Some people believe that a zodiac sign can tell about a person and their character and preferences. When choosing a bouquet based on this, you just have to know the recipient’s date of birth and then ask the florist for help. What may surprise you is that each flower has its own temper as well. 

If you have a problem when choosing flowers for a gift, we will help you solve it. Flowers can be chosen even if you don't know the person's preferences. To do this, you just need to know the recipient’s qualities. Based on the temperament and preferences of a person, you can understand what kind of bouquet the recipient would like. For example, individuals who love attention and luxury prefer red roses, lovers of small companies and cute surprises love daisies, outgoing and open-minded people would rather choose sunflowers.


Flowers for Fire Signs

Aries Flower: Red Roses, Tulips 

Aries is a strong-willed and confident sign. Representatives of this sign will always go towards their goal, whatever it takes. If they start doing something, then their perseverance will never allow them to give up, even if they fail. This zodiac sign emits unique and magnetic energy that attracts other people. Red roses and red-yellow tulips suit them perfectly as they are vivid, fiery, and evocative, just like Aries themselves. A bouquet of these flowers will be a great gesture to express your sympathy for Aries.



Leo Zodiac Flower: Sunflower

Leos are strong individuals. They always want to occupy exclusively leading positions in life. These people carry strength and radiate positive energy, attracting people to them. They can never live calmly and in moderation because they are constantly eager to move forward and conquer new heights. Also, Leos are ready to invest all their strength in a person they love. Representatives of this sign do not forgive insults and are ready to stand up for themselves.


The eye-catching and radiant sunflower is the perfect flower for the zodiac sign of Lions. These flowers attract the attention of others and are associated with warmth and kindness.


Sagittarius Flowers: Carnations

The representatives of this zodiac sign are known for their love for freedom. Such people are cheerful and friendly, always ready to help their friends, even if they are not quite right themselves. They are self-sufficient and do not like to be criticized because they are their own masters. The independence and self-confidence of Sagittarius are impressive, and these traits magnetize surrounders.

For such fiery people, the ideal solution is carnations. They are lush and bright, representing sincerity. These flowers will help you to express your admiration for the strength and resilience of Sagittarians. They will show that you like their flaming nature and versatile personality.


Choosing Colors for Earth Zodiac Signs

Taurus Zodiac Flower: Lilies

The calm and reasonable zodiac sign. People born under this sign are prone to arrogant decisions. They do not like to accept help, so they often refuse “chances of fate” or friendly offers. These people are pretty ambitious, investing in their life, education, and business for success in life. They will take all the credit for their successes, but only if they do all the work by themselves. Although this sign is known for its conservatism, Taurus has a very romantic nature.


Their zodiac flowers are lilies. A simple yet sophisticated flower with a delightful scent. These flowers can convey the character of Taurus with their appearance: neatness, severity, beauty, and a unique aroma, like a drop of romance.

Virgo Flower: Asters

People born under the sign of Virgo love order very much. They often criticize someone because they want to fix flaws. These people are very balanced and intelligent. They are always looking for logical reasons for someone's actions. Often, representatives of this sign have extraordinary beauty, but they are not looking for popularity and feel comfortable staying in their small circle of friends.

Asters characterize Virgos perfectly. These flowers are similar to daisies, cute, tender, and lovely. The similarity of such a bright and cute flower with a field flower is precisely what makes it look like the Virgo zodiac sign.

Capricorn Flower: Violet

Capricorn is a well-known zodiac sign that has many stereotypes. Capricorns are known for their self-confidence and stubbornness. They do not like to lose in any conflict, so they will prove their case to the last word. Capricorns are very self-motivated and willing to learn and do their best to achieve their goal.

The flower of this zodiac sign is violet. They will be able to care for this plant for a long time. Capricorns have enough perseverance and desire to contain this flower. The violet also looks luxurious and simple at the same time, like the Capricorns themselves. The violet is a great romantic gesture.


Choosing Flowers for Air Signs

Gemini Flowers: Lavender

A very creative and truly romantic zodiac sign. Many Gemini representatives have two personalities in one mind. They can be funny and brooding, the life and soul of the party and introverted, and even friend and foe, all at the same time. It may scare some people, but Geminis are often very amiable and ready to help. And their temporary adventures and deception extend not only to those around them but also to themselves.

