Everyone is already accustomed to the fact that women are traditionally congratulated with flowers. But in fact, men are also very fond of flowers and gladly accept them. Women can be presented with one flower or a lush bouquet, but how to choose the right flowers for a man

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Some flowers are preferable to give to men. Such flowers usually have a strict appearance and a masculine character. For men's bouquets, there are slightly stricter rules of etiquette than for women's. Better to choose a bright bouquet of flowers for a man, maybe even dark shades of burgundy, blue, purple, etc., because delicate pastel colours like pink are strongly associated with women's bouquets. Even when choosing which flowers to give a man, it is worth considering their meaning. 

Reasons to Give a Man Flowers

Of course, there are fewer reasons for presenting flowers to a man than to women. Women can be given flowers at least every day and for no reason. With men, things are a little more complicated. The most common reason to give flowers to a boyfriend is a birthday, anniversary or some kind of achievement: promotion, on New Year or Valentine's Day, receiving an award or winning a competition. But these are official reasons, and the bouquet is an addition to congratulations.

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When can you give a man flowers for no reason? In reality, there are not so few of them:


  • If you want to cheer up. A suddenly presented bouquet of flowers for a man will definitely cause surprise and a smile.

  • To show you care and show a man that sometimes you are willing to protect him. This is a peculiar way to switch roles. When a spouse or lover gets tired at work, and there is no energy for romance, take the initiative. Present flowers and ask out on a date.

  • To show attention to a man and to compliment him. Everyone needs tenderness, regardless of gender. But classic men's gifts are far from romantic.

  • It can also be flowers for a teacher, a doctor as a sign of gratitude for their work.

  • The reason to give flowers to a boyfriend can be a victory in a competition or a sports competition.

  • Give flowers when you meet after a long separation.

Rules for Composing a Bouquet for a Man

1) The colour scheme of a bouquet of flowers for a man should be in dark and saturated shades. Delicate tones of pink are not suitable for men. It can be shades of burgundy, white, blue, purple, or red.

2) Right number of flowers. It is customary to give a single flower when you meet from a trip or leave a hospital. Most often, men are presented with a bouquet of several flowers or a special composition.

3) The design of a bouquet of flowers for a man also has its own requirements. The bouquet should not be lush, have a spherical shape, openwork patterns on the packaging, bows and sequins. It is best if the bouquet has a simple and concise look. A bouquet of a vertical shape is considered masculine, preferably one colour. It is permissible to include flower arrangement cigars, or bottles of alcoholic beverages to give the bouquet a masculine character. 


What Flowers Can You Give a Man?

There are flowers to give men and women chrysanthemums, roses, carnations, lilies, orchids, tulips, dahlias, and calla lilies. What flowers are appropriate for a gift for a boyfriend? If we turn to the symbolism of flowers, then the meanings of masculine colours coincide with character traits characteristic, for the most part, of men. It is better to give flowers at home to a boyfriend with whom you are in an intimate relationship. Only arrange for flowers to be delivered to a man if you do not have a close relationship with him. So you can congratulate your partner, a boss, a distant relative. There is no age limit for giving flowers to men. 

Here are the most common flowers used in men's bouquets:


callaUse callas for a masculine bouquet. Their laconic form perfectly sets off the straightforward male character. These noble and slender flowers come in different shades of white calla lilies are suitable for freedom-loving men who value purity of thoughts and loyalty. Burgundy or purple will be an excellent gift for a passionate dreamer and adventurer. In general, regardless of their colour, calla lilies are a symbol of well-being and family happiness. Therefore, if you think about what flowers to give for your beloved man's birthday, calla lilies will be very appropriate.



Sunflowers will also be a good gift for a man. Large and daring flowers of a decorative sunflower are suitable for courageous men who like to be the center of attention and always achieve their goals. Sunflowers are associated with sun, warmth and life itself. These flowers will be a good gift for your boyfriend for any occasion.




Strelitzia is an exotic, variegated flower native to South Africa. Due to its unusual shape and blue-orange petals directed straight into the sky, Strelitzia is associated with victories, conquests and perseverance in achieving their goals. This flower is considered a symbol of brave, successful and courageous people, so they love to use it in men's compositions. This is the perfect flower for a birthday bouquet for a man, boss, or colleague to ensure a good mood.




Anthurium is a juicy red flower that is suitable for presenting to a man. It attracts eyes and is associated with courage and passion. A bouquet placed at home anthuriums has a beneficial effect on family relationships and brings only positive emotions to its owner. These are lovely male flowers as a birthday present for a loved one.



Amaryllis will be a great gift for a man. This is a masculine flower that symbolises pride, courage and steadfastness. If a girl presents a guy amaryllis, then in the language of flowers, she wants to become closer.





