Is it better to buy in the salon or do rose boutonniere by yourself?

Of course, bridal accessory sellers can offer you dozens of options for bridal boutonnieres. However, they can seem to be the same. We want to tell you how to make a boutonniere for the groom with your own hands. Create an accessory that makes your wedding dress truly special. If you’re looking for flowers, choose our store - we promise you will find here everything you need at a reasonable price!

A single rose boutonniere for the groom is more than just a decoration. It is safe to say that this accessory is in no way inferior to a bride's dress or a wedding bouquet in terms of its “importance”.

How to make the most beautiful, unusual, and stylish boutonniere roses with your own hands? As easy as pie:

  1. Cut the stems of flowers, making them the same length. Cut off thorns, buds, and leaves. We do the same with decorative elements.
  2. Fasten flowers and decor with floral wire.
  3. Place the boutonniere in a miniature capsule with a nutrient solution.
  4. Tie the composition with tape; it helps you hide the capsule.
  5. Decorate the boutonniere with a decorative ribbon or guipure.
  6. Pin down the accessory to the suit. Voilà, your look is completed! 

How to Choose the Perfect Boutonniere?

how to choose the boutonniere


Rose boutonniere can be red, pink, or white in color. The boutonniere can be made of other materials suitable for decorating a costume. These are beads, ribbons, feathers, natural elements, and much more. But we will pay attention to fresh flowers.

  • Choose flowers to match the suit, bridesmaid dress, and bridal bouquet. For example, a white rose boutonniere can be in tune with the white dress of the bride.

  • Feel free to test the safety of the pin - the accessory should fit perfectly. Give preference to flowers without pollen, not to stain the groom's suit.

  • If the celebration is conceived in a certain style, then the flower arrangement should follow this trend. For instance, for a country-style wedding party, it is better to choose wildflowers.

  • The rose boutonniere should be in harmony with the color of the groom's suit. If you choose a red rose in the boutonniere, it is better to have an element of pink in the outfit.

  • Choose a small inflorescence so as not to spoil the harmony of the groom's image.

  • Flowers should not emit heavy fragrances; they may cause an allergic reaction and worsen the condition.

  • The maximum number of flowers in a boutonniere is three.

  • Do not wear too lush and massive boutonniere - a magnificent outfit is the lot of the bride. The groom’s image has to be exquisite.

How to Create a Single Rose Boutonniere?  

how to create rose boutonniere


To make your boutonniere, prepare the following materials in advance:  

  • Fresh flowers
  • Florist’s tape
  • Special wire for drawing up flower arrangements
  • Satin ribbon (no more than 20 cm)
  • Tape
  • Plants with small inflorescence or just greenery for decorating the composition
  • A decorative pin for the boutonniere
  • Scissors
  • Cotton pad (for the flowers in the boutonniere)
  • Special solution for flowers

How to create rose boutonniere:

This is a mini-bouquet for the groom, attached to the lapel of a jacket or pocket. Boutonnieres come in several types and with different fastening options. When making them, it is important to take into account the color of the jacket or shirt, the general style of the wedding, and the height of the groom. For tall men, the tiny boutonniere will look weird and out of place, as well as for slender males - too massive flowers. Usually, the boutonniere is assembled from the same material as the bridal bouquet or similar.

In the practice of wedding decorations, the single rose boutonniere is made of two types: open and closed.

Rose Boutonniere


Open rose boutonniere:

  • Create a small bunch of flowers and tie it with tape, leaving the stems free.
  • Then we add a special fastening for the boutonniere, a pin, and also fasten it with tape.
  • After that, we fasten the decorative tape with the double-sided floral tape and fix it with a pin. It turned out to be a real mini-bouquet that can be put into water.
  • The main advantage of these boutonnieres is that they can be pre-assembled and refrigerated. This is especially important if you need to make many such accessories.


Closed rose boutonniere:

The leg of such a boutonniere is completely covered with tape and decorated. This type of boutonniere is made just before the wedding ceremony. 

The rose boutonniere is a small, still important element of the groom’s outfit, which gives a charm. 



What flowers should you choose to create a boutonniere?

A boutonniere is a groom’s wedding decoration that should suit to bride’s wedding bouquet and tuxedo. The best choice is roses.

Is it difficult to make a boutonniere with your own hands?

Making jewelry yourself is not at all difficult. All you need is desire and time.

What color of roses can be used for the boutonniere?

Roses are the most suitable flowers for a boutonniere, as roses look very beautiful in combination with the wedding dresses of the bride and groom. The color of a rose can be red, white, or pink.

Where is the best place to buy a boutonniere online or offline?

Buying boutonniere online is very convenient. You just go to the site, choose decoration and order with delivery. So, without leaving your home, you will successfully make a purchase. In our store, there is a large selection of colors with which you can also make a boutonniere. Choose right now, and we will be able to deliver flowers soon.


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