With so many different types of wedding flowers ready to dazzle, picking out a bridal bouquet is much more complicated than simply selecting a color. Sure, color is incredibly important, as some hues are more appropriate for weddings than others.

But there are many other factors to consider when selecting wedding flowers, including shape, style, and sentimentality. This guide will introduce you to many of the wonderful types of wedding flowers out there so you can get creative inspiration for the big day. Take a look!

Roses are the Most Popular Type of Wedding Flower

According to the Royal Botanic Gardens located in Kew, the United Kingdom, there are 369,000 species of flowering plants in existence. But let’s be honest – what bride-to-be has time to consider more than a handful of flower types?! With cake tastings and dress rehearsals to organize, there aren’t enough hours in the day for most couples planning a big wedding. The good news is that all those flower species have been narrowed down to a few dozen varieties that consistently claim the public’s attention and adoration – especially during wedding season.


In fact, you can probably guess which blooms take the cake for the most popular types of wedding flowers. While gardenias are great and lilies are lovely, roses consistently rank as the most popular wedding flower around. After all, roses are a classic symbol of everlasting love, so they really are the perfect type of wedding flower.

Roses can make for an exceptional bridal bouquet, but they are also versatile enough to make stunning bridesmaid bouquets, boutonnieres, table centerpieces, and entryway décor. Rosaholics has fresh-cut roses in every color, which makes it easy to coordinate with wedding décor colors. There are even glamorous gold roses that sparkle in the light for brides who want extra pizazz in their bridal bouquet.

High-quality roses are great for adorning bridesmaid bouquets or ring bearer boutonnieres. Tuck a few sprigs of small roses into a larger bouquet for a more balanced appearance, or line the table runner with a romantic sprinkling of fresh roses for absolutely unforgettable table settings.


Other Beautiful Wedding Flower Types

Of course, there are many types of wedding flowers that make for breathtaking displays on the big day. In addition to roses, lilies are an excellent choice, as their pretty petal shape adds romantic flair to flower arrangements. Lilies come in a variety of colors, too, which is great news for brides with a particular hue in mind.

Hydrangeas are also quite common for wedding flowers because of their full bloom size, which can make bouquets appear immensely lush. Hydrangeas are most commonly found in pastel colors, like lavender, cream, pink, baby blue, and soft yellow – all of which are quite ideal wedding colors that many couples consider.

In addition, tulips are recognized as a popular wedding flower, too. Tulips often carry bolder colors, like peach, orange, and apricot, so they are a great choice for weddings that take place in the summertime. Unlike bushy flower varieties, tulips are quite neat and trim, so they tend to look more modern when used as wedding flower bouquets.

Sentimental Inspiration

There are many ways to determine which flowers you’ll use for the wedding. Many brides rely on their stylistic taste alone and pick out favorite flowers that they find gorgeous in a pretty hue. This is a great approach to picking out wedding flowers. Remember, there’s no right or wrong way to pick the flowers for your big day!

However, if you’re interested in making your wedding flowers a bit more meaningful, there are many other symbolic selection strategies that can add an extra layer of significance to wedding flowers. Take a look at these ideas:

  • Pick a flower variety that represents the place/region you met your significant other. For example, poppies are known to be prevalent in Southern California, where the region is home to the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve. Couples who met in California may want to include orange poppies as a symbolic part of their wedding day. This is a great choice for couples who have moved around a lot or are having a destination wedding.
  • Pick a flower variety or color that represents a late loved one. If a late relative had a favorite flower or color, including this in the floral décor is a lovely way to keep the memory of that person present on the wedding day.
  • Include a flower for each child/grandchild. Couples who have children or grandchildren from previous relationships may like to include a certain number of flowers or flower types to represent the children from each side of the family. For example, 3 pink roses to represent the bride’s children and 2 white roses to represent the groom’s children. This is a lovely way to symbolize the unity of the new married couple and their blended family.

With so many different types of wedding flowers, colors, and greenery to choose from, there’s plenty of room for the couple to get creative and bring together a beautiful bouquet that carries deeper meaning.

Wedding Flowers for Everyone in the Bridal Party

Another important part of prepping for the wedding is making sure that you have flowers covered for everyone in the bridal party. Not sure who all should have wedding flowers? Take a look at this checklist, which is a typical breakdown of who gets special flowers on the big day.

  • Bride (Bridal Bouquet + Bouquet Toss Arrangement)
  • Groom (Special Boutonniere)
  • Bridesmaids (Bouquets)
  • Groomsmen (Boutonnieres)
  • Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom (Corsages or Small Bouquets)
  • Father of the Bride and Father of the Groom (Boutonnieres)
  • Ring Bearer (Junior Boutonniere)
  • Flower Girl (Junior Corsage)
  • Siblings of the Bride and Groom (Small Corsage/Boutonniere)

Loose Rose Petals as Wedding Décor

Loose rose petals are also a must for most weddings! Not only can loose rose petals be used for the flower girl to sprinkle along the aisle prior to the bride’s procession, but loose rose petals can also elevate the entire ambiance of the gathering. Sprinkle red or white rose petals along tables and the dance floor for a wonderfully romantic scene that will take everyone’s breath away – including the bride!

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