flowers for sending to hospital

Sending flowers to the hospital will go a long way in improving the patient’s mood. It will also help in giving them a little bit of cheer that they are desperately looking for.

The best flowers are their favorite ones. A nice color palette and freshness give the patient a second breath of life. 

Usually, many people get confused when such a moment comes and have no idea what flowers to take. Take your breath and follow some guidelines to choose the right blooms. 

So, what flowers are the best to send to the hospital? 

  1. Avoid snow-white colors when choosing a bouquet. It will fade with the walls of a hospital room. Conversely, too bright colors can irritate the vision. 

  2. Think over a bizarre or unusual vase. It can surprise the patient.  

  3. Look for blooms that have no fragrance or with a delicate, slight smell.

  4. Choose plants that do not require care.

  5. The bouquet should not be in anyone's way. It is still a hospital, not your own house. Mind the size of the hospital room and your flowers.

The Best Flowers to Send to the Hospital      

To choose the best flowers that evoke happiness and peace, consider the following recommendation and then check out the tabs to find blooms at a loyal price. The queen of flowers is a rose. You may combine rose buds with other plants or just give a bunch of roses - they look fantastic anyway and suit any occasion, just mind the meaning. 

If you love someone (and it is not about romantic feelings only), you try to care for them, treating and do some pleasant things. When we get a lovely flower arrangement,  we feel fantastic, like we are in the spotlight and matter to others. It is crucial to experience the patient the same feeling - as scientists claim, positive emotions accelerate recovery, and that's a fact! 

The Size of Flowers

Size of Flowers for hospital

Massive bouquet looks stunning and impressive, but not in this case. It takes up too much space, that inappropriate in the hospital room. A compact bouquet is much better. People need a place where they put medicines, equipment, and other necessary items. Do not make hospital staff uncomfortable by constantly moving the flower from place to place. In addition, tall flowers are easier to turn over. Get creative and send preserved flowers, like roses. It lasts long and requires no special maintenance.  

The Best Color of Flowers to Send to Hospital     

Best Color of Flowers to Send to Hospital


It is preferable to bring brilliant flowers to the sad walls of hospitals, which will give patients joy, cheer them up, and become a manifestation of support and attention. Doctors recommend plants with life-affirming orange or yellow buds.


roses for sending to hospital

The key point you have to consider - do not to worsen the patient’s condition. The best flowers to give personally or send to a hospital are hypoallergenic flowers. Roses, irises, carnations, or chrysanthemums, which have no pollen, suit the situation. Even if your friend or relative does not have allergies, the same cannot be said with certainty about other patients or hospital staff.

What Flowers to Give For Discharge From the Hospital?

Finally, the patient has recovered and been discharged from the hospital. So, what is the best way to send flowers for such a joyous event?

There are some ideas:

  • The best way to send flowers to a hospital is to choose fresh flowers.

  • Order the bouquet of cute and stunning roses in a basket or hatbox in our store. After being discharged, it can be difficult for a person to care for flowers daily, change the water, and cut stems. So, this option is the best one. 

  • Present the composition within 1-10 days after discharge. Immediately upon leaving the hospital, a person may be weakened and not ready to receive a gift, but while getting well, they will be able to enjoy the bouquet. To delay with surprises is also not good: any event, even a very joyful one, becomes irrelevant over time.

  • The best way to send flowers to a hospital: if you do decide to present a traditional bouquet, buy flowers with dense woody stems that you don't have to shorten every day. Roses, peonies, Eustoma, or dahlias are suitable for a gift.

Flowers to the hospital for a relative, friend, acquaintance, or just a colleague are always a good idea! We are sure, in our store, you will find the flowers you need. 


Can I buy flowers for a patient who is in an infectious disease ward?

It is also worth clarifying according to the rules in the department - it is forbidden to bring flowers to some hospital departments, for example, intensive care. For the infectious diseases department, it is also prohibited.

What is better: to send flowers by delivery or to give personally?

Of course, it is always better to give flowers in person, because this way you have the opportunity to make a person much more pleasant than ordering a simple delivery. But if the person to whom you want to give flowers is located in a hospital department that ordinary people cannot enter, then it is better to order a delivery.

When is a good time to send a flower to a hospital?

You can send flowers at any time, but keep in mind that the person in the hospital may be busy with procedures or sleeping. At this time, it is better not to disturb them. We advise you to call first and find out when you can deliver flowers to the hospital.


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