Dried flowers are now experiencing a second wave of popularity. Although we have known about them for a long time. They are plants dried by special technology. Thanks to this technology, they can keep their natural appearance and color. Sometimes they also keep their fragrance for many years. Many people want to buy them to create dried flower crafts. It happens because of the excellent functional and aesthetic characteristics of dried flowers. You can use such flowers in cooking or for interior decoration. They are also great for decorating gratulating cards. The most helpful variants for dried flowers were hydrangeas or rose petals. Lavender and small daisies also look very lovely as such decorations.

In some areas, it is in exceptionally high demand. Florists and designers often use them for their projects. Professionals believe that it is easier to work with them than with fresh flowers. The main thing is to feel the aesthetics of dried flowers. 

We've created a few ways of what to do with dried flowers according to fashion trends.


How to Dry Flowers? 

The main thing in choosing a plant for drying is its safety. It must not be toxic, especially if animals or children are in the house. You should collect material for drying during the period of maximum flower stability. Each plant has a different time.

It is crucial to dry the plant properly to make the crafts with dried flowers. If you do not follow the technology, it will disintegrate or begin to rot. We recommend drying flowers in small bundles by hanging them with their buds facing down. Plants with large inflorescences are best hung separately. Because craft dried flowers should not come into contact with each other. Otherwise, the petals may fall off during drying.

You need to find a dry and dark room to dry the flowers. It is necessary to preserve the color and prevent rotting.


Drying methods for are:

  • Vertical
  • Horizontal
  • Herbarium 
  • In loose products
  • Ironing 

After drying, you may tint the plant. It is necessary if it has lost its former color. Read more about these methods of craft dried flowers


different dried flowers

Method 1: The Natural Method of Drying

You have to cut flowers together with the stem and, forming small bundles, hang down with the buds in a dark, dry place. If you need single flowers for composition, hang them one by one. The main condition for this drying method is a dark room, as the sun's rays destroy the pure color of the buds.


cotton pads

Method 2: Using Absorbent Cotton

You need to cover the flower petals on all sides with hygroscopic absorbent cotton. Then you can store it in a dark place. After 2 to 3 weeks, you can remove the cotton swabs with tweezers. Then you can use them in ideas for dried flowers. As a general rule of thumb, optic florists dry bulky buds, such as roses, by putting them upside down. You can cover flat flowers, like daisies, with absorbent cotton on a flat surface.


book and dried flowers

Method 3: With the Help of the Book

Sometimes, you need flat-shaped dried flowers for decorative floristry. They are easy to make by drying flowers with a press or a book. Drying with a book has been familiar to everyone since childhood. You can make herbaria from the leaves of different species of trees in this way.




Method 4: Drying with Dehydrators

Salt, semolina, and fine sand can perfectly absorb moisture. So they are often used for preparing bulk buds for pressed flower crafts. The steps are the following:

  • First, you prepare a pre-cut stem. 
  • Then, you need to place it in a small container. 
  • After that, carefully cover all sides with loose material.

You must place the bud inside the container strictly vertically. If you use salt as backfill, it should be fine grade "Extra." We recommend using river sand. Experienced florists recommend preheating it in a dry frying pan.


How to Use Dry Flowers Creatively? 

For centuries, botanists and artists have enjoyed pressing and drying flowers and plants. You can also create exciting and eye-catching works of art using dried flowers. You can use different variations for crafts with dried flowers:

  • Add dried flowers;
  • Use when making paper;
  • Add them to greeting cards, etc.

The best part about using dried flowers is that they won't wilt for years! And they make a great keepsake for a wedding or birthday party. Dried flowers have become a major decorative trend, and there's a simple explanation. Dried plants do not need complex care. They can keep their exquisite appearance for many years. And you can easily incorporate them into different interior styles.

Craft-dried flowers have lots of pros:

  • Unpretentiousness in care and durability. You can be sure that they will not become a source of unpleasant odors and decay during exposure. 
  • Safe for humans and animals. There are only natural colors without chemical treatment and stabilization.
  • Look very aesthetic and attractive. Make any flower arrangements unique and exclusive, bringing them their special charm.

Let's look at different and creative ways to use dried flowers. Read below to learn what to do with dried flowers


Small Dried Flowers and Leaves on the Gift Wrap

1. Add Small Dried Flowers and Leaves to the Gift Wrap

Add a floral note to all kinds of gift wrapping by attaching bouquets of dried flowers and foliage. Use some twine to wrap your gift, then place dried flowers on top of the twine. Tie it with a secure knot or bow, and voila - a beautiful dried flower gift!

It is a great way to wrap and decorate gifts for Mother's Day, birthdays, and weddings.


dried flowers and phone

2. Put Dried Flowers in a Phone Case

Do you want your favorite dried flowers to always be with you? A great way to do this is to store them in a phone case. It is one of the best ideas for dried flowers. 

When your flowers are dry and flat, take them out of the press and place them on your phone case. Hold them in place with clear resin or clear PVA glue. Then, once it is dry, you can insert your phone and use it as usual.


dried flower on the book

3. Dried Flowers for Paper, Documents, and Notepads

You can use dried flowers to make your paper. You can also use them for handmade cards.  