Roses are always appropriate for men's bouquets. The queens of flowers of an ashy, burgundy or white shade may well decorate even the most brutal masculine bouquet, adding a little tenderness and grace to it. However, mono-bouquets of roses are not given to men.




Clematis is a delicate but rather austere flower that symbolizes intelligence and spirituality. If you are looking for what kind of flowers to give for male colleagues’ birthday, a bouquet of clematis will be a wonderful and intellectual gift.





Dahlia is a symbol of wisdom and greatness. In ancient times, dahlias were grown exclusively for noble people. Different colours of dahlia have different symbolism. Red indicates strong feelings. Pink and purple are associated with kindness and grace, while white is the colour of purity.


Of course, this is not a complete list of men's flowers that florists use for their bouquets. You can complement bouquets of flowers with unusual plants and elements with monstera leaves, moss, branches, feathers, artichokes, succulents and so on. All this will give your men's bouquets a unique texture and a unique natural aroma.


Masculine Flower Bouquets Ideas  

If you want to give a man a bouquet, we advise you to pay attention to such options as dark blue roses, black roses, red roses, silver roses, gerberas, red chrysanthemums, and birds of paradise. It's just a myth that only men should give women flowers; men can also be delighted with the presented bouquet. Choosing the best bouquet for a man can be a challenge. 

Use our tips to make it easier for you to decide on flower arrangements for him:

  • Consider bold options

Consider this fact when choosing a bouquet. So, we advise you to pay attention to the flowers in bright or deep shades, such as saturated red, blue, silver, orange, and even black.

  • Pay attention to flower shapes

When choosing a bouquet for men - pay attention to flowers with clear lines of petals. Thus, this bouquet will impress a man.

  • Consider the scent of flowers

When you buy a bouquet for men, look for flowers with a strong and pleasant scent.

Now let’s consider the options for bouquets you can give your man in more detail.


dark blue rosesDark Blue Roses

One of the best ideas for flowers for men would be a bouquet of dark blue roses. It is a known fact that men love blue. So blue roses will impress any man. The blue color also symbolizes wisdom and sincerity. Especially this bouquet would be more appropriate if you give it to a colleague, business partner, or friend for whom you want to express your support in their event.


black rosesBlack Roses

The next option for a bouquet can be a bouquet of black roses. It is a good idea to give the bouquets of black roses to him. It is the color of influential and authoritative people. This bouquet will highlight his wisdom, passion, and elegance.


red rosesRed Roses

Red roses are considered the most popular and versatile option for good reason. They symbolize love, deep feelings, passion, and devotion. They are suitable as a gift for almost any occasion. It is best to give red roses to the man you are in love with to emphasize your feelings.


silver rosesSilver Roses

A bouquet of silver roses such as Argento is a unique combination of silver and blue flowers. Both of these colors are often the favorite colors of men. The blue color is gently muted with a silvery hue looking amazing. This bouquet is stunning and it is suitable as a gift for the most brutal men. 



Gerberas are very appropriate if you want to give a bouquet of flowers for men. They will give a sense of boosting energy and optimism. Gerberas come in a wide variety of colors. And as a rule, these shades are very saturated and can attract a man's attention.


ChrysanthemumsRed Chrysanthemums

Red chrysanthemums are one of the brightest flowers. Their rich red hue will impress any man. They symbolize friendship and prosperity, emphasizing this person's importance in your life. 



Birds of Paradise Birds of Paradise 

If you want to surprise your man with exotic flowers, buy birds of paradise. These are tropical flowers symbolizing fidelity, love, and care. These flowers look very interesting and original. They do not require special care and are great for active men.


Bottom Line 

Why not give a man a bouquet of roses for a holiday or support in some event? If you come up with such an idea, do not doubt your decision. Try to determine the man's favorite color and preferences, and feel free to buy him a flower bouquet as a gift.

Our company Rosaholics offers a great variety of bouquets suitable for all types of occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, Independence Day and, of course, or just flowers for men. We will deliver the flowers of your choice at a convenient time.

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Do guys like it when you give them flowers?

Oh sure. Even though men don't often get flowers from women, it doesn't mean they don't want to be given flowers. A bouquet presented with sincere wishes will amaze even the most brutal male.

What does it mean when a woman gives a man flowers?

A woman can give a man a bouquet for entirely different reasons - support, congratulations on achievements, expression of gratitude. However, if this man is her chosen one, the woman gives him a bouquet to express her feelings and passion for him.

What color roses can you buy for a man?

When choosing the color of roses for your man, pay attention to colors such as red, blue, and black. If you buy bouquets of these colors, it will impress your man very much.

Can you give a guy flowers for Valentine's Day?

Oh sure! It's just a myth that only a man should give a woman flowers. It will be a great idea to please your chosen one with flowers in honor of Valentine's Day! Studies show that men become more open and friendly with their women when receiving such a gift.


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