Roses are the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a gift for your loved one. A bouquet of roses can evoke a smile and pleasure. Besides, roses aren't limited to classic scarlet and white colors. Florists can make blue, black, purple, yellow or other unusual roses bouquets. Roses of unique colors have become more prevalent in recent years. People buy purple roses to decorate their homes or make unusual wedding bouquets.

There are a few purple flowers that nature has created. But purple roses came from combining different varieties to create a new color hybrid. Let's figure out in what cases it would be right to give purple roses and how they gained popularity.


Meaning of Purple Roses

Purple Roses

The scent of roses should lure bees to pollinate. Perhaps we offer our loved one’s flowers to enchant with a magical scent?

Bouquets of scarlet roses are most often given to loved ones and on anniversaries. Scarlet roses symbolize love, respect, passion and therefore are a universal color for bouquets. Purple roses have a special meaning. Lavender means love at first sight, and the flower presented in this color expresses charm and attraction. You can give a bouquet of lavender roses to the person you are in love with to show your feelings. The delicate light purple color symbolizes gentle and pure emotions.

Historically, the dark purple tint of roses has been a symbol of royalty for generations. Since then, purple roses have gained an additional association with dreamy and exclusivity. A bouquet of these roses should be presented to special people who captivate you and give you the feeling of a fairy tale. Moreover, rich purple roses symbolize sincere and intimate relationships. Because purple roses are not found in nature, they also suggest inaccessibility and mystery. Different tones of flowers have their meaning from which you need to build on when drawing up a bouquet.


In What Cases And To Whom Are Purple Roses Presented?

Roses of rare colors are usually given for special occasions. Blue, purple and yellow roses are designed to amaze. These stunning flowers can become an original note in a bouquet. Roses have always been the flowers of romance and love; therefore, they are most often presented to loved ones. 

In What Cases are Purple Roses Appropriate?

  • The color scheme’s restraint and originality make a bouquet of these roses an ideal gift for a boss or colleagues. Anyone will appreciate an unusual and original gift.
  • Often bouquets of light purple roses make up for the bride's bouquet and wedding decoration. A unique shade will look appropriate with a white dress. The symbol of tenderness and purity is well suited for decorating weddings and celebrations.
  • Present purple roses to your sweetheart, and the bouquet will say more than words. The uniqueness and originality of roses eloquently hint at tender feelings.
  • Shades of purple symbolize mystery, and a bouquet of such roses is perfect for creative and extraordinary people. Any person will appreciate a bouquet in a non-standard color.


purple roses

The History of the Appearance of Purple Roses

Purple roses did not exist in nature. There are many varieties of roses with different shades of purple, thanks to breeders’ work. Initially, breeders tried to breed a blue rose, but they turned out to be purple. As a result of crossing European varieties with the Chinese rose, we can be content with purple roses today.

The idea of unusual breeding varieties appeared to please the royal families. One of the most popular types is Midnight Blue. This variety of roses has a delightful aroma and rich purple velvet buds. Besides, the Purple Eden variety was bred whose flowers have a smoky plum color by selection. Finally, the cultivators bred a bright purple rose and named it Rhapsody in Blue in 2002. This variety retains its bright color in summer and becomes lighter towards autumn.

Purple roses combine well with yellow, white, and hot pink flowers and are a great addition to any bouquet. Moreover, you can grow purple roses in your garden to cheer you up all summer.

Roses began to play a large role in expressing people's feelings to each other. When the manifestation of emotions was considered bad form in the strict Victorian era, people showed their attitude by giving bouquets to their beloved. Moreover, a bouquet can sometimes tell more than words.

Lilac roses can be classified as one of the most unusual varieties. Many girls dream of receiving a bouquet of roses of a unique color as a gift. The girl will appreciate not only the meaning of purple roses but also their exclusivity.

Present your loved ones with bouquets that are completely purple roses or combine different flowers to enhance your message. A bouquet of roses will be appropriate for any important event. 

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Are there naturally purple roses?

No, there are no naturally occurring true purple roses. The closest natural color to purple in roses is a deep shade of magenta or lavender. But true purple roses do not exist in nature.

How common are purple roses?

Purple roses, while not as common as other rose colors like red or pink, are still popular among rose enthusiasts and flower lovers. They are sought after for their unique and captivating appearance, making them a desirable choice for special occasions and floral arrangements.

What does a purple rose mean in a relationship?

In a relationship, a purple rose often symbolizes enchantment, love at first sight. They show a sense of deep fascination with the other person. The color purple is associated with romance and elegance.

What do 24 purple roses mean?

The gift of 24 purple roses typically signifies admiration, appreciation, and deep affection toward the recipient. It can be a gesture of love, expressing the sender's admiration and enchantment with the recipient.


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