Dreaming of a wedding, but the guy is still putting it off with a proposal, take the situation into your own hands and propose yourself. There are many different ways to propose to your boyfriend - a romantic picnic, a fabulous vacation, or a love letter. 

Actually, there is no difference in who will stand on the knee. One could ask the beloved the most important and decisive question and, of course, everyone tries to create a special atmosphere to make it more impressive and unforgettable.

If you have a brilliant idea but don't have enough floral decorations, Rosaholics can help you and surprise you with fresh and stunning floristic accessories. Roses are the perfect choice to present to your future husband and ask him to accept a proposal about the readiness to build life mutually.


Can a Woman Propose to a Man?

Gender is not a metric that could indicate a proposal maker's special status. Therefore, women or girls should not hesitate to initiate the first step toward family creation.

Some women refuse to start the proposal-making occasion because many conservative countries are used to authorizing men to become engagement initiators. However, certain nations have curious traditions to demonstrate the real love feelings of the females.

Can a woman propose a man

The ancient Irish tradition is the most common sample about how to propose to a guy. Hence, the Irish folk customs allow women to propose to their lovers in a leap year. More precisely, all couples in love could be engaged in the female initiative. However, there is one condition. A woman is permitted to propose to a man only on February 29.

Indeed, the proposal step is a valuable check for the relationship's durability. If a woman, thinking about How do you propose to a man?”, takes a risk and goes forward with the essential question, she could ensure whether the right man is around her. Spontaneous “Marry me” question or the planned engagement evening is a chance to check the boyfriend's thoughts about the further mutual life. Our floral gurus could help eliminate any assumptions and hear a positive reply.


Great Ideas To Propose a Boy

Engagement place, date, and attributes chosen for men hardly differ from events organized for females. The only aspect each girl should consider is containing all occasion elements in boyhood styles combined with romantic scenes and vibes related to men.

So, this guideline dedicated to engagement planning secrets is a must-have instruction about how to propose to a boy and not repel him.


Propose on the Vacation

Propose on the vacation

If you have a long-term happy relationship with your boyfriend and discuss your future plans, you should be ready to catch the special signs, which means it is time to act.

The best way to propose to a man is to organize the vacation of his dream. Each detail should cope with the male expectations for love-inspired events.

To solve the issue of how to propose to a guy during the vacation, pay attention to some recommendations:

  • Choose an appropriate place. The eligible engagement location could be a native venue or site your boyfriend desires to visit. Outstanding historical destinations or fiction-related areas like New Zealand's landscapes captured in the Lord of the Rings. Everything should enhance warm childhood memories or spiritual passions;
  • Catch the right moment. Even if you decide to ask the most romantic question spontaneously, you need to plan all possible scenarios and schedule the correct proposal time. Do not propose when you have an excursion or visit a public place. Try to plan an only-for-two session in the vacation agenda. The intimate atmosphere highlighted with flowers is the cutest way to propose to a guy.
  • Take care of the mood. Even if any risk could arise, never give up and apply plan B. For instance, think about curious premises if the weather makes corrections to your engagement strategy. Remember, it doesn't matter where you propose. Everything depends on the emotions, colors, and speech you are going to express.

Propose with a Gift 

Propose with a gift

Your plan designed for the strategy about how to propose to a boy includes two obligatory gifts:

  • Engagement ring. The male engagement rings are beautiful individual jewelry masterpieces that satisfy specific tastes and preferences. Such accessories prove your real feelings to a man you love and sincere emotions touching both hearts in minutes of the union.
  • Proposal bouquet. Do not think that men dislike flowers. They do admire cute elegant bunches of roses. A floral attribute is an essential element that symbolizes the words, emotions, and feelings you can not share using words or gestures.

Do You Need Flowers When Proposing a Boy?

Men love flowers as girls qualify diamonds to be their best friends. However, they prefer independent, strong and royal flowers like a good mature whisky. These flowers are roses.

Wooden stems with luxury rosebuds could discover unspoken amorous lyrics:

  • Blue roses. Vibrant azure roses are ideal for building a plan of how to propose to a guy. These rose variations demonstrate male strength and admiration for the bunch receiver. If you choose Blue Lagoon, Chelsea, or Blue Bay bouquets, you mean deep love feelings, intense and unlimited, like ocean waters on our planet presented to the special man.
  • Red roses. Velvet classic roses could steal the male audience’s attention. Gorgeous tints match the temper features of any man. Stunning sun-playing colors resemble young men - enthusiasts or maximalists. Intense wine roses represent real gentlemen and leaders who exactly know how to manage your mutual life. Extraordinary fragrant samples fit individuals with creative mindsets and artists. Bunches like Red Explosion, Lover, Delight Fresh, Classic Red, or Eloise are different ways to propose to a boy excitingly.
  • Exotic roses. Roses of atypical colors like silver, black, or light green present plenty of remarkable moments and emotions you wish to present for your boyfriend. Rock fans and people in business would appreciate these natural wonders. Magnetic plants attract any person, whatever interest they have.
  • Multicolored roses. Roses colored in various combinations of rainbow tints are an excellent idea to propose to a boy in a funny manner. These positive specimens are perfect for the alternative engagement when you organize the proposal session with your future husband after he does it. Warm and candy colors of multicolored rose bunches will grant an optimistic atmosphere and add romantic vibes for pre-wedding busy days.


You can use information from our article about 12 Proposal Rose Bouquets to Say "MARRY ME" and choose a suitable bouquet.


