Where to Use Dry Flowers: DIY and Decoration Ideas

dried flowers

Dried flowers are now experiencing a second wave of popularity. Although we have known about them for a long time. They are plants dried by special technology.

April 17, 2023 — Alexandr Oleynik
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Christmas Decorations with Flowers

Create gorgeous Christmas decorations with fresh flowers. We have red and green roses, metallic gold roses, silver roses, evergreen sprigs, glittery blooms, and snowy white bouquets on display. Learn how to make your home cozy for the holidays with beautiful flower centerpieces, wreaths, and more. #christmas #flowers
January 24, 2024 — Aimee WF

How to Decorate Your Home with Thanksgiving Flowers

The most classic way to decorate your home with flowers on each holiday is just to put a simple bouquet in a vase. It is the most traditional and a win-win option out of all. But sometimes, it is an urge to try out new things and ways. And a lot of people search for some special decorations for the Thanksgiving table.
September 06, 2023 — Alexandr Oleynik

Unexpected Flower Decoration Ideas for Home

fake flowers

A bouquet of fresh flowers is still the most traditional gift for any occasion. Children give bouquets to teachers, young people - to girls. Many people think it is stupid to spend money on flowers because they will wither in a couple of days anyway. Hardly anyone would argue that floral decoration adorns our lives and cheers us up. Ficus, aloe, and violets in pots on the windowsill are a thing of the past. 

August 22, 2023 — Julian Patel
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Decorating with Roses: Rules and Ideas

How to Decorate with Roses

Roses are the perfect flowers for decor, adding charm and elegance to any space. Their graceful shapes, delicate petals, and fragrance create attractive and romantic arrangements.

July 06, 2023 — Julian Patel
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Rose Petal Decorations and Accessories

It's sad to watch the bouquet lose its freshness. Especially if it was presented by a loved one or in honor of a memorable event, but do not rush to throw out the flowers. They can be used as dry roses decoration.
January 19, 2024 — Alexandr Oleynik