Simply apply the dried flowers to quality cardstock with glue and a brush. Tweezers will be useful for arranging the buds for pressed flower crafts. You can also use dried flowers to decorate scrapbooking pages.


dried flowers for cooking

4. Dried Flowers for Cooking

Edible dried flowers are delicious in cakes and other desserts. Many of them are also good for wonderful teas. You can experiment with making your own tea blends using green and black teas and herbs. You can also add such flowers to ice. It is perfect for different author cocktails. Use it to surprise your guests.



bouquet of dried flowers

5. Bouquets from Dried Flowers and Living Plants

Such combinations for dried flower crafts are possible if a certain species can withstand exposure to moisture. Dried flowers will hide the wilting of freshly cut flowers. They will also help prolong the life of the bouquet.



Vase with Dried Flowers

6. Large Floor Vases with Dried Flowers

Large bouquets are suitable for decorating the living room. They will fit perfectly in the space next to the sofa or an armchair. Dried flowers also change the bathroom space or take an empty corner in the corridor. For floor vases, it is better to choose plants with long stems like pampas grass, ears, and lagurus. Bouquets of these varieties will look better in a large vessel and become an accent in your interior.


Dried Flowers in Hanging Planters

7. Dried Flowers in Hanging Planters

You can place not only living flowers in cute crocheted planters. Mini combinations of dried flowers perfectly complement the interiors in a boho-chic style. Here you can also add discreet garlands of bells. It makes the crafts with dried flowers even more interesting and attractive.



Mini Bouquets of dried flowers

8. Mini Bouquets for Decor

Small bouquets of dried flowers are perfect for decorating:

  • shelves;
  • dressers;
  • bedside tables.

They are also a luxurious part of the dinner table setting. You can combine dried flowers beautifully with:

  • abstract vases;
  • porcelain statuettes;
  • wicker baskets;
  • framed mirrors, and posters.

Paintings from Dried Flowers

9. Paintings from Dried Flowers

In fact, we are talking about herbaria. You can get immortelles for such compositions by pressing. And it is also possible to use chemicals, such as glycerin solution. A separate sub-species is three-dimensional paintings. Florists create them from whole bouquets. As a rule, you can use cardboard as a background for such compositions. But you can also put craft-dried flowers between two panes of glass to achieve a special visual effect.

When preparing the material for the compositions of dried flowers, follow these recommendations:

  • The room where you dry the plants should be dry and well-ventilated;
  • You can keep flat specimens in a book or a folder. You may dry bulky ones in a box;
  • You need to put the bouquets florets down in a spacious, ventilated place;
  • If you store the material for several months, you should treat it with special chemical solutions;
  • It is necessary to avoid getting moisture on the flowers.

Basket with Dried Flowers

10. Basket with Dried Flowers

In this case, we are talking about a classic composition of dried flowers, but a basket is a basis. It is one of the basic but still good ideas for dried flowers. A floral sponge is placed at the bottom of the container, which is covered with moss. In the case of dried flowers, it is used more for fixation than for feeding the plants.


matherials for Wreath of Dried Flowers

11. Wreath of Dried Flowers

Get creative and weave your dried flowers into a head wreath. Create a wreath of dried flowers in a boho style or other original design.

If you are interested in doing this for your wedding, choose color combinations to match your dress, general wedding theme colors, and seasonality. You can make a beautiful rich dried flower wreath with all wild, natural textures in beautiful colors. Elegant wreaths would make lovely seasonal pressed flower crafts. Items of dried lavender or bright roses will look harmonious in the spring, and straw flowers and sunflowers will look golden in the fall. Wreaths can decorate the front door, the area above the fireplace in the living room or an empty wall, placed on a table or dresser, put candles or a dish with berries or fruits in the center.



12. Florarium

Compact gardens in glass vessels of whimsical shape do not lose popularity. So you can create these dried flower crafts.  For florariums usually, succulents that do not require regular watering are chosen. However, dried flowers are also suitable for creating a fashionable mini terrarium. You can assemble a florarium using bouquets left over after a holiday. The main thing is to observe the principle of several levels so that the work looks more voluminous. Decorative stones, beads, or seashells will help to achieve an impressive result.


candle with dried flowers

13. Candle Making

If you make your own candles, you can easily incorporate dried flowers into your crafts with candles. But even if you're not a candle maker, you can add dried flowers to the outside of your simple candles. Simply place the crushed dried flowers on wax paper. Pour some melted wax over the flowers and then wrap the candle in the flowers.


Bottom Line 

Now you know more about what to do with dried flowers. You can safely use them for interior decor and other purposes. Remember that you can always turn to us for the best flower bouquets. Delight yourself and your loved ones with beautiful flowers with Rosaholics!



How to make a wreath to combine with a boutonniere?

Make a mini-bouquet, wrap the stems with floral ribbon and add a decorative ribbon. They will look perfect together. Choose gentle colors.

Do I need to put dried flowers in the water?

Unlike fresh flowers, dried flowers don't require much care. They don't need water, stem trimming or flower food. You only need to keep them dust-free so you can enjoy their beautiful appearance to the fullest.

How long do dried flowers last?

Unlike fresh flowers, which, even if late, but still wither, dried flowers will delight you for a very long time. The shelf life of such a composition is up to 3 years and more. For such a bouquet, we choose the most stable flowers that do not fall off after drying, retaining their shape and even aroma.

Can I give bouquets of dried flowers?

Of course, you can. Especially bouquets of dried flowers have a touching symbolism. They mean joint memories and the desire to remember life's best moments.


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