How can flower framing be done?

  • Seed panel - decoration for the interior
  • Charm for the house made of natural materials
  • Compositions for decoration
  • Framed design

Herbariums have been at their peak of popularity for two centuries. Our collections of dried plants only come into fashion and interiors, but in the West, it is impossible to imagine almost no house without them. From a simple botanical reference book about plants, herbariums have long turned into a luxurious hobby and kind of handicraft. Today, dried plants are more often found not in special herbarium sheets, but in paintings, postcards, panels, and albums. Memories frozen in time tell about favorite garden plants, precious moments, and colorful bouquets. To create dry panels is a whole art. But art is not difficult at all.

How are herbariums used?

  • in special albums and herbarium card indexes;
  • in decorative pressing flowers in a frame in combination with lace, painting, decoupage base;
  • in decorating decorative plates, trays, and boxes (and other decoupage techniques as volumetric decorations);
  • to create three-dimensional paintings and panels in mixed media, including collages;
  • in postcards and scrapbooking, etc.

How to properly collect plants for pressed framed flowers?

Making crafts from dried flowers is a fascinating process and you need to prepare for it. In order to do this, you need to know which flowers are best to choose for crafts and how to dry them correctly:

  1. You need to collect plants for herbarium far from the road - best of all in the field or in your garden, in dry weather and always after 11 o'clock, when the dew disappears. If you are cutting fresh plants, do it as soon as the bud is in full bloom - do not remove the wilting buds.
  2. By the way: It is also quite possible to make a herbarium from a bouquet of donated flowers. However, the rule here is the same - in order to dry a bouquet for a herbarium, the bouquet will have to be donated immediately (drying plants cannot be preserved).
  3. How to prepare plants for framed pressed flower art? We put the collected flowers and leaves into the book, laying sheets of blank paper on both sides, and put this book under the press. A stack of several weighty books can serve as such.
  4. Now about how to properly dry flowers. In order for the plants to retain their natural color, the sheets of paper should be replaced every other day, as the flowers will release moisture. In about a week, your herbarium material will be ready. Collecting plants, in order to make a worthy herbarium, may take more than one month and more than one bouquet - in this case, select a box for your treasures and fold the dried plant’s layer by layer, shifting sheets of paper. The storage area should be dry and dark.
arrange pressing flowers

How to arrange pressing flowers in a frame?

Materials and tools:

  • Pre-prepared dried flowers
  • Beautiful frame with glass, decorative braid (optional)
  • Pastel watercolor paper
  • Glue stick or PVA glue with a dispensing spout
  • A cup of delicious tea for the right mood during the process

Step 1. Cut the paper to fit the existing frame. Place all dried flowers on the table in front of you. Inspect the riches and decide what color scheme your herbarium will be. You can choose one flower, a flower with leaves, or many plants at once for your composition.

Step 2. We advise you to practice without sticking - first, layout the entire composition on a sheet of paper. When you like the laid-out composition, you can begin to glue the plants to the paper. This should be done very carefully because dried flowers are very fragile.

Tip for flower framing: If you are not confident in your abilities or something can distract you from work, take a picture of the laid-out composition on a smartphone - you can always return to work without fear that something has moved.

Step 3. After finishing the composition, carefully place it in the frame, laying a sheet of cardboard on the backside and glass on the outside.

If desired, decorate the frame with a braid (it is glued with PVA).

Step 4. Your correctly done herbarium is ready to take its rightful place among other items dear to you or to decorate the wall above the headboard. The most important bouquet will now be with you for many years.

pressed flowers2

Ideas for making pressed framed flowers beautifully

There are many ideas for decorating a herbarium from autumn leaves and flowers:

  • A small herbarium. Including for decorative purposes, it can be arranged on one sheet as a picture or part of a panel. You can take cardboard or thin plywood as a basis. The background can be white or colored. First, you need to compose, and then fix the plants. The finished work can be placed in a frame with glass. It can be a great interior decoration.
  • Album with flowers. For a herbarium of small plants or single leaves, you can use a photo album with insert sheets. First fix the plants on sheets of cardboard, and then arrange them into sections. Each copy should be on a separate sheet. In the back of the insert, you can attach a leaflet with information about the plant. For large copies, you can use a large-format photo album with magnetic sheets. Plants will be fixed with foil.
  • Laptop. Framed pressed flower art: small herbariums can be designed in a laptop format. You can buy it in the store or make it yourself. The laptop is quite compact and folds out into a visual aid.
  • Forest in a box. From bulky plants, you can make a herbarium in a box, imitating a forest, field, or another terrain. The outside and inside of the box must be pasted over with paper. For the inner walls, you can print sheets with images of the selected area. You can use dry moss to create the composition, and plasticine to fix the plants. If desired, the box can be closed with glass.

Pressed flowers are always beautiful and fascinating and there are different ways to frame them. In our article, we have told you about one of these ways - flowers in a frame. Now you can easily make such a craft with your own hands according to our instructions. By the way, you can buy flowers for such a craft in our store.


  • How can pressed flowers be used? 

Dried flowers are a great craft option. Pressed flowers can be used both for home decor and for herbarium in albums.

  • Is it difficult to make a craft with pressed flowers? 

An exciting activity is to make a picture, a postcard, a bookmark from dried plants, decorate a photo frame, a vase or a lampshade with them. The answer is whether it is difficult to do this, you can safely answer - no, the main thing is to find the time and desire.

  • Is it worth to make pressed flowers?

Yes, flowers can be enjoyed not only in spring and summer. If dried properly, they will delight you all year round. And let a bit of summer be with you when you light a candle, sit down to write a letter, or have a romantic dinner with lanterns!

  • How to make a flashlight from dried flowers?

Making a flashlight from dried flowers is very easy:

  1. Put flowers and herbs between paper towels, and dry in a thick book.
  2. Cut 4 rectangles out of parchment paper.
  3. Fold them in half to form a square. Place a flower inside each and iron it several times.
  4. Tape all four pieces together to form a flashlight.
April 01, 2022 — Alexandr Oleynik