Cook a Romantic Dinner

Cook a romantic dinner

Yummy dinner with your boyfriend’s favorite dishes arranged with romantic attributes, including candles, photo collages, and roses, is one of the cutest ways to propose to a guy. The intimate atmosphere covering the hearts of two is an essential feeling for males and females. Indeed, men could be qualified for more romance followers than women. So, such an engagement concept highlighted by the petals of lavender roses makes a powerful, surprising effect on your boyfriend.



Write a Love Letter

Write a love letter

The one more way to propose to a guy indirectly is to write a love letter. Highlight why you choose him and emphasize his importance in your life. Describing your emotions and feelings in writing helps to share your soul's sincerest vibes. You may write a letter that retells your couple's story, worries, and hopes for a better future together. Send a letter with a bouquet of ivory roses resembling a special envelope. The P.S. part should contain intriguing phrases like “Turn back” or “Look outside”. Upon this request, you may appear with a bold rose bunch and engagement ring, finalizing the proposal event with a well-known question.


Propose to Him in a Funny Way

Propose to Him in a Funny Way


If you're too nervous about it, then propose in a more relaxed atmosphere. Easygoing conversations during an everyday walk or doing casual activities like movie watching or bathroom procedures could be finished by a question like “Would you marry me?” with a joke-like intro. The proposal will become a more official sequence of actions once you present the engagement ring and calm peach roses


Propose on a Special Day

Propose on a Special Day


You may organize a romantic date on Valentine's Day, plan a mini party for two on his birthday, or celebrate the mutual anniversary with a pleasant, love-inspired ending. The special day induces the flight of fantasy about how to propose to a guy and receive a positive response. However, such a big day will be marvelous and pompous if you design premises with orange tints of magnificent roses in order to highlight feast moods.


Get Help from the Nature

Get Help from the Nature


Natural landscapes are unconditional alternatives to make the engagement day for males memorable. Atmospheric places created for two loving hearts will never be refused by men who hide their romantic souls.

Outdoor picnics, BBQs, wood escapes, or romantic dates on the beach are not an exhaustive list of original decorations granted by nature to back up a proposal speech.


Outdoor Picnic

Lovely outdoor meal sessions with a park, lakeside, or country heel panorama are a good idea to deal with the preparatory issues regarding how to propose to a guy. Choose roses with garden or field florist companions like sunflowers to add nature notes for the romantic ambience.


You can read the interesting information about Sunflowers Facts You Didn't Know in our blog.


Propose in the Wood

Proposals in magnificent wood places are the other cute ways to propose to a guy. Plan a romantic trap for your boyfriend. Use different signs which follow him to the required destination, where you meet him with a bold bouquet of roses with tender hydrangeas.


Beach of the River, Sea, or Ocean

Marine topics are prioritized in the proposal-approved top places. Asking “Marry me?” on the beach is a childish dream for both men and women. Do not neglect a charming opportunity to announce your feelings in the romantic sunset atmosphere of calm waves. A bunch arranged of roses and alstroemerias will become a perfect accessory for this festive moment.


5 DON'Ts When You Propose to a Boy

5 DON'Ts When You Propose to a Boy

Engagement is always a romantic occasion in the life of two twin flame hearts. However, you must remember five standard rules to eliminate stress and organize everything in a particular order.


Don't Panic

Stress and worries about every detail and different scenarios of your boyfriend's reactions could freak you out and spoil all efforts and plans. Whatever happens, you are still in love and harmony with each other. Indeed, relax and enjoy every second of such a charming moment.


Don't Be Shy

Shyness is one of the woman’s charms. However, do not be too shy if you decide to take the first step and bound your partner with engagement ties. Be sincere when you make a proposal and tell him what you feel and think. He will understand you better. 


Don't Hide Your Feelings

Different expressions of your feelings by means of words, gestures, or other romantic attributes are ways of love demonstration and evidence of the purity of your intentions if you wish to propose to the dearest person - a boyfriend.


Don’t Insist

Try to speak in a casual way and avoid command phrases. Do not pressure him. Your boyfriend should not compare your proposal with an ultimatum. Remind some funny stories and be positive to make the atmosphere calm and relaxed.


Don’t Abuse Him

Your words should not sound sarcastic or rude. Don't manipulate him by using his weaknesses to get the answer you want.  You should remember that men are more psychologically vulnerable than women. Find exactly the words that can find reflection in his heart. 


Rosaholics’ Products are Worth to Highlight Any Engagement Date

A woman or man wishing to develop romantic affairs in new forms of mutual life presents pretty fairytale moments to their partners. Nobody could declare that love manifestations supported by females or males are romantic actions that strengthen feelings. Rosaholics is honored to turn those ambitions into reality and offer organic fresh and luxury supplements to the presented engagement ring in order to melt the strong men’s hearts.



Can a girl propose to a guy with a ring?

Girls could follow the same engagement traditions for their male partners and present them with designed jewelry. Individual rings are manufactured in line with the tastes and preferences of the men's world.

Do you need flowers for a proposal?

Flowers are a must-have attribute that brings freshness and sentimental symbols to the engagement ritual. These plants could share emotions and feelings you can not express in words.

What do you give a man when you propose?

When proposing to a man, a woman gives him a ring as a sign of the unbreakable vow for a future happy life, and roses symbolize the strength and integrity of love feelings.

What flower means to marry me?

Roses are created by nature to unify two loving hearts and get them engaged.

Why is it difficult for a girl to propose to a boy?

Old stereotypes make some barriers to gender equality. Girls deem a proposal to their boyfriends difficult due to their shyness or judgments of society. However, if girls decide to become the engagement initiator, their men will be grateful for such a surprising romantic interpretation.

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