful white flowers are roses, tulips, and lilies. Also, white flowers express liking, consider this fact when choosing a bouquet that means sorry.



Yellow Flowers

Yellow flowers


The yellow color of the flowers means a joyful mood and friendly feelings towards your loved one. You can give a bouquet of yellow flowers to someone you want to make them smile. If you choose yellow for the flowers you want to give; the most beautiful yellow flowers are roses, orchids, and gerberas.


Send Our Flowers With Your Sincere Apologies 

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Are plants a good way to say sorry?

Yes, plants are an excellent way to apologize. You can back up your words with a bouquet of beautiful flowers. Choose flowers such as roses, sunflowers, orchids, daisies, peonies, anemones and bluebells for your bouquet. Put a card with sincere apologies into the bouquet, and you will see a joyful smile on the face of your loved one.

How many flowers is enough for an apology?

Florists say that exactly 15 roses indicate that you want to apologize. However, it does not matter how many flowers will be in the bouquet you give to your loved one as an apology. The main thing is that you do it sincerely.

When should I give flowers to say I’m sorry?

If you have offended your loved one, words alone may not be enough. Write an apology note and include it in a bouquet of beautiful flowers you will give to the person you hurt. Flowers help to express the sincerity of intentions, a feeling of regret due to their misguided actions and show how much this person is dear to you.

What flowers represent tears?

White lilies are associated with tears. This is connected with the story of the second coming of Christ, which was connected with hope. The valley's lilies symbolise the tears of Eve, who was expelled from paradise.

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