Rose is rightfully considered to be the queen of flowers. Though most scientists agree that they most likely appeared in Asia. With the help of some historical sources, scientists established that the cultivation of this plant began nearly 5,000 years ago in China. And even then, they already acquired specific meanings. It seems that roses have been the representation of romantic feelings since the beginning of humankind. But no one knows the true origin of roses and their meaning.

Many believe that it appeared long before the first signs of human existence were discovered on Earth. According to an old belief - if there is always a fresh bouquet of flowers in the house, then happiness does not leave it. This is especially true of the royal bouquet of roses. But what is the key to roses’ popularity? Is it only their beauty? Or maybe there is something else? Of course, beauty is the first answer that comes to your mind. Peoples’ tastes vary in many matters. Some like daisies, the others prefer orchids. Indeed, for many occasions, like weddings or birthdays, people mostly tend to buy a bouquet of roses. 


Moreover, there are a lot of different rose breeds and colors. Some people even assosiate the rose color  with a special meaning. For example, it is known that the red rose is a symbol of love and passion, while the pink one expresses more tender feelings. 

What is a Rose Origin?

Roses are known to have appeared about 35 million years ago. This flower belongs to the family of Rosaceae and has approximately 300 species grown all over the world. The number of cultivars and hybrids is even more impressive — over 10,000. Let’s find out more about the history of this popular yet so mysterious flower: 

roses in Roman Empire

Roman Empire

Romans were the ones to cherish the roses; thereby, the Roman aristocracy ordered to establish large public rose gardens in the South of Rome. Also, during the Roman expansion, roses were massively grown in the Middle East. Roses buds and rose petals were often used in a lot of holidays and feasts. Such banquets usually involved rose petals, confetti, fountains filled with thousands of petals and even exotic dishes with rose hips.  

It is known that sometimes peasants struggled with hunger because of this, as they had to grow roses instead of food. 


wars of the roses

Middle Ages

When Christianity became one of the main religions, roses were considered as the symbol of paganism and lechery. Yet, by the 12th century, slowly roses regained their pure meaning origin and resembled the victim of the sin in the Eden garden. 

In the 15th century, White and Red roses became the symbol of war and confrontation. All thanks to Yorks and Lancasters, whose families’ coats of arms had white and red roses as symbols. This war is the origin of the name “Wars of the Roses”. 


roses in 17th century

The Enlightenment Epoch

In the 17th century, roses were so valuable that they were regarded as a source of legal tender. Also, later, in the times of Napoleon reign, it is known that his wife Josephine had a thing for roses. That’s why she created a great garden in the Malmaison Chateau, which counted up to 250 different species of roses.


roses in 18th century

The 18th Century to Modern Time

During the 18th century, florists and botanists worked on creating new rose species. That’s when roses acquired their traditional appearance. And until nowadays, they are still very loved by a lot of people from florists to gardeners.  


Roses are a decoration for any holiday and just add bright colors to an ordinary  day. Go to our Rosaholics website to choose the most beautiful bouquet!



Are roses native to England?

Well, not really. Roses were introduced to England by Romans. The first species were called “Rosa Alba”.

What is the strongest smelling rose?

The English rose “Boscobel” is regarded to have the strongest scent. This is a shrub rose, which was created by David Austin in 2012.

What color roses are the most fragrant?

Traditional red and pink roses, considered to have that classic rose smell. White roses have the weakest scent.

Where did the rose name come from?

When Aphrodite (Venus in Roman mythology) came out of the sea, the sea foam covered her body. From this foam, a rose was born.


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July 20, 2023 — Alexandr Oleynik