For people born under the sign of Gemini, lavender is a perfect choice. They have a very loving and hyperactive temperament, and lavender symbolizes the calmness they lack in life so that the flower will complement their personality. In addition, these are very romantic flowers that will help to express sincere feelings for Gemini beautifully.

Libra Flowers: Hydrangea

They are smart and reserved, always ready to listen, and try to keep tact in a conversation with a person. Libra is constantly looking for balance in everything, comparing all the pros and cons of an act. They attract people because they are excellent conversationalists and can always listen and give advice.

Hydrangea will impress Libra. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, this flower is beautiful and romantic, and the romantic nature of Libra will like it. Secondly, the hydrangea looks mysterious; it personifies the reverie of Libra. In addition, hydrangea has an aesthetic that attracts representatives of this zodiac sign. They are always ready to help. 

Aquarius Zodiac Flower: Iris

It is a mysterious zodiac sign. Representatives of this sign love to surprise and be surprised. They always have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and discoveries, which ensures excellent erudition. Also, Aquarians love to make new friends, putting all their strength into it. Aquarians seek harmony in relationships. They want romance to be inherent, but at the same time, it should not interfere with their constant movement.

An excellent choice for this zodiac sign is the iris. This flower attracts a lot of attention not only for its color but also for its shape. It is a copy of Aquarius in the world of flowers. Iris also means ambition, which Aquarius has more than enough of.


What Flowers to Choose for the Water Zodiac Signs?

Cancer Zodiac Flower: Orchid

Cancers seem determined and unshakable to strangers, but they are so warmhearted and kind. They can be quite jealous, yet they can surprise their soulmate and know how to be romantic. People of this sign are sincere and honest; they are ready to go to great lengths for the sake of loved ones. In return, they will wait only for loyalty.

Cancers’ flower is the orchid. Cancers love consistency, and this flower lives for a long time and blooms regularly. Orchids need love and care, which is what Cancers love to share the most. If you do not know what color to choose - white would be perfect. The white orchid symbolizes respect and poise. 

When giving flowers to such romantic and sentimental people, it is better to clarify personal preferences. This is how you can impress Cancer even more.

Scorpio Flowers: Red roses

Scorpios are highly controversial. They are inscrutable because they present themselves as cruel and cynical individuals; however, behind this may hide loyal and devoted friends, ready to come to help. They strive to understand themselves and their nature, so they analyze themselves a lot. They also like to get to know other people better to know their weaknesses in case of conflict.

Red roses are perfect for this sign. These flowers represent passion and lust, just like the Scorpios themselves. Also, a bouquet of red roses looks gorgeous, and these people love luxury and wealth. Choose only lush and presentable bouquets.

Pisces Flower: Daffodils

Pisces is said to be a dreamy and brooding personality. People born in March are constantly thinking about something. Their heads are in the clouds, making plans, dreaming of something, but rarely achieving their intended goal. To get their aim, Pisces need inspiration and a strong personality standing by them. Pisces never give themselves offense and do not allow others to speak about their shortcomings while they know about them. This water sign also has incredible generosity. From time to time, they waste money on something odd that brings them admiration and happiness. 

The zodiac flower for Pisces is daffodils. Daffodils are also associated with daydreaming and gentleness. Pisces will appreciate this gift since it looks very romantic.

Bottom Line

Zodiac signs are more than just words. Each of us has a particle of something unusual, supernatural. This is what makes us similar and different at the same time. Therefore, based on basic knowledge about a person's character, we can pick up anything for them, even flowers.



How do florists combine flowers in a bouquet?

The color scale plays the main role. You need to make everything look harmonious - this is especially difficult to maintain in multicolored bouquets. It is also essential that the flowers fit together, so you need to take one type of flower as a basis and simply supplement it with the rest.

How are zodiac signs related to human qualities?

A person is born under a certain arrangement of cosmic bodies; therefore, the signs of the zodiac are divided into periods. Astrologers believe that the arrangement of planets and stars influences events on earth. Therefore, an astrological chart is drawn up with certain correspondences of human qualities and events on earth in certain cycles.

What zodiac signs are best for giving flowers in a pot?

In order to take care of a flower, you need to be responsible, persistent, and love to take care of something or someone. Such qualities are possessed by Taurus, Cancer, Libra, Virgo, and Aquarius.

Does the color of the flowers you give play a role?

Sure. Get to know the temper and preferences of the giftee. Choose gentle tones for a calmer and more romantic person. Bright and versatile personalities will prefer vivid and multicolored bouquets